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Joe Francis -- He Said, She Said, They Said

8/29/2009 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone has a story about what went down between Joe Francis, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner -- and now we've spoken to everyone involved.

First we caught up with Joe Francis in Santa Monica. He tells us the surveillance video will support his story -- that Brody Jenner jumped him for no reason.

Then last night we got the last piece of the puzzle -- Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex-girlfriend. She claims Jayde had her back when Joe tried to make an unwanted move on her.

The question is ...


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Who really cares?

1850 days ago


Jessie, she could have put his eye out with the little umbrella or an ice cube.

Not good to throw drinks, girls. Best to just hold on to them else you might find yourself missing your front teeth.

1850 days ago


Dumbazzes, are you saying that if someone poured a drink on you, you wouldn't do anything at all? BS!

1850 days ago

the other woman    

Jayde should mind her business!! Jayde hit him first she assaulted him. If someone would of done that to me I would of done what Joe Francis did.Jayde worry about your own screw up life with Brody..and how he cheats on you

1850 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

A bunch of Doosh bags from Doosh Bag City. Duuuuuude Braaaaaaa. They should have a show called "Bromancing the Bones".....
Joe, Brody get a room already and feed your women would ya

1850 days ago



1850 days ago


Maybe they were trying to get some footage for the Hills. I hate to say it but I kinda believe his version.

1850 days ago

the other woman    

I know it was wrong to hit her(as she claims he did).Jayde should mind her own business next time. Some people react different when someone throws them a drink, especially if your a little drunk.I'm sure someone would of intervened if the situation escalated. Heck, in some places you get SHOT for throwing drinks at people and pushing them from behind.I hope she learned her lesson,and worry about her own personal life with her player boyfriend.

1850 days ago


No matter what you think of Joe Francis that doesn't give you the right to dump a drink on him and hit him from behind. Assault is assault nowadays and clearly Brody Jenner has anger management issues. Clearly Jayde initiated the attack and Jenner jumped in. the security footage will confirm it.

1850 days ago


anonamous (nice spelling there), couldn't Jayde have just whisked Abbey away instead of throwing her drink on Joe? Do you think it's appropriate to throw a drink on a guy just because you don't like what he's saying or who he's talking to? Jayde's lucky she still has a face, I have to give Joe a lot of credit for not letting loose on her. I think I would have! Pompous b*tches who think the world revolves around them and they can do whatever they want and get away with it? Thanks to her dumb ass, her boyfriend was Taser'd!! That must have been unpleasant!

1850 days ago

its me    

the people on here who believes Jenner are stupid as hell!
do you really think Joe would do something like this right now?? he has more things to worry about right now so i dont believe the people in Jenner's corner.has anyone seen pics of jayde nicole?? OMG!! this girl looks so plastic its disgusting. shes nothing AT ALL to look at ! yak
Joe is not gonna set himself up so he could go back to jail .this man has been through so much so i dont think hes in the mood right now to take risk. the Jenner guy is a lying ass and i do believe the cameras will tell us. I'm not a fan of Joe but this man didn't do that lol . give Joe a break. he paid while he was going to this and that prison. the Jenner guy looks so spoiled and hes nothing to look at either. his father has to be so embarrassed over his son.
i wonder how Jenner would handle prison . I'm sure he wouldn't survive it but Joe did. he survived so much so leaVe him alone. now we hear what a greAT MOM HIS STEP SISTER IS GONNA BE . HE PROBABLY DID HER 2. SOUNDS LIKE AND LOOKS LIKE JENNER WOULD DO ANYTHING THAT WALKS .

1850 days ago


If you see your friend receiving unwanted attention, pushing the guy and pouring a drink over his head is not the best response. Both are immature idiots.

1849 days ago


Use powers of deduction people.

Jayde..drunk violent idiot head idiot
Joe..sleazeball idiot

The club management and security are supporting Joe's version of events. And it was club security that felt the need to tase Brody.

Jayde is back peddling about pressing charges. Joe is looking to pursue charges.. that mean he has the goods on them.

And the girl who Jayde "had my back" on only verified that Joe pulled Jayde's hair..nothing more. So she actually corroborates Joe's story not Jayde's. Ha ha!

Jayde's drunk stupid ass hit Joe, threw a drink at him and then threw the glass itself at him.. all on tape. Joe grabbed her by her hair and pushed her away. Drunk idiot Jayde fell and was then was hit and kicked by Brody trying to attack Joe and the security guards as they all swooped in to break up the situation. ALL ON TAPE.

So stop saying oh boo hoo she only threw liquid on him. WRONG.. without any words to him she walked up and hit him (assault), threw the contents of the glass at him (assault) and then the glass itself (assault). All he did was try to push her away in self defense. She made up the rest cause her dumb drunk ass was too out of it to know who made contact with her when she fell. Brody seeing the bruises of course wants to blame it on Joe. And then he hit Joe once inside and once out (2 more acts of assault).

Joe is a sleaze and will go to jail..but not for this. Brady and Jayde need rehab and anger management.

1849 days ago
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