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Jackson Gets Posthumous B'Day Gift from Vegas

8/30/2009 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was honored in Las Vegas last night -- on what would have been his 51st birthday -- with a star on the Palms Casino Resort's Walk of Fame.

Joe Jackson

Robin Leach presented the star to Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, who said, "I wish he was here to see this take place."

Afterwards, Joe had dinner at the N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms and then went up to the Playboy Club. After that, he went to another nightclub called Moon, where the DJ played Michael Jackson songs all night.


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Insanity 7.0    

40. Insanity 7.0

I am quite aware that he envisioned himself a Peter Pan, but that was not his name nor did he wish for that to be his name. He worked extremely hard these past fifteen years for people to call him Michael, Jackson or Michael Jackson and nothing other. I just think we ought to respect that which is his name. Moreover, he used that allusion to show people that he was good, not bad, to children. He certainly did not mean it literally.

Posted at 12:11PM on Aug 30th 2009 by disfasia


Insanity Will Now Address you Directly:

Did you know this man??? I go by what he said he called himself Peter Pan he said it himself...He said he was Peter Pan in his heart...Please if you do not wish to speak to me anymore or address me just ignore my comments...Moreover, you act as if you knew him personally-I don't think you did as also I did not...I know him through his music as and I keep him alive everyday...So again any intellectual minded individual with good comprehension would not even entertain commenting or directly addressing someone that they feel are offensive to them...

-Accept this you are not the only person here with some sort of connection to Pete..Furthermore, you will not be the last..This board supports freedom of speech and the like...The vulgar thing would be to stop the expression of someone's feelings because you feel that this is not the way it should be done in your book.

1849 days ago


From what we gathered about Michael, he was not happy ,to the point of estrangement with his father.For Joe to speak and appear on Michael's behalf ,one could only conclude that Michael must be rolling in his grave! Joe sounds like he is on medication,or should be. He speaks with the mind set of a 10 year old,Michael was at least a 13 year old.

1849 days ago


THE WORST FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO.....Joe Jackson for ignoring his prodigy sons addictions just to stay on his payroll. I would like to know if Joe Jackson knew and/or associated with any of the killer doctors? I think that Joe Jackson had such an intense jelousy of Michael that he still has not shown his son any respect. Not in Life and not in Death.

1849 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

48. Insanity 7.0

You are completely missing the point and you react angrily insulting people, all the while claiming to be insulted since "day one". Most everyone here has dealt with the haters. I just find it strange that you refuse to use a name that Michael himself asked to be called, combatting years of people calling him anything but.

Judgmental? Everyone is judgemental--judgement is part of decision-making. Do I have te or coffee? Do I walk or take the metro? I simply asked you to use his name. It just comes off rather oddly that you claim to love him yet you don't use the very name he fought so hard for people to call him.

Posted at 12:19PM on Aug 30th 2009 by disfasia

Insanity Says:

I am going to take the gloves off with you now...It seems that you have an issue with anyone that does not accept your point of view...Lots of people here have disagreed with me; however and mos definitively I have the right to express myself as I should choose as a member of the human race. Again I feel that you are making this matter much more complex that warranted..Let your time manifest it self in defending this man instead of trying to attack me...Everything I have posted is backed with words from Pete himself....I just do not make this up as I go along..

1849 days ago


R.I.P. Michael Joesph Jackson... If I knew That day was coming I would have given up my life.......

1849 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Is Done With You Now...Please let's move on time is being wasted with this trival back and forth...I agree to disagree...

1849 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

51. What is with this F-ing jerk accepting things for and using Michaels fame & name for anything? MICHAEL HATED YOU JOE JACKSON! All you are is a sperm donor. Get off Michaels nuts and for sure if Michael was here to see the star and accept it, YOU JOE J would not. You are an old perverted, abusing, nothing coot and you deserve nothing in life. In fact if Michael could come back and you would go in his place, the world would be a better place! LOVE YOU ALWAYS MICHAEL & MISS YOU TO DEATH! REST IN PEACE!!!!!

Posted at 12:27PM on Aug 30th 2009 by debi

Insanity Says:


1849 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says:

This is why I call him Pete..

Posted at 12:06PM on Aug 30th 2009 by Insanity 7.0


Insanity Addresses The Board For The Record:

Please click the link above to understand why I refer to MJ as Pete....Thanks

1849 days ago


If anyone knows of this website formed by a Michael Jackson fan which is a form of protest and petition against media dishonesty, I would greatly appreciate it if you would post it here. I saw it posted in the last two days here and I do not know where it is.

Thanks in advance.

1849 days ago


Michael Joseph Jackson is known as The "King of Pop"!!!!

The Greatest Entertainer in the World and Humanitarian!!!!

That's his LEGACY!!!!

1849 days ago

tania from Germany    

# 51 Debi:
YES! I totally agree with you!

1849 days ago


820. Seeking Gold with-in the pillars of sin=pic u d me.Dell a fella
found u meaning .Blank is gone of days before.

Posted at 11:28AM on Aug 30th 2009 by Puppet Master hint

What do you know about the pic?

1849 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

336. Insanity Says 7.0:

Dear Pete:

I know that you are looking down on all of this and just shaking your
head in amazement. It is truly nothing short of amazing -what you
done in life and in death. On this day -your birthday, I wish for you
justice and peace! Peace in knowing that you have reached and touched
the people around the world that you were meant to. For those that
were unable to, perhaps someone else will come along and have this
effect on them also. People may say what they will; Pedophiles and
Child Molesters don't try to help people- they do harm not good. You
just don't fit this profile! These accusations were just a ploy to
keep you from getting any more greater then you were...Just imagine
if the accusations never surfaced! The people spewing this ridiculous
hate would have also been reached...People hate what they can not

-Rock On Pete (Say Hi To 2pac For Me...)

Posted at 2:55PM on Aug 29th 2009 by Insanity 7.0

1849 days ago


It's so nice to see that their grief does not impinge on their partying.

1849 days ago


Good afternoon...

Barrack bio update...

Also red is not my blood update

1849 days ago
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