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Joe Francis -- He Said, She Said, They Said

8/29/2009 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone has a story about what went down between Joe Francis, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner -- and now we've spoken to everyone involved.

First we caught up with Joe Francis in Santa Monica. He tells us the surveillance video will support his story -- that Brody Jenner jumped him for no reason.

Then last night we got the last piece of the puzzle -- Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex-girlfriend. She claims Jayde had her back when Joe tried to make an unwanted move on her.

The question is ...


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As soon as he kicked this girl in the stomach he lost any credibility for anything he says or does ever. I don't see how anyone could give him the time of day after this. Ever.

1889 days ago



1889 days ago


It's a sad, sad, world, when DJ AM is dead and this piece of human garbage is still alive.

1889 days ago


Joe Francis: "Violence is not ok. Not ok."

But apparently, getting rich by sexually pimping immature, uneducated, under-aged young girls IS ok. Sign me up for the Joe Franceis School of Ethics right away, please.

1889 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

Certified Idiots - All of them. That's what happens when people drink too much.... out of control and regrettable actions....

1889 days ago


GIRLS: it is NOT acceptable to throw a drink on a guy just because you don't like what he's saying or who he's talking to!

Jayde and Abbey need to grow the hell up. Couldn't Abbey just walk away? Was Joe holding her down?

I despise Joe Francis but I am absolutely taking his side on this one.

Another message to girls: GET PAID to take your clothes off, stop giving it away for free!

1889 days ago


The first person here to knowingly violate another person is Jayde. It was even confirmed then recanted (threw um, er I mean pour, yeah she poured her drink on him) by the girl who appears to be at the root of this problem. Jayde assaulted Joe by throwing ANYTHING at him in response to his unwanted advances on her friend (friend didn't indicate Joe was attacking her). Anything beyond that point as far as Joe is concerned is self-defense. Jayde clearly needs some court-ordered anger management counseling. #1 Kindergarten Rule: Keep your hands and your belongings to yourself.

1889 days ago

tmz is the pits    

"I'm not a violent person...did they say that in the press?" Yes Joe, don't you remember this article in the LA Times?,0,5620406.story

Convenient memory loss?

1889 days ago


I believe Joe, The blonde whore was lying, typical Hollywood little gutter slut bitch. She thinks she's something special because she spreads her legs for everyone. I'm sure her parents are gutter trash too. A disgrace to the white race.

1889 days ago


Get in the ring with Bum Bum, you pansy. He will kick your maggot azz!

1889 days ago


u guys forget that she was only trying to protect her friend. if some assh*le grabbed my friends face in a violent way i'd pour my drink on him too. doesnt mean that he has a right to kick her in the stomach and punch her in the face. he was obviously drunk or high on something. its seems pretty f*cked up for a grown man to beat up a young woman who can't weigh more than 105lbs even if he was just defending himself.

1889 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Joe is a lier.. I don't buy any of it .. Show us the security tape!! .. Why haven't they shown us the tape??... Answer: Because Joe is a lier.. Joe is just bad news

1889 days ago


Jayde is cRAzY! That girl has major issues. Yeah Joe in the past has done some stupid things but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here. I found it surprising that Jayde didn't press charges. If some man beat my ass I would be at the PD in no time flat. I guess the camera's spoke the truth or either she was so loaded and was afraid to go the police.

1889 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Joe is just a Clown

1889 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I don't believe anything that Joe Francis says .. Show TMZ the security video or send him back to jail .. bye bye Joe .. *he's going back to jail sooner or later he's a rat

1889 days ago
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