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Macaulay's Rep

Blanket is NOT His Baby

8/31/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_culkin_ex-1Here's a shocker -- Macaulay Culkin's press agent claims the actor is not the biological father of Michael Jackson's son Blanket.

The ridiculous story, which first appeared in The Sun this morning -- and everywhere else 5 minutes later -- explained how Culkin donated the sperm to create Blanket.

So we contacted Culkin's rep Michelle Bega to ask -- because why not -- and we got the following statement:

"The inquiries are too preposterous for us to even acknowledge."

The search for the real sticky bandit continues...


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Thanks PYT. I was wondering about that I was not quite sure. Thanks for clearing that up.

1850 days ago


See this is why Michael Jackson's killer or killers are going to go free. Because as a society we are much more interested in messing with children who have lost their father than the people who killed him. GEEZ.

Posted at 9:09PM on Aug 31st 2009 by rs

A ridiculous statement, MJs killer or killers aren't "going to go free". Better minds with better means of investigation and access to information than the collective on a silly gossip message board are working on it. Even on the remote chance you discovered the killer or killers through your physic hotline rep there would be nothing you could do about it.

1850 days ago


Why? Why do you think it was so important for Tohme, who was not working for MJ anymore, to go to the house and fire everyone and the home in Las Vegas at once, after MJ died? That strikes me as being strange. Saving a few $$ on labor? He is just a very strange man.

He has so many connections within every group involved. He seems to wheel and deal like catfish Joe.

1850 days ago

MJ's PYT    

HUMANNATURE just because I'm curious who do you believe was in the house.
My list goes like this Prince,paris,blanket,MJ,chef,security (maybe 2 or 3 inside),Randy, Tomhe,Michael's assistant????? he was called by Murray.Was he in the house or elsewhere.Murray????????
was Murray in the house when died? Did Murray actually find MJ
or was he called back to the seen.
MAC CULKIN is not playing in ant of those LAME reindeer games.

1850 days ago


Michael Jackson is and was a self-indulgent freakshow

1850 days ago


Where were all you weeping fans, the artists who hail him as their hero, Where were they 10 years ago? Oh right. Everyone thought Michael Jackson was a freak -- a plastic surgery addicted child molester. People made fun of him, he was considered a washed-up, has-been, crazy person.

Now it's fashionable to be a Michael Jackson fan.

1850 days ago


Wow now TV Guide is reporting that Conrad Murray is claiming that Michael jackson gave himself something that interacted with what he gave him which is why Michael died. See this is what I was talking about. Michael's killers getting away with murder.

1850 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Just heard Firpo Carr is that his name, on TV?
Phone records need to be released. Who was Murray 3 calls
made to in that 90 minutes it took him to call paramedics and
finding Michael?

1850 days ago


I wish Mr Culkin would tell the truth when he was 12 or 13 years old when he use to sleep with Michael Jackson, He admitted they use to sleep together, but refused to give details,he was probally to tramatized to talk about it......
Posted at 4:46PM on Aug 31st 2009 by homie1kanobe

homie1, keep up!! Mr. Culkin DID tell the truth. He testified at the trial that the accusations were rediculous and that Michael NEVER touched him and that all they did was play video games and had fun. Mac is the Godfather of Paris and Prince. He was one of the few people Michael trusted in this world. Mac made a statement around the time of the trial that he's there for Michael and Michael is always there for him. Mac is most likely heart-broken now. He's had a horrible last few months. His 29 yr old sister was killed in an accident in Dec. and now the loss of Michael.

1850 days ago



It was my understanding that Tohme fired the staff at the house in LA and LV!!!!

1850 days ago


Wow Tohme is a very suspicious guy thanks humannature

1850 days ago


Mj s PYT

The research that I have done indicated that Tohme, Dileo and Randy along with Murray was at the house!!!

Let me see, if I can research the articles again and post the link!!!

1850 days ago


rs and Mj s PYT

Please read this blog!!!! I will research more to come!!!

What LaToya Jackson said (People magazine): "The grieving sister of superstar Michael Jackson last night blamed ‘a shadowy entourage’ of manipulative hangers-on for effectively 'murdering' the King of Pop. ,.. She believes her brother was fed addictive drugs by handlers who wanted to control his moods. She says they regarded him as a ‘cash cow’ and exploited him at every turn. It was this, she believes, that led directly to his death. ... After returning from the hospital with the children and her mother to Katherine’s home, they received a troubling call from the Jackson mansion. It was Michael’s long-term assistant Michael Amin, a devout Muslim known as Brother Michael. He told La Toya that her brother’s Lebanese-born, self-appointed business manager Dr Tohme Tohme had fired all the staff at the Beverly Hills property and at a second rented home in Las Vegas. ‘I want to know how Michael died, and then, at 11pm on the day he dies, all the staff are fired?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘That raised my suspicions.’ ... While Michael regularly kept up to £1million in cash inside his home, La Toya says none was found. Nor was any of his vast collection of jewellery ...

1850 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

The hell... who on earth suggested Mack was the sperm donor?!! There's some really sick people out there. >:(

Mack I'm with you man. You've put up with the crap during Mike's trials and now you've got this crap on your shoulders. Don't let them get to you, you're a good guy and you was a great friend to Mike. It's awful that they're trying to make another drama over who the biological parents are of Mike's kids and having the cheek to include you in it without getting any facts first.

Why the hell can't people leave Mike's kids alone and stop making up stories about who the biological parents are? Paris and Prince are Mike and Debbie's children and Blanket is Mike's. Mike did not know who Blanket's mother was and vice versa so anyone even suggesting they're his mother just don't try it. There are no other "fathers" of his kids out there and he has no other children. Now leave him and his children alone and especially leave Mack out of this!

1850 days ago


you know its really interesting out of all the people on here discussing Michael Jackson's death I am the only one targeted. Hmmmm and why in the world would someone ask me what I wanted to do about it. Wow I must have hit a nerve very suspicious and more reason to continue to ignore. You never know who is really on these boards.

1849 days ago
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