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Chris Brown -- I Don't Remember Beating Rihanna

8/31/2009 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he can't remember anything from the night he brutally attacked Rihanna -- telling Larry King he thinks "it's crazy" when he thinks about what he did that night.

With his mom and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, by his side, Brown did a pre-taped interview for King's upcoming Wednesday show -- and told Larry that he's still "in shock" about the beating. He also says he's still in love with Rihanna.

Need a refresher -- here's the brutal blow-by-blow.


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I don't believe that he forgot what happened but he is not going to come on TV and say that I beat her up. I am sure that is going to be in violation of his plea deal. And some people do black out when they do things like this and he may be one of them. I think that if Rihanna has forgiven him so should we. I mean if it was a regular someone it would not be that serious nut because it was Rihanna it's a big deal.

1843 days ago


I agree, how dumb does he think we are to believe this contrived image he's trying force down our throats. It's insulting! The sweater, the bow-tie, the "I really don't remember it"??? Mama sitting over there next to him saying " I just can't believe he would do this". Why not? He had a great example at home. This guy needs to STOP TALKING IMMEDIATELY! He's making things worse. Maybe he should go off to Bahrain like MJ did after the molestation trial. Just disappear for awhile. I don't really think anybody would mind.

1843 days ago


Bet the "LOSER" would remember if HE was beat.....what a waste of a human being !!!

1843 days ago


That is a convenient excuse, no remorse or anything.
Good suggestion, evaluate your life, check yourself into rehab, you have alot of soul searching to do before you get into another relationship.

1843 days ago


So that's all he has to say but "wow" over and over again. How about that he's sorry and that no man should ever put his hands on a woman and that Rihanna did not deserve what happened to her or that he feels like a creep. But no. All we got was "wow" and "I don't remember". That guy should have gotten jail time. Anyone else would have.

1843 days ago


so what the hell he bipolar now and that was one of his episodes... you kiddin rite!!

1843 days ago


Child Please! Kiss the Baby!

1843 days ago

just saying    

Just in case someone axe you dis question. U ve needin therrepee. Call foe foe fie nie nie sebin foe.

1843 days ago


I call BS on this.

1843 days ago


If I were to whoop Chris Browns azz. I would make sure he remembered every minute of it, every punch, every kick, every stomp, his arms and knees broken, he would remember

1843 days ago


Not buying it! He is a LOSER!

1843 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

What a bunch of Bull sh!t. Me don't remember nut thing. I'm not that kind of person. Yeah right. YOU ARE that type of person you moronic imbecile.

1843 days ago


What an a-hole! He remembers everything. He should have gone to jail. If was anyone else, they would have. Screw him.

1843 days ago


I am sure Rihanna remembers! What a lame excuse for a male. I wonder if jail time would have jogged his memory.

1843 days ago


First of all it's crazy that anyone can sit here and call Chris Brown a no talent loser. He's sold more albums in the last year than music groups/people that have been in the industry for years upon years. He's VERY talented..he can sing and dance. On top of that has anyone taken into consideration that it's a KNOWN statistic that 1 out of every 3 women has/is in an abusive relationship. But noone cares because their not a celebrity. You are pretty much saying your next door neighbor is ok to be beaten TO DEATH but Chris Brown does it "and it's dead wrong he has no talent, etc" How can you judge someone when you don't even know the story? You weren't there. I'm not condoling what he has done it IS wrong but let the man be. Rhianna isn't even pressed about the situation like that.. she isn't doggin him and his ability in the music industry..

1843 days ago
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