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DJ AM -- Crack Was 'My Drug of Choice'

8/30/2009 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are several chilling quotes and clips popping up about DJ AM since he died, but listening to him call crack his "drug of choice" might be the most telling of them all.

In a recent interview with MTV News to promote his upcoming reality show about drug abuse, DJ AM talked about how he bought a crack pipe to show how easy it is. He said, "I bought a crack pipe ... that was my drug of choice. And I walked out and I'm holding it ... and then I realized after I was holding it that my palms were sweaty and I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is not smart for me to be holding this.'"

AM was found dead in his apartment Friday night of an apparent drug overdose. A law enforcement source told us they found a bag of crack by his body.


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River Phoenix    


Didn't I see you last night on the corner of Collins Drive. How was work? Did you make enough for another botox injection?

1856 days ago


Am I the only one who is wondering why there is all this hype about a DJ? I mean, the man was a DJ for goodness sake! And yet, TMZ is all over this 'story' like it is really newsworthy or something! At the same time, a REAL celebrity, Ted Kennedy, dies and was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery, and I saw no mention at all on TMZ about it. TMZ is, like many other media outlets, GUILTY of making 'celebrities' out of people who really AREN'T celebrities, and who really haven't done anything to warrant such coverage.

1856 days ago


I have to say...DJ AM not of importance! He did it to himself, therefore deserved to die. And what a hero?? The public is portraying him, move on...Ted Kennedy is someone to remember not DJ Am---GAG ME! He just showed the world that he obviously enjoyed CRACK! Nice!!

1856 days ago


Dr. Drew made an unbelievable misguided statement recently where he said he actually laughed at the thought that being around addicts and their drug paraphernalia can cause a relapse! Maybe Dr. Drew has never actually BEEN an ADDICT himself because those things CAN CAUSE RELAPSE if you are in a shaky frame of mind. Adam was showing people right here in this clip that he was NOT in a strong frame of mind and nobody did anything or noticed. Sometimes Dr. Drew says really dumb things, especially considering he is a addiction specialist.

1856 days ago

Money Talks    

I fail to see what is so attractive about doing drugs. I'd rather drink one glass of red wine with a meal and get a wonderful feeling. In fact I'm so afraid of drugs, I don't even speak to people I know who are on drugs. If I lived in California or New York City, I would not speak to many people. As for those who write that they didn't know who that guy was, were they living on planet Mars ?

1856 days ago


BVIDOT You aren't making yourself look any better by the comments you're posting, keep going, its making you look like the biggest dumb ass on here. You're talking to me like I'm a young boy when in fact I am a married 27 yr old female with a 20 month old son. So don't assume things. Like I said before, clean up your backyard before trashing someone elses. You are still just as dumb as the comments you have left and nothing will change that.

1856 days ago


To who ever is commenting as me, get a life. I don't need people to stand up for me. So quit using my name.

1856 days ago

yoga brat    

AM was an amazing human to all who knew him. If you knew him, you loved him! If you knew him, you were lucky!

1856 days ago


WHats with all the phony grief over a stupid addict that killed himself??? I know he was a plane crash victim and all, but if you can't deal, you don't kill yourself.

I am amazed at the outpouring of supposed grief for a no talent record scratcher that happened to be hooked up with others that are also marginal talent at best... Please tell it like it is. An addict couldn't restrain himself and smoked and popped himself off.

Get over it, more to come, don't they always??

1856 days ago


Janal4...after how many years of knowing...and hearing, how addictive and hurtful crack is, how idiotic to say that the person didn't know what they were getting into!! I feel sorry for his family, but ANY loser stupid enough to try it, gets what he deserves!!

1856 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Hanging out with junkie, Michael?

1849 days ago

Drug Abuse Stories    

Please connect with me if you can help a real life drug addict.

1513 days ago
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