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DJ AM -- Crack Was 'My Drug of Choice'

8/30/2009 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are several chilling quotes and clips popping up about DJ AM since he died, but listening to him call crack his "drug of choice" might be the most telling of them all.

In a recent interview with MTV News to promote his upcoming reality show about drug abuse, DJ AM talked about how he bought a crack pipe to show how easy it is. He said, "I bought a crack pipe ... that was my drug of choice. And I walked out and I'm holding it ... and then I realized after I was holding it that my palms were sweaty and I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is not smart for me to be holding this.'"

AM was found dead in his apartment Friday night of an apparent drug overdose. A law enforcement source told us they found a bag of crack by his body.


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Stupid crackhead... you survive a plane crash and then you try to profit from that. Stupid crackhead... you sue the flight crew and your lucky to be alive. But now... you're dead, Stupid crackhead! Instand Karma...!

1888 days ago


DJ AM did not get rich and decide to smoke crack. He had been addicted for years. Please read this interview which is very informative about his relationship to crack.

1888 days ago


Addiction is not a disease, but a mental illness. It's not like, oh, I don't know, prostrate cancer where you have no choice. It's a compulsion. He had the choice to try drugs, he struggled to stop taking them, but in the end the illness won. Calling it a disease is just playing the blame game.

1888 days ago


Sorry "kissmiass"- once an addict gets clean then they know what they have to do to STAY clean. That's what rehab is for. Your given the tools you need to maintain sobriety. This includes reaching out for help when they relapse. It's called becoming "responsible". Nobody killed DJ AM. He died because he didn't use the program that he learned in recovery!

1888 days ago


Something happened within the last 29 days that turned his world upside down. He was a nice guy and used to go to one of my regular meetings

The plane crash PTSD was the catalyst, playing around with a crack pipe certainly didn't help, but something unforseen happened recently and whatever it was, (break up...whatever)just tilted his decision making process DOWN. He knew that picking up that pipe (even for one hit) would be his end.

Everyone has their own drug (it may be gambling, sex, crime, money, relationships) so take a look at your own life and figure out what could destroy you in 24 hours flat if you SNAPPED....

1888 days ago


Addiction is a choice not a disease..Yes its a horror but never the less a a choice..Once the demon gets you its almost impossible to get normal again or off drugs and booze... With JC it is possible..YES it is..He had been planning his drug crack comeback 4 a lonnngg time..He could not wait to get off..WELL, he got high alright..HIS Choice..He was bored too..He shoulda got a nose job and went back to school..Like- help people less fortunate or do something USEFUL with his life..Yes I am mean and honest..He needed a change of all people in his miserable life..Healthy, believers..Seekers of the real truth...

1888 days ago


It's a "thinking disease". An uncontrollable compulsion to do something that you know will kill you. An incurable diease that you can learn to MANAGE & if you don't then it's a "terminal disease".

1888 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

It's sad ... Wake up !!! This could be you .. Good Bye DJ AM, Good Bye Michael Jackson, Good Bye Anna Nichole.. *Arf ..

1888 days ago


What an arrogant, idiot..He was not as SMART as he thought he was..Why?? He hangs with dangerous, self absorbed, money hungary, camera seeking, FAME..4 Some reason this record scratcher was really INTO HIMSELF..who did he really help?? He didnt have a disease..addiction is sin not a disease

1888 days ago

something smells    

loser! rip

1888 days ago


I'm so sad that his gone! I don't understand addiction but have watched it take ahold & kill most of my family. My prayers to all that are hurting over losing him.

1888 days ago


Why do guys like him and Steve-O walk around with drugs on them in their own HOME?
Take ur shoes off, pull out a tray, make yourself comfortable.
No need to carry around dope in your own home, I don't get it.

1888 days ago


Karl M- Your mean alright. You got that part right. So people CHOOSE to end up sleeping in alleys & living in crack houses? Find a single addict that will ever tell you that "oh yeah, I chose this life". People may choose to relapse but that IS PART OF THE DISEASE CALLED ADDICTION. A million things can trigger a relapse for an addict. Maybe for him it was being treated with narcotics for pain following the plane crash. What he didn't do his manage his illness like he should have. Why do we have to be mean at all. Is the lost life of an addict something that they MUST HAVE DESERVED & somehow a less valuable life. This is a perfect example of the kind of attitude is afraid of & why they don't seek help to begin with. SOCIAL STIGMA. Thanks for contributing more of it Karl

1888 days ago

Mary P    

#9 - janalal. It is EXACTLY the attitudes like that, that enable drug users and TAKE THE BLAME away from them. Most drug addicts admit they feel no shame during using, therefore saying that we don't shame them and ACCEPT it, only lessens the liklihood they will get help.

Your entire post is exactly the reason why people stay addicted, because you make excuses and they are not held accountable for their actions! I'm a "legal" former addict based on some excrutiating pain I went through and a doctor who had no qualms doping me up with Rx'es. Not a single person held me accountable, and I was on Norco, Morphine, Vicodin and the like for almost two years "legally", it wasn't until *I* said I wanted to stop taking pills and stop jacking with my body that enough was enough. You can't force people who don't want to help themselves to do anything about their situation. I've now also quit smoking, because I said enough was enough - not because people "didn't shame me".

That type of shame is what is NEEDED to bring this crap back from the brink. Until someone feels bad enough for their actions, they assume no one is getting hurt, even if they won't admit it. We stopped "shaming" people for being obese and we are now the most obese nation on the planet and GROWING while obese related diseases are the leading killer of adults (and kids are dropping dead too). We stopped "shaming" fat people with an accept all, love all attitude and now people and the government spend TRILLIONS to combat the diseases. Now look where we are. A government that said that even if you are fat, even if it's your own fault, even if you've been advised for YEARS to stop drinking, you get the reward of someone else paying for your healthcare, AND the person who does take care of their body and life pays the exact same?

I'm sick of this PC, blame everyone else and stop upsetting the lazy, the uneducated, the addicted, the McDonald's lifers, the black, the orange, the white, the green and whatever else excuse there is. DJ AM had his own responsibility to take care of himself. He did not. He died. He even had more tools at his disposal than most addicts. Blaming a break up on his using is stupid. HE chose to use the break up as an EXCUSE to use. That's what almost everyone does when it comes down to dumb behavior... I need that toke off the crack pipe, because of what happened. He downed Red Bulls too - because he was telling himself it's okay to not take care of your body.

If I keel over tomorrow from a heart attack from the burgers and fries I eat, or lung cancer from smoking, or if I get my hands on Norco and pop down a couple of pills, I expect NO ONE to feel sorry for me - because *I* was an adult and *I* made that decision.

1888 days ago


People like this guy who are able to even get clean at all & stay clean for almost a decade(like DJ AM) deserve our RESPECT & NOT OUR CONDEMNATION. And anyone who has ever battled addiction knows this.

1888 days ago
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