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Chris Brown -- Shades of Watergate

8/31/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So how do you explain not remembering the little dispute you had with your girlfriend -- the dispute that made you a felon?

If you're Chris Brown, you explain it by saying that Larry King badgered you into amnesia.

Brown is reacting to a clip that was released in which he said he didn't remember beating Rihanna.

Here's his statement:

"There have been reports on the Internet that I didn't remember what happened that night with Rihanna. I want to try and set things straight.

That 30 seconds of the interview they used of me was taken from a one hour interview during which that same question was asked something like 4 or 5 times -- and when you look at the entire interview you will see it is not representative of what I said.

The first four times – or how ever many times it was - I gave the same answer -- which was that I didn't think it was appropriate for me to talk about what happened that night. I said it was not right for me and it really wasn't fair to Rihanna. The fifth time – or whatever it was – I just misspoke. I was asked, "Do you remember doing it?" and I said, "No."

Of course I remember what happened. Several times during the interview, my mother said that I came to her right afterwards and told her everything. But it was and still is a blur. And yes, I still can't believe it happened because it is not me or who I am or is what happened like anything I have ever done before.

As I have said several times previously, I am ashamed of and sorry for what happened that night and I wish I could relive that moment and change things, but I can't. I take full responsibility for my actions. What I have to do now is to prove to the world that this was an isolated incident and that is not who I am and I intend to do so by my behavior now and in the future


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hate her    

have a daughter and a son, and it is not right for girls to hit boys just like it's not right for boys to hit girls, and I really believe in my heart that this is what happened between those two. But the cruxifixion that Chris has received is unreal, and mothers with sons should be concerned because any one of our sons could one day be successful and in the public eye and the very same thing could happen to our children. The double standard is so unfair, and I'm ashamed of my country for the way that it has jumped all over this kid just by taking one person's word for it. Only one side of the story was told and the media loves exploiting it. This whole thing is so sad. I pray for Chris and his mom every night.
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1881 days ago


He can KIss his music life Good-Bye..No one will ever look at him the same. No matter how much he says " I Sorry", or how many Banging Hits he makes, he will never reach the top.

1880 days ago


Neither him or Rhianna should discuss the events of that night. They are both still young growing up in the limelight. It all goes under the live and learn category.

1880 days ago


I don't like Chris nor am I a fan of Rihanna BUT I read the story when it first happened. To me, it sounded like Chris was defending himself. Lets think about this and NO I do not think abuse is good on any level but Chris was driving and to me it sounded like Rihanna was the one that started the argument and the attacks. Yes, Rihanna is a girl. Yes it is wrong to hit a girl. Yes, Chris was driving when she went crazy on him. Honestly I do think it was self defense. I don't think she would have killed him, but if she hit him first and he was driving (which is dangerous enough to attack a person driving...) then yeah I think he had to do something to get her to stop.
Abuse isn't right, I know that. What he did wasn't right but what she did wasn't either. There should be no time where a woman lets a man beat her BUT there should be no time where a man lets a woman beat him either. He could have done something better in the siutation I totally agree.
He's talking about it to make himself look better which is what he SHOULD be doing. Rihanna hasn't mentioned a thing publicly which isn't bad. WE DONT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. We only know half of it. Yeah he was found "guilty" but we don't know what was said in court either.
No one will agree with this comment, that's fine. I just dont think alot of people that comment on the situation think about the whole story.

1880 days ago


Chris Brown is the biggest douchebag. what he's saying is he's Trying to forget what happened but his ex-fans wont let him forget. Chris if you read this youre a coward low life POS. Rhiannon couldnt sing at the grammys because you forgot what you did dumbass.

1875 days ago
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