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DJ AM's Body Removed from His Apartment

8/29/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AM's body was removed from his New York City apartment late Friday evening. Sources tell TMZ he was pronounced dead at 6:00 PM Friday -- prescription pill bottles and a crack pipe were found in the apartment.


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Some people that post here are really sick. It makes me wonder what kind of subhumans are out wonder people take themselves out.

DJ AM was obviously in a whole lot of pain and he took himself out of life. Sad. where is empathy people where you make a joke out of a person's death. You too will die one day too and when you do your comments will be remembered when you have to go through the spirit world. Look in the mirror, you are obviously sad too. Shame shame shame on anyone who makes a joke of someone's pain that led to death.

1880 days ago


TMZ sont haft to be like the other tacky sites who rush ouver to see this poor man's dead body beging taken away..shame on u I hope u dont put up all these crazy stories like u did mj..leav his credit score out of it.. he was a man who was given a second chance at do what??? none the less he was a great dj maybe one of the best nice guy got to actualy meet him..sweet made sure I got a drink..what is going on with all the famous people dying? he will be missed.. as the saying goes only the grat die young..R.I.p lest not do him like they Did Mj..

1880 days ago

bobby trendy    

When I first opened my store Adam would come in and vsit me and my freind Ross..Adam always had a good demeaner and was always kind to everyone and treated everyone with such kindness...Always he was the same ..when i would see him at partys...always the same always kind.always genuine...he will be greatly miss...and yes he tocuhed many lives ..and if you met him in person you would now what il talking about!! Adam..thank you for letting me have the pleaure of knowing you!

1880 days ago


who ever this crackhead clown was he did everyone a favor. good riddance baffoon.

1880 days ago


He was obviously depressed and obviously very human, sometimes it doesn't matter how much fame, money what not you have, PTS causes so much anxiety that you cannot eat, sleep or anything, a sound a site some little thing will set it off and its just like its all happening all over again, his break up probably brought it all back again and he could not sleep or handle it and the only way to ease the pain is self medicate and my heart breaks for him, i didn't know him but i know the pain he was going through and PST is not a joke its a real thing and some people can't deal with it and the only way to stop the pain is to end it and i think thats what he felt he had to do, he was alone in hat apartment with bottles of pills and he chose that way out

1880 days ago

he will be missed    

i looked up to this guy and was so shocked when i found out. he was mourning the dearh of MJ not too long ago just like everyone else. he loved his girlfriend so much that you could tell even if you never met them. sometimes i would read his tweets about how he was missing her when he was away or sometimes he would write about how he was making her breakfast in bed. you never heard about any feuds with other celebs or djs, ever. he was friends with everyone and a lot of people looked up to him not just cause he was a great dj but because he was also a great person. i wish he had never resorted to drugs to ease the pain. but now all is said and done and i just hope he has moved on to a better place where he can rest and be watched over by the Lord.
RIP DJ AM. you will surely be missed by many.

1880 days ago


How sad, all my love and prayers to his family. What a great loss to us all.

1880 days ago


After watching the tragedy of Michael Jacksons death, after Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger and Elvis, it amazes me that these Celeb's still don't get it...
I truly believe that DJ AM was suffering more than anyone knew, but his is yet another PREVENTABLE and senseless loss of talent at an all too young age...
I don't run in the same circles as the Celeb's do, and if this is how they look out for each other I'm glad I don't...However, it's time that the Celeb's step up to the plate for their peers, and start doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to rid their inner circles of such risky behaviors...Support each other, intervene, speak out, take responsibility, and for God's sake, get rid of those who attach themselves who are enablers and pushers...
RIP Adam...

1880 days ago


pickle and american physco, you are cole, he has a family tat is so sad, have aheart, beter yet, get a life.

1880 days ago

fanny brice    

survivors guilt is a powerful thing- add that to pain, trauma and sadness the fact that he was functional this long is amazing

1880 days ago


adam was always a gentleman to me and my crew. your departure will be sadly missed as well as your talent. we should have seen this comming when you passed on the hamptons gig last week...." REST IN PEACE ADAM"""""""""" D.J.P.

1880 days ago


tmz should disable comments on things such as these...
its a breeding ground for hate.

1880 days ago


Sorry, everybody that dies is not resting in peace. Sad, but true. No matter who you are, stars or not, will have to answer to God for their life. If they and anybody else did not accept him into their life, they will not go to heaven but hell.So many stars are dying foolishly to where it seems like it should be banned to be famous. I mean the average life expectancy for a famous person is on average below the national average. It dont take all that to be famous. Our purpose for being here were not meant to be worshipped like alot stars, but wenwere created to worship the creator, God. May we all rest in peace when we accept God into our hearts, turn away from our purposeful sinful ways, and serve him with all our hearts!

1880 days ago

little missy    

Why oh Why do so many celebrities that have it all and that can have anything they desire ruin their lives with drugs. How many have to die before they get it. R.I.P

1880 days ago


As an older adult (54), I think this is so sad. What a handsome young man he was. It breaks my heart that someone who had a "second chance" could not realize his potential to help others who battle addictions and failures. Just to think that he died alone makes me want to cry for him. He must have been depressed and no one knew. I am sure the recent breakup contributed to his feelings of failure. I guess he felt alone and was unable to reach out to his family or people who loved him. May God give his family strength to get through this trying time. Also, I pray for his recent girlfriend as I am sure she has feeling of guilt as well, even though it wasn't her fault. More importantly, I pray for his soul.

1880 days ago
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