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Jon Gosselin -- Minus Kate, Plus His Mother

8/30/2009 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puppies and babies are chick magnets -- moms are not.

Jon Gosselin -- Launch photos

But Jon Gosselin hasn't been single for awhile, so we'll forgive him the faux pas he pulled yesterday at Wet Republic at MGM Grand Hotel. But there was still a bevy of beauties coming in and out of John's cabana.

Although that was probably more the cameras than it was Jon's game.


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I used to think Kate was the nutcase. Now I know it is Jon.

He wants "freedom" since he is ONLY 32?!?!? Give me a break!!!!

I don't care if the man is 92. All he sould be worried about are those 8 kids he produced and how much they will HATE him when they read how he left them for 3 million TRAMPS.

If there was ever ONE time I want the cameras on those kids, it will be when they collectively say, "F YOU" to that man whore father of theirs. Because he has allready basically stated that he is too young to have that many children.

P.s. Jon, I hope the day you realize that the only person who would love you through thick or thin is Kate, she slams the door on your fricken face and makes you the most worthless man on the planet.

1880 days ago


To think there are 8 children who call him Dad! What a travesty. I can't stand this guy and I'll be glad when the money dries up and he has to get a low paying job. He's an idiot, so I don't think his resume is anything to look at twice before it's discarded. I guess his free hair plugs are really paying off with low budget trashy woman on the hunt for a freebie gravy train ride.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Kate is a nagging b*tch diva. Everytime I turn on the tv or look at a magazine rack, there's her b*tchy mug staring back at me. She is a fame whore and I wish she would just stay at home and raise her kids out of the spotlight. I'm so sick of that whole family. Yes, the kids are cute but I'm tired of looking at them too.

1880 days ago


good post # 21 we need more loving parents like you,just good common sense how refreshing I too was like you now married for many years to a real good man.

1880 days ago


I think it would have been nice if the grandparents were on their reality show once in awhile. It would have made it so much more real. It seems the show was/is all about Kate. I don't watch it anymore as she annoys me with her talking all the time . Not to mention her nagging and slapping Jon all the time.

1880 days ago

Bernie Madoff    

Give this guy a break, he is the first asian guy to get this much azz since the dawn of time. He is breaking all the stereoty*es, you go boy, do ya thang!!

1880 days ago


Love Love Love the headline on ROL Kate the class act taking her kids to school and you can see her wooden spoon that she beats them with sticking out of the pocket on the passengers side door!

1880 days ago


Hey you bit*h Grace Angeles, I know he may be half Korean, but he got the weak and the bad gene from the other half. South Koreans are top ten in every categories in regards to economics, sports, and scientific fields in this world. Just because you're in terms of what we call "low class" status and probably in the category of the bottom feeders and leaches in society, one anomaly(Jon) can happen in any race.

1879 days ago


TEAM JON !!!!!!!!!!

1879 days ago


I didn't see that episode. Can't say l watch many. Hate to think that l contribute to TLC by watching these loons self-implode

1879 days ago


Seriously I hope that the coverage of this family starts to subside at some point. It is way to over the top. This review summarizes it.

1879 days ago


I hope that those precious children don't inherit his stupid or fat genes!

1879 days ago


Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Kate had a reason to boss him around? Someone had to keep him in line. Now that he has freedom from Kate all he is doing is acting like a damn fool. He can whine and moan all he wants about marrying young and having kids young but he is the one that planned it all. I was 18 and 20 when I had my children and I live everyday for them. Once they are older and on their own then I will do things I wanted but couldn't. He is a selfish jerk and I think Kate has every right to tell her story. This has been a long time coming.

1879 days ago


Isn't that the chick from Rock of Love and Charm School in some of those pictures????? The one that LOVED Taquilla?

1878 days ago


TEAM JON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1878 days ago


An Old Friend Of Jon?s (Not Kate?s) Speaks Up (Interesting):

1878 days ago
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