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Michael Jackson -- The Kid Is (Maybe) His Son?

8/31/2009 2:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson came out of the woodwork to claim he is Michael Jackson's third son -- and now we have the photos to help you judge if it's true.

Launch photos

According to documents released last week, PMMJJ requested a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of Michael Jackson. Ron Newt, a close family friend of PMMJJ, tells TMZ he approached Joe Jackson (whom he was friends with) before Michael's death. Newt says Joe denied the whole thing and told him to "leave it alone."

The "official" Prince Michael -- the one who was raised by MJ -- is 12 years old. This other PMMJJ is 24, and Newt says the man is just looking for "closure."


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Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Shares This...And Says Please try posting under another screen name perhaps you are utilizing a character that is being screened and blocked for some reason by TMZ./...
My scrren name is Summer.‏
From: shanay777@

Sent: Mon 8/31/09 3:15 PM

Hi there, I just wanted to personally thank you for all the wonderful
links, you've provided. I also happen to agree with you regarding Pete!
Smiling:)... I have been following MJ's case since his untimely dimise.
I have only posted once or twice, because I can't get myt posts to go
through, AHHHHH! Anyways, keep up the great work! F&#k the haters, they
have no life obviously, unno? If you have any suggestions on how I
can get my comments to post, it would be greatly appreciated! Take Care
Insanity...... Summer from Florida

1794 days ago

Who was the REAL MJ?    

I remember that interview on TV ONE with Joe Jackson after Michael died and Joe was confronted about “Michael’s other son” and Joe looked a little surprised and wasn’t prepared for the question? But then it ended up being a question about Omer? Watch the video on YOUTUBE.. It seems that Joe looked a little relieved once he figured that the interviewer was asking about Omer. Now it is being said that Joe was confronted about this Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson before Michael even died. Now I can almost understand the look of surprise on Joe’s face and then relief when he realized that the TVONE interviewer wasnt taling about Prince Michael Malachi…Im thinking that perhaps this young man IS indeed a Jackson as he DOES resemble Marlon, Tito or maybe even Tito’s kids when they were younger….Maybe this young man is ACTUALLY Joe’s biological son instead of Michael’s????…Ive seen a copy of the birth certificate on RADARONLINE and the childs birth name is indeed Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson and Michael Jackson from Indiana is listed as the father..Now Im just wondering how many people name ALL their sons Prince Michael?…Is this just a coincidence?…Oh well, at any rate this young man was a very cute little boy as a child…his pics are on TMZ…He DOES have the Jackson nose on pic number 2…and he looks more like a Jackson than the 3 kids that are known to be Michael’s.
At the end of the day how much does any of us know about Michael Jackson aside from gossip, rumor, tabloid fodder and some of the lies that are perpetuated by some of the Jackson’s themselves?
There may be a slight chance that Michael did indeed father children that the world didnt know about…including Omer Bhatti…We can only assume not but we TRULY just dont know.
Michael was a man…a human being…nowhere near perfect and definitely nowhere as Godly as people wanted to make him out to be…yep, he was just a regular human being capable of anything that we all are capable of whether it be good or bad.

1794 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says:

I am still @ work and I have to head home hard day the whole T3 went down @ one of the sites I supervise...Headed home...Get Back Soon..

1794 days ago

danger baby    

Insanity's now in overdrive? That is great! You can get more mileage for less energy in overdrive. Altogether now: Pete, pete, pete!! Hee hee. Or is it Pan? Pan, pan, pan!! I'm dizzy with the possibilities (all of which MJ would have loved). Carry on.

1794 days ago

Michael Jackson    

I am also Michael Jackson's son. Don't let the fact that I am only two years younger than him cause you to doubt my word. Just point me to the money window so I can collect my inheritance.

1794 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

That would Be a Big NOPE!!! He doesnt look a thing like Michael or anyone else... like Joe said .. MOVE ON and Let It Alone Already! Michael provided for ONLY 3 children Prince, Paris, and Blanket.. Those ( P1, P2, Paris) ARE his kids... everyone else.. get lost you bunch of fantacy leaches!!

1794 days ago


Everybody, this is an except from a article that Marlon Jackson had

MARTIN: And you said a doctor saw him last night, but he didn’t see
a need to take him to the hospital?
JACKSON: He didn’t take him to the hospital. This morning he
wasn’t breathing and they rushed him to the hospital. He was going
to be 51 in August. Gone too soon.

1794 days ago


@409 HumanNature

Thanks for that info! So they're saying that Murray (Michael's doctor) went to see Michael that night and did NOT send him to the hospital?

I also recall Michael's chef stating on tv that Michael told her that "they were killing him" with the rehearsals.

1794 days ago


Time for Justice

Make you wonder what is going on!!! Who did Murray called???

1794 days ago


Where were all you weeping fans, the artists who hail him as their hero, Where were they 10 years ago? Oh right. Everyone thought Michael Jackson was a freak -- a plastic surgery addicted child molester. People made fun of him, he was considered a washed-up, has-been, crazy person.

Now it's fashionable to be a Michael Jackson fan.

1794 days ago


Been a fan since the Jackson 5 burst on the scene!!! Never believed that child molestation BS!!!! Always, played MJ music!! Never thought he was washed up, crazy or has been !!!

Will always be a FAN UNITL I DIE!!!


By the way, waiting for the MJ 2010 calendar, coffe mug and etc; already have a MJ t-shirt and all of his music!!!!!!

Thank God for YOUTUBE!!! Legacy will live on!!!

1794 days ago



And the AEG people were on tv playing it up that Michael was in great shape, great energy, etc?

At the same time Michael was telling his chef that "they were killing him" with the rehearsals?

1794 days ago


This is not exactly thread related, but wanted to pass on this first of a very candid and very relaxed MJ interview I had never seen before.

Someone on one of this boards turned me on to it. It goes black a little bit at first, but you can still hear MJ's voice until the pic comes back up again. It almost looks like it was being secretly video taped, based on the camera angle.

This seems to be done maybe around 2001, but I'm not sure. The second part can be selected when that one finishes playing.

1794 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Bids The Board Good Evening:

Insanity Says I have arrived...It's nice to know that I can rent space in people's heads...You indeed give me too much power...This is for the haters...

1794 days ago



Murray was hired by AEG to accompany Michael on the London concerts, and Murray was in deep debt, to the tune of millions. At $150K a month, by the end of the tours, that would NOT be enough to cover all of Murray's debt?

1794 days ago
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