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DJ AM -- Crack Was 'My Drug of Choice'

8/30/2009 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are several chilling quotes and clips popping up about DJ AM since he died, but listening to him call crack his "drug of choice" might be the most telling of them all.

In a recent interview with MTV News to promote his upcoming reality show about drug abuse, DJ AM talked about how he bought a crack pipe to show how easy it is. He said, "I bought a crack pipe ... that was my drug of choice. And I walked out and I'm holding it ... and then I realized after I was holding it that my palms were sweaty and I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is not smart for me to be holding this.'"

AM was found dead in his apartment Friday night of an apparent drug overdose. A law enforcement source told us they found a bag of crack by his body.


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Shan = You got it wrong Hon. Think it's time for YOU to go back to your basement. And your little 4" pecker and your needles.

Grow up, you little C sucker. If anyone would want you....

BTW - My mom died a couple of years ago.

1881 days ago

pink floyd    

why is everyone upset never heard of the guy...oh by the way crack kills loser.

1881 days ago

pink floyd    

fm rules am up lindsay your bets.

1881 days ago


One day at a time. And it only takes a day to fall off the wagon and not be able to get back on again. So sad, but a good lesson to addicts, recovering addicts and those that are thinking of even trying that crap. It will kill you. Not a matter of if, just when. RIP dude, sounds like you were really trying to stay clean there for awhile.

1881 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

He sounded intelligent, but lacked wisdom. Now he's dead.

1881 days ago


Hi # 29 is the real answer, no body can help an addict but himself.
weakeness is your number one enemy. I feel sorry about the mother, father and family, because they are the ones that suffer the lost. I know how it feels because i lost a loveone to suicide. If they only know the emptiness that is left in a mother's hart. # 29 thanks for leting people know the real thing.

1881 days ago


Hello...MTV Killed DJ AM. If MTV would have been playing music videos instead of filming reality tv shows DJ AM would be alive today!

1881 days ago


This is incredibly disturbing. DJAM survived a horrendous plane crash that claimed all but one other person - then, less than a year later (correct me if I'm wrong) he dies of a crack overdose. Makes you really wonder.
And to all the haters out there - have you ever been seriously depressed when ANYTHING GOES -
including courting death with drugs?
See how YOU FEEL when your world falls apart.

1881 days ago

Real People    

A shame.......A shame......... Drugs can Kill. Legal or illlegal....

1881 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Can we be clear here...he did not "fall off the wagon" '#91'...he killed himself. Obviously he didn't want to burden those that cared about him. What-ever was torturing him, many others... decided he couldn't take it anymore. Watching his recent series of short MTV interviews, you can see that he has been clean for years...Adam, I wish I'd known you... a decent man, trying to save peoples lives.

1881 days ago


Wow .....
Rest in Peace Dj AM

1881 days ago


LOL, I always figured him to be a crack head!


1881 days ago


Ive got 5 years clean and Ill bet I would start to shake if I held a crack pipe. Im shaking just thinking about it. Cocaine is a helluva drug-Rick James.

1881 days ago


#8 - Jess
Saying that U can't get addicted until U try something is only partly true. As a recovering addict I know what I'm talking about. A person is born with an addictive personality; as well as with the mental disorder that causes lack of impulse control. These are sicknesses that nobody asks for. Severe mental anguish/trauma can trigger relapse, and AM was obviously suffering. Anyone judging him can just STFU...have U walked in his shoes? Didn't think so...

1881 days ago


he was able to stay alive for 11 years more cause he was clean, not many addicts can say that. I too am a crack addict, a "Megan Fox crack -addict"

1881 days ago
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