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DJ AM -- Crack Was 'My Drug of Choice'

8/30/2009 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are several chilling quotes and clips popping up about DJ AM since he died, but listening to him call crack his "drug of choice" might be the most telling of them all.

In a recent interview with MTV News to promote his upcoming reality show about drug abuse, DJ AM talked about how he bought a crack pipe to show how easy it is. He said, "I bought a crack pipe ... that was my drug of choice. And I walked out and I'm holding it ... and then I realized after I was holding it that my palms were sweaty and I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is not smart for me to be holding this.'"

AM was found dead in his apartment Friday night of an apparent drug overdose. A law enforcement source told us they found a bag of crack by his body.


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first! YAYAY

1851 days ago


you deserve to die if you're dumb enough to even try that poison. then we all feel sad and praise him as a great human being after he dies LOL. unreal.

1851 days ago

Street drugs or prescription drugs, it's the plague for celebrities.

1851 days ago


#2: It's called a relapse. He was clean for several. Educate yourself before you judge.

1851 days ago


Addiction is a disease. RIP

1851 days ago


seems trying to help other addicts is what did him in. he slipped up and died. very sad. I blame Dr. Drew. THE SHOW IDEA SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING FAMEHO AND DRUG ADDICT EXPLOITER DR. DREW WOULD COME UP WITH. HE WAS OBVS FIGHTING HARD TO STAY CLEAN.

1851 days ago


also if any of you got any sympathy for this guy well then take your heads out of your ass cause the same thing happens everytime

1851 days ago


I agree with #4!!!

1851 days ago


Looks like doing a reality show about drug abuse was a wrong career decision for him being a recovering drug addict. Maybe he should have chose a show about DJing.

1851 days ago


I think what #2 was saying is that its stupid to even try drugs. Your not addicted until you try it and it isn't that hard NOT to try a drug.

1851 days ago


Sean- seriously there are alot of people who have commented lately r/e MJ & DJ AM who don't have the first clue about addiction!! Get so tired of hearing their uneducated opinions. And to the above commenter, addiction isn't just the plague of our society and it's very sad. Maybe with the recent disclosure surrounding Mj & Propofol, people may at least see that there is no difference between abuse of street drugs vs. prescription drugs & that the outcome is the same:addiction that can lead to death. An addicts worst fear in admitting they have a problem is knowing the unsympathetic JUDGEMENT & unkind LABELS that they will have to spend the rest of their life trying to overcome. Maybe if we stop heaping "shame" on addicts they will be more likely to admit they have a problem & to seek help when they relapse. Relapse is part of the disease.

1851 days ago


addiction is the worst disease ever, this goes to show you that it doesnt matter how long your clean one day the disease can come back and get you. so so sad but maybe the show he was filming hurt him more than it would help others....i could be wrong but thats what i feel

1851 days ago


I never understand this. We all grow up with movie and skit images of crackheads with chapped lips, homeless, skinny, and stinky.

Why anyone then grows up, gets rich and decides to try crack, I will never understand.

Guess some people have smaller dreams than others. RIP DJ AM

1851 days ago


I agree once you are addicted to something it is SUPER hard but what I JUST said was that is IN NOT hard to NEVER touch a drug in the first place. I know sometimes people become addicted to medicine that they are put on by a dr and thats diff but no one forces you to go out and buy street drugs

1851 days ago


There's one of those uneducated opinions right there!! Blaming Dr. Drew?? For what?? Shedding light on a disease that nobody seems to want to deal with?? That's why people die is because people don't want to admit they are sick & the people around them enable them by pretending it doesn't exist. Give me a break; Dr. Drew is a genius when it comes to addiction. Watch his special on VH1 on "Celebrities & Addiction" which came out even before MJ died. I've been seeing an addictionologist since 1992. People like Dr. Drew save lives.

1851 days ago
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