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DJ AM's Death -- Not a Suicide

8/31/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMLaw enforcement sources directly connected with the death of DJ AM tell us that his death was the result of an accidental overdose and not a suicide -- and there is a tragic, ironic twist of fate.

Our sources say DJ AM, a recovering addict, developed a dependency to Xanax and other benzodiazepines (a group of drugs used to treat anxiety) as a direct result of the plane crash a year ago. We're told AM (aka Adam Goldstein) developed a tremendous anxiety over flying -- something he had to do frequently for his job.

We're told doctors began prescribing Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications to relieve his fear, but the benzos triggered a relapse into addiction. We're told benzos are particularly dicey for recovering addicts.

Our sources say DJ AM's relapse was "recent" -- he was not abusing for a prolonged period of time before his death.

We're also told the OD had "absolutely nothing to do with his recent breakup."

Our sources say the evidence strongly indicates cause of death will be a combination of crack cocaine and benzos.


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I knew it..All us pros know B4 anybody else when people OD -OVERDOSE..Its not really hard to figure out..STOP blaming the doctors..Shorty knew exactly what he was putting in his mouth-PILLS..THERE IS ALWAYS an EXCUSE why they started taking drugs again..Shorty had a great Excuse, the plane crash.. bottom line 4 idiots out there..He took the drugs because HE Wanted to take drugs and smoke the crackk..Excuses always exisit 4 people who play the blame game like many of you responding here..NO BLAME..Take it like a man or A Woman and stop blaming

1877 days ago


I could care less about the death of a DJ. its not like he actually wrote any of the music in the first place. big freaking deal. I have more respect for the guys who spend all their hours writing crappy music in their garage that will never be played on the air and will never do anything for them.

a celebuspawn who shouldve died in the plane crash a year ago. he was given a second chance and he blew it. I cant believe this was front page news when I opened my browser this morning.

1877 days ago


clown, funny.

1877 days ago


Addiction is a disease. This is a sad story. He was my IDOL.

1877 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

What adult does not know that taking crack by itself let alone in combination with a prescription drug may not be lethal? Boo. I am sick of these "accidental overdose" rulings.

1877 days ago

wonder why your hatin so hard?    


1877 days ago


I do not believe that DJ's taking prescription xanax caused him to fall off the wagon. I am a recovering alkie, sober 10+years and I have been taking ativan as directed. My taking the ativan does not remind me of the warm feeling I got after a couple of drinks. It is a totally different feeling and I have no urge to take the ativan in mass quantities because it just makes me feel tired and I don't enjoy that feeling. I doubt xanax gave him the same sensation he got while smoking crack. I think there is a crack in your story.

1877 days ago


I call BS on this excuse for his relapse. The plane crash occurred on Sept 20 2008. Just last month, in July 2009, he told MTV and the Associated Press and perhaps some other media that he was 11 years clean. So are we expected to believe that he was clean from September 2008 to July 2009 and then suddenly, at the end of July or the beginning of August, he became a crack addict again??? BS!!

1877 days ago


Oh geez, Goldstein's interview with MTV was on July 29 2009! And we're expected to believe that his plane crash didn't drive him to do drugs between September 2008 and the end of July 2009, but then suddenly it did in August 2009? And he was 11 years clean up until August 2009? I call double BS. BS that his crash caused his relapse, and BS that he was clean for 11 years.

1877 days ago


Syd, hello, this is a gossip web site. If people were posting disrespectful things on Goldstein's web site, I think you might have a right to complain. But this is TMZ, and everything goes here. And just a suggestion here ... insults and pathetic threats are NOT a way to get other people to abide by your wishes.

1877 days ago

Matt Thomas    

Why the hell all the attention? A drug addict dies from a overdose. There is a lot more to mourn that's going on in this world than self-centered people like him. And HE WAS JUST A DJ!!! NOT EVEN A MUSICIAN! ANYBODY CAN SPIN A RECORD!!!

1877 days ago


I'm so disgusted by all the sympathy this pathetic clown is getting..Boo hoo his girlfriend broke up with him. Who hasn't been through a break-up. As for the plane crash-I don't know what his injuries were or how bad,but he was back regularly working,throwing out the first pitch at the Mets,etc..looked like he was O.K. Seemed like he was living the good life as a pseudo-celebrity..doing what he loved and probably getting a good paycheck to do it. Sorry but these addicts that can't get straight deserve no sympathy. Especially if they can easily afford help that is readily available..if they can afford the drugs-they have money to get clean...when are people going to learn? Another thing to consider- he got a second chance and wasted it after only one year. Pathetic...Lets save our sympathy for those that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan....more of them killed daily unfortunately.

1877 days ago


MAYBE drug companies should be more responsible, and not send sales people (drug reps, drug dealers...whatever you want to call them) to doctors offices to try persuade them into prescribing their drug to their patients. Any drug that offers a quick fix has the potential to become addictive. And too many people are needlessly being prescribed too many drugs, instead of fixing the under lying mental problem. And a GOOD doctor will do his/her homework and keep up to date on new drugs via unbiased sources such as medical journals AND refuse to see drug reps. Everyone should lobby their congressman to put an end to the marketing to the public, and to doctors, of "quick fix" drugs. Or any drugs for that matter! Who actually goes to their doctor after seeing a commercial and asks "Is [drug x] right for me?" And what GOOD doctor would actually reply to that, "Hey, good idea. Let's try that drug."

1877 days ago


WTF is with all this hypocrite BS?! First MJ junkie dies, now this crackhead..and then there's people actually sad?! They where junkies! You know the ones you avoid on the streets cuz they're filthy and disgusting, because..oh yeah..THEY ARE JUNKIES.
So the rich ones are ok?
You people are retarded.

1877 days ago


Jails, Institutions and Death always inevitable once we pick back up


I pray you are finally at peace

1876 days ago
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