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Macaulay's Rep

Blanket is NOT His Baby

8/31/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_culkin_ex-1Here's a shocker -- Macaulay Culkin's press agent claims the actor is not the biological father of Michael Jackson's son Blanket.

The ridiculous story, which first appeared in The Sun this morning -- and everywhere else 5 minutes later -- explained how Culkin donated the sperm to create Blanket.

So we contacted Culkin's rep Michelle Bega to ask -- because why not -- and we got the following statement:

"The inquiries are too preposterous for us to even acknowledge."

The search for the real sticky bandit continues...


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#62 is that the best you can come with????? Get a life you are just as bad as these trashy reporters. Actually the title of reporters is to good for them. Traumatized?????? You would know that as you must have been Michaels and Mr Culkin best friends. You obviously watched DVD's with them. Shame on you!!!

1882 days ago


61. michael jackson had no kids okay,,just admit it..obvioulsy he asked every guy he knew with balls if he could have some of their sperm..(very werid)he rarley saw his kids or had anything to do with them..they were like toys to him and when he tired of them he became very distant to his children he was like bozo the clown,,like a robot first they were very very afraid of him and would scream at the site of him,,but after they wree medicated they were not so scared of can clearly see michael giving moon unit or bed pillow (whatever 0 there names was a few happy pills in one of the videos,,
Posted at 4:44PM on Aug 31st 2009 by one who knows all.


62. I wish Mr Culkin would tell the truth when he was 12 or 13 years old when he use to sleep with Michael Jackson, He admitted they use to sleep together, but refused to give details,he was probally to tramatized to talk about it......
Posted at 4:46PM on Aug 31st 2009 by homie1kanobe


Michael insisted publicly that he is the biological father of all his children and I have always believed that he is. I also believe that, after his divorce from Lisa Marie, he chose mothers very carefully to avoid long drawn-out custody battles in the event of another divorce.

Here is the link if you are interested in reading more about it. The story is being reported by a number of sources in Europe. TMZ, I'm surprised you didn't pick it up.

These so-called friends who insist on making claims of paternity are the bottom of the barrel. If they are telling the truth, and obviously they're not, they should have come forward while he was still alilve. Now that would have a story, huh?

Obviously they all made donations to sperm banks in the past for reasons of their own. They are just hoping for a windfall based on what they believe is a small probability. Apparently, Michael didn't trust them as much as they thought he did and with good reason. Shame on them for being less than friends, shame on TMZ for exposing the children to criticism and shame on all commenters who can be cruel to them.

1882 days ago


I think it is ludicrous to think that Macauley Culkin is the father, but I do think it is possible that it is Omar Bhatti's child. I saw a video of Omar when he was young and Blanket looks just like him. I also think Prince Michael is definitely the child of Dr. Klein. Poor kid looks so much like him, and I bet if someone found some photos of Dr. Klein at the age of 11 or so, the resemblance would be uncanny.

1882 days ago


Because this poor kid hasn't gone through enough plus losing a good friend and his sister in one year... People seriously need to grow up and leave those children alone. Why is this even an issue or relevant to anyone?! Get over it.

1882 days ago


Wake me up when all this is over.

1882 days ago


the sun has printed every piece of crap they can since MJ died. If you email them they don't answer, if you shut them via the comments board they don't print it. The mirror aint much better but they did say blanket is MJ's:

MJ was a great dad and that is that leave them alone.

1882 days ago

John G.    

There are ethics involved here. This predicament feeds the argument that it is immoral to play "test-tube baby's" for frivolous reason. To those who say "shut up; it's none of your business; the child (Blanket) will read this someday!" you all need to realize that this is every bodies' business. It is a Human race issue. If a mom and dad can't have babies; barren/low sperm count; then they maybe should have a right to cook up a baby with sperm from Man-A, ovary from Woman-B, and impregnated into Woman-B. I, personally, feel that Michael J. Jackson did not have a moral or ethical right to do this. And this predicament (Him dead, 7-year-old child with no real parents, media frenzy) is proof to that point. This never should have been allowed to happen. It needs to be sorted out. Society needs to get to the bottom of this.

1882 days ago

maniston vs mangelina    

Blanket is obviously the child of Miko Brando. He looks just like him. When he was on Larry King they showed his face in close up along side Blanket's photo and Larry asked Miko, but he denied it. What was funny was that he could hardly keep a straight face it was so obvious.

1882 days ago


Michael IS the biological dad of Prince,Paris,and Blanket! The f*cking media needs to leave MJs children alone!! Michael raised them and provided everything they needed and alot of love!

1)klein has said he was the "father" and they could take his dna..but he REFUSED to take a dna test! (gee wonder why..."klein you are NOT the father")

2)lester made the same claim but his ex wife (who has nothing to gain out of this) has said he gave to a sperm bank and the timing doesn't even match for when he gave and when MJs children were conceived! Everyone is just out for money!

Macaulay Culkin is the only true friend to MJ!
Michael Jackson IS their biological dad!

1882 days ago


Some of tabloids seem to pull their stories out of their a$$es. Blanket looks nothing like Culkin. Besides, Culkin and Michael didn't seem real close after he married Debbie but I could be wrong.

1882 days ago


I hope it is safe in here. Angry people in the next room.

It is good to see this Culkin guy not address the absurd nature of gossip. Great response!

I wish TMZ would print something truthful.

1882 days ago


(in a babies voice): Gimmie my milk!!!

1882 days ago


I stopped paying attention to tabloids since they are rarely right. The media is having one over on us, keeping us guessing, making money. I'm pretty cynical about the news business.

1882 days ago


See this is sad. We continue to mess with these children. If these children were members of any other family they would not receive this kind of treatment. It is so sad that we are the type of people that will start in on a celebrities children when the parent dies. As I said before I don't give a rats ass about biology. I want these children to be happy and somehow survive all this crap we keep giving them. What the hell have these children done to us anyway. Why do we keep trying to hurt them with all this stupid ass speculation. My god they are innocent children.

We have the nerve to claim MJ was not a good father and here we are writing this crap about them. What if they saw this. Kind of makes us look like the real abusers in this situation. LEAVE THESE THREE SMALL CHILDREN ALONE.

1882 days ago


John, I think the children will read much worse that people telling others to leave the biology of Michael's kids to the private spaces of those kids lives. Really. I don't see where the ethics of a parent dying in Michael's case are any different that any other case, these procedures of helping men and women who are single have children is part of our society as much as people in couples doing it. One is not better than the other. When people divorce it is often the case that children are left without either parent as one or both has a new relationship, one or both new children. Biology in adoption and fertility treatments is not the determining factor of parenthood. Choice is what makes someone a parent. Michael chose to be a parent and he died. This is a predicament like any other, sad for the kids. Biology does not make a family or love.

1882 days ago
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