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Jackson Gets Posthumous B'Day Gift from Vegas

8/30/2009 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was honored in Las Vegas last night -- on what would have been his 51st birthday -- with a star on the Palms Casino Resort's Walk of Fame.

Joe Jackson

Robin Leach presented the star to Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, who said, "I wish he was here to see this take place."

Afterwards, Joe had dinner at the N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms and then went up to the Playboy Club. After that, he went to another nightclub called Moon, where the DJ played Michael Jackson songs all night.


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I’m for one still believe that Michael had scars in his soul since his childhood with Joe and I’ve never heard Joe say, not even once “I’m sorry” but I’ve heard him say that he didn’t beat Michael when he was a child. (Larry King 21 July 2009)

If Michael had forgiven Joe to 100% in his heart, why wasn’t his dad named in his will when his mother was?

5. Everybody who is bashing Joe Jackson needs to listen to MJ's speech at Oxford on YouTube, especially part 3 and 4. He cries about his relationship with his father, but he says now he realizes how much his father loves him and he understands what made his father who he is, and he tells why he appreciates his father, then he says the only way to heal the world is for all people to forgive their parents the way he forgave Joe. He says he how much he loves Joe.

Then in an interview with Geraldo, he tells what qualities he admires in Joe and says he sees some of those qualities in himself. Katherine recently called Geraldo on the air and she said all this stuff you're hearing about Joe in the media is a bunch of crap, and that anything negative happened 39 years ago.

Joe supported MJ through his trial, he was in MJ's life until he died, and MJ had asked Joe to help him straighten out the AEG mess. So Joe, Leonard Rowe, and MJ had a meeting with AEG 3 weeks before he died.

Now Joe is calling for a congressional investigation into MJ's death. He says it goes way beyond the doctors. I wholeheartedly agree. MJ said Joe is a genius and a warrior. Joe will fight hard for justice for MJ, and that's why the media will trash Joe even more. If you want justice for MJ, don't bash one of the key people who will fight for it.

MJ said he knew he couldn't be a perfect parent and hoped his kids would forgive his mistakes. It is absolutely NOT MJ's wishes for people to harbor unforgiveness toward Joe and trash him. Let's honor MJ's wish that Joe and all parents be forgiven.

Posted at 11:36AM on Aug 30th 2009 by LoveHimMore

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Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Bids Della A Good Morning & Smiles :)

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It is possible MJ could resurrect himself, pop out of his thirty thousand dollar coffin and do a Thriller dance for his fans. All things are possible with Jehovah.

1847 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

63. It is possible MJ could resurrect himself, pop out of his thirty thousand dollar coffin and do a Thriller dance for his fans. All things are possible with Jehovah.

Posted at 12:48PM on Aug 30th 2009 by anon


Insanity Says:

Yes, all things are possible through GOD. But, please if you will just stop you are too much for me...I would probably have a heart-attack if this occurred...Whew..Just Stop..HEhehe...

1847 days ago


You come to a point in life where you have to decide whether to hang on to the past or look forward. I think Michael was on his way to look forward and leave the past behind.

You can say many things about Joe Jackson and he was hard on his children and guilty of many things we disapprove of.
But remember that he worked hard to raise 9 children and he kept them from taking the wrong turn early in life. If it wasn`t for him there would never have been a Jackson 5 and no Michael.

He grew up in harder times and he was effected by his own upbringing. It was tougher times back then and you needed to work hard to get by. I am not saying that i defend his behavior but he has done some good in life. And another thing to remember is that when you are left out you often try to hard not to show it. I believe that if he had gotten the chance to get closer with Michael he still would be her with us.

Michael did improve his relationship with his father the last years but things had gotten to a point were other forces around him had the power to make Michael to turn away and think that he didn`t need his family. They were afraid that the family would question things and not support there decisions. Michael`s focus was the upcoming tour and his children, he didn`t have the energy to fight back.
Joe is 80 years old, no one knows how long he will go one. I think his sons death have effected him a lot but he doesn`t show it like the rest of the family, it`s not ho he is. People are used to Joe Jackson being hard and cold but deep inside, and in private, he is a different person. He is used to being in control and taking care of everything.
If you go to YouTube and watch the videos Michael maid you will see a different Joe and many private moments, Michael is laughing a lot, it`s so good to hear.

We only see or hear what other people are telling us, the truth will maybe never be told... But we need to think and listen before we judge

1847 days ago


Maybe be a duplicate, Disfasia, but is this the site you were looking for?

(I truly hate the "board" software here. Apologies for any duplicate postings.)

1847 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Bids Justice for All a Good Morning

1847 days ago


Well, my former colleauge wrote me back:

"Ok, I'm convinced, But how about the difference between celebrating an entertainer vs. supporting the crucial issue of health care? No matter how much people love MJ, he is still only a performer. It's trivial compared with this major issue."

So how to respond? As this is a terribly valid question, I postulated the following answer. And I posting it here for two reasons:

1. I do not like Joseph Jackson (sorry, Michael). And I would rather eat meat than discuss that man.

2. More importantly, I do see social change possible from many of Michael's fans, if they are willing to put in the work to make real social change happend. I had asked for the link to media reform above because there is a group already working on this and I will look for the link later... But I am posting my reply below:

Of course I think this as well...Or rather I did.

You see, I too thought Michael Jackson was a pedophile and the more I read about the accusations in the days following his death, the more horrified I grew about our media's complicity in this person's crucifiction. I was absolutely horrified thinking that such fodder was reserved for more international and domestical political manipulations. There is a link. Actually, and this is when I was oblivious to MJ, I remember the raid on Neverland happened coincidentally  on the same day that George W. Bush arrived in London and was tomatoed by tens of thousands of protestors. I remember thinking "how convenient". I am not a huge conspiracy theorist, but years later when Michael died, finding out how much non-information there was about the accusations, I was shocked. And then I have to say I thought the search was orchestrated. Our attention was glued to the t.v. watching the Neverland raid and few Americans knew about the overwhelming dissent against George Bush. And remember, this was when Americans still sadly supported the "War on Terror".

So, I look at the fan base of Michael Jackson as a potential grassroots movement for media reform--and we need both media and election reform in the USA. Already the MJ fans have formed many coalitions to clean up the media--and they are a substantial base of supporters. Granted, many of them are purely interested that the media correct past lies they have emitted about Michael Jackson. But you would be surprised to know how many of his fans are not just crazed lunatics without their own lives--many of these people see the connection between media lies of our healthcare system and those of Michael Jackson. I didn't go to Park Slope as I had work to do here in Montreal, but I do think that these supporters might be able to pull something off that will work towards media reform (I hope). And though this is not directly a protest for health reform, it gets at the deeper issues of why health reform is so hard to get properly and honestly mediatized: the media itself. From the moronic movement of the "birthers" (what a horrid name) who believe that Jesus was born of a virgin but who cannot read or accept a birth certificate (ironic, eh?) to the sycophants on the Hill and throughout our country who have come up with "death panels" which has been carried by the likes of Fox news, the message is clear: the media has way too much power to lie. And I do think that we will have Obama's passivity too early on together and the far-right to blame if health care is not passed. But the only reason why the far right's message got out there was because much of the major media did not take these lunatics to task. It is exactly what happened during MJ's trial in so many ways.

Personally, I am saddened about what is happening there now and I am glad to hear you are working on the health care issue. I hope Michael Jackson's fans connect the dots and, those who do not already engage themselves in civil rights work, that they get out on the streets and make their media protest heard in clear and loud tones, while also helping out other movements such as healthcare reform!"

1847 days ago


Good morning (Afternoon here)..Insanity..

How are you.. How is the upgrade coming?

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Who Cares reads a wonder    

Hi 2 u back=need time 2, cake is cooking give me few hours,c u then.Post will B,fella=2u

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Regarding your colleagues "challenge", I find questions like that somewhat amusing in that why does one need to preclude the other? Why cannot folks care about and be involved in both?

They can.

And are.


1847 days ago


Someone tat should be accepting things like stars for michael maybe would be his stylist. Michael loved his stylist and she loved him.

1847 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

70. Good morning (Afternoon here)..Insanity..

How are you.. How is the upgrade coming?

Posted at 12:55PM on Aug 30th 2009 by Della


Insanity Says:

Upgrades are fine for now v. 7.0 is running smooth. Cloners are on this site and from time to time they jack me; moreover, tmz needs to have a better procedure for posts so that user names are not hijacked...I wish they would give me access to their servers so that I may adjust a few things and make post security a bit tighter...The security protocols are misconstrued...

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You can forgive someone despite their behaviour not changing. Michael saw his father's shortcomings for what they were, but he also never felt--even in his last years--that his father was a "father". His father still wanted Micahel to do shows and the make the family richer. That is simply not what a father should do with a child, no matter how old that child is.

I think Michael forgave his parents for their shortcomings, but he did not see them as his only family and it is evident that Michael's friends became more his family as he got older. Moreover, having parents who come to you for financial matters always, no matter how you have forgiven them, does not instill trust and love that is vital to this relationship.

1847 days ago



Thanks so much! That's it!

1847 days ago
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