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Joe Francis -- He Said, She Said, They Said

8/29/2009 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone has a story about what went down between Joe Francis, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner -- and now we've spoken to everyone involved.

First we caught up with Joe Francis in Santa Monica. He tells us the surveillance video will support his story -- that Brody Jenner jumped him for no reason.

Then last night we got the last piece of the puzzle -- Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex-girlfriend. She claims Jayde had her back when Joe tried to make an unwanted move on her.

The question is ...


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How old are these people? IMO they are all human waste so who really cares what happened? I've read that the surveillance video supports Joe Francis' allegations but . . . who cares?

1880 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Why isn't TMZ reporting what other sites are?
"The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is looking for controversial Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis in connection with an alleged assault on Jayde Nicole" If he's so innocent and has supposed tape to prove it why doesn't he turn himself in?

TMZ kissing a little Francis azz?

1880 days ago


show us the tape, tmz! show us the tape!

1880 days ago


This chick is hot hot hot, what is with the little black man coming out and pulling her away. Is he rich too? I would let her go wild on me.

1880 days ago


Wow, that Abbey chick has a serious case of Botox face! Girl can't even move her eyebrows.

I'm taking Joe's side. "Jayde" needs to learn to keep her drinks to herself.

1880 days ago


I think we'll eventually see the surveillance tape, the police probably have it right now.

1880 days ago


HA! I would have bet money that Jayde instigated the situation and was lying her ass off about what happened. She is one drunk violent idiot. And Brody is not much better. You put three drunk idiot douchbags in a club and drama ensues.

But!! Now Joe is saying that the security tape is going to clear him and he will prosecute them if possible and Jayde is back peddling on charges.

The general manager and the security team is backing Joe's statements that Jayde approached him, hit him, poured her drink on him and then threw the glass at him. He pulled her hair to get her back away from him and she fell on her ass then probably was trampled by Brody and the security team hubbub. And video to back it up.. and security had to tase Brody cuase he was acting a fool even 30 minutes after. LOL!

Brody & Jayde are toast. Do they offer couples rehab?

Also telling that Jayde's friend couldn't collaborate on the supposed punched face or kicked her when she was down comment..just the hair pulling.

Now that the Jager wore off Jayde is back peddling and Brody left town.. hmmmm.

Joe is heading back to jail for his illegal activity..but he has a case against Jayde and Brody. It must really suck when someone like Joe can take you to court and win.

1880 days ago


I think the whole thing is suspicious, she allegedly hot punched and kicked, he got tased, and the fight was both inside the club and then outside. Whats missing??? The cops!

What kindof club ejects someone for fighting and then has the fight resume out front and does not call the cops?

She said she was going to charge him but did not seek medical and police attention immediately?

He is on probation and a fight when alcohol is involved would get him violated almost anywhere then the cops would have folowed up with her and we know they know about it.

I smell publicity stunt

1880 days ago



1880 days ago


For all the people saying she deserved what she got for throwing a drink at him are a bunch of trash who probably would have no issue of beating up a girl. She THREW A DRINK AT HIM and the last time I checked a drink is LIQUID. If Joe did what he is accused of it is HE that broke the law. My child and I are the victims/survivors of domestic violence at the hands of my former spouse who had MAJOR issues with drinking,jealousy,being posessive,controlling EVERY ASPECT of my life and he blew after I told him I was leaving him. My point is I know what is legally crossing the line when it comes to abuse and just how much force can be used when it comes to a man/woman accused of abuse and reacting. Had Joe only thrown a drink at her that would have been legal. It would have made him an a$$ but it would have been legal.(he is more than just and a$$ though). The minute he went further than that he broke the law. So all of the people saying she deserved it go to hell. People like you are a waste of space in society.

1880 days ago


I was there 13 feet away,What you are not hearing is that in our club scene Jayde has been WHORING for coke for about 2 years.She has been caught several times blowing guys for 8 balls. She is barred from 3 clubs I know far as Brody goes just a note you may want to use a condom with this one,she makes Paris look like a nun.Of course that is why she smells down there(you know what I mean Brody)a friend of mine just put his finger in and ended up leaving early because he could not get the stink off his finger.

1880 days ago


All I can say is that nothing would have happened if Jayde had minded her own business! This excuse of I had my friends back is high school BS. If you start something with people that have been drinking it ends with someone getting hurt. All she sees is a pay day and some headlines. She is worthless.

1880 days ago


So according to Joe, Jayde hit herself, walked into a door, was attacked by smurfs or all three. Because Joe Francis never hit her. Sorry but my BS meter is spinning like crazy. He is so full of it.

1880 days ago


When will Brody Jenner realize that his girlfriend is TROUBLE! who is she to throw a drink in anyones face? I would have kicked her WT ass too! she is fake..the girl is a ugly side show circus freak.....LA is full of gorgeous intelligent young women...she is not one of them..Playboy what !
BFD...they put Heidi Montag on the cover..need I say more!

1880 days ago


I think you idiots will find that you cannot just punch people for throwing drinks at you! If you think that you are morons! Self defense means defending yourself when you are in trouble. Getting wet doesn't constitute as being in trouble. Get real. If she hit him first that would be more along the lines as self defense, not pouring a drink. If someone pours a drink on you and then you respond you might be a drama queen looking for trouble you f'n idiots!

1880 days ago
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