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Michael Jackson -- The Kid Is (Maybe) His Son?

8/31/2009 2:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson came out of the woodwork to claim he is Michael Jackson's third son -- and now we have the photos to help you judge if it's true.

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According to documents released last week, PMMJJ requested a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of Michael Jackson. Ron Newt, a close family friend of PMMJJ, tells TMZ he approached Joe Jackson (whom he was friends with) before Michael's death. Newt says Joe denied the whole thing and told him to "leave it alone."

The "official" Prince Michael -- the one who was raised by MJ -- is 12 years old. This other PMMJJ is 24, and Newt says the man is just looking for "closure."


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55. My English is not very good, but I will learn English better in order to MJ, in order to better abroad Web site to express my thoughts. Handed more hope more foreign friends.

Here again Once again, I wish MJ, happy birthday, I love you forever. (From the Chinese fans)

Posted at 4:34AM on Aug 31st 2009 by lizhuna

Welcome, lizhuna. Your English is very good, I hope reading here helps you learn even more.

1858 days ago


MJ was a pedophile. He paid people to donate sperm because (1) pedophiles prefer NOT to molest their own children and (2) he obviously wanted only white kids. After 2 close calls being accused of child molestation, breeding kids was the only way he could be near them without suspicion. He bred children like some people breed dogs!

1858 days ago


ATTENTION: Everybody below is my original post when this story first broke a few days ago. Ron Newt's name mentioned here and only here is now a source for this current story-- a coincidence I think not. But's it's cool. Glad I could help.

OMG!!! I have an inside scoop on this story. Honest to God. Last
year I met this former big time hustler named Ron Newt here in San
Francisco where I live. His 3 sons were a singing group managed by
Joe Jackson back in the mid to late 80s. They were called the
Newtrons signed to MCA records briefly. Ron had video footage and
photos with Joe and Michael and Janet at Havenhurst to verify his
story. Fox news did an article on him a few years ago. Google it.
Well anyway, after talking about MJ for a while off and on Ron told
he knew a woman from back in the day named Lavette from San Francisco
who had MJ's son. He even told me that he had seen the birth
certificate with MJ's name. He told me that he would take me to meet
her one day since he knew i always admired MJ. I asked him how his
son felt about the fact that MJ was not a part of his life or did not
acknowledge him and he told me basically MJ's son did not give a damn
about about his so-called father. But anyways I was skeptical about
the whole story regarding MJ's son when Ron told me last year about
it. But shockingly Im seeing the same info all over the internet
now. This is so crazy!!!

1858 days ago



Every time I speak to my e-mail must be confirmed and activated, I do not know how this is going on? Can anyone tell me? Because I do not have sites abroad have spoken, do not know how it was.

1858 days ago


When I saw the 64 floor statement, I am very sad, why now can not quell all the accusations and suspicion

1858 days ago


he dreams of being the one?
But- the kid is not my son!
okay- his eyes were like mine-
and it happened much too soon,
(as he called my to his room...)
but doesn`t he look rather like Denzel Washington?

Billy Jean

1858 days ago

welc ome    

This is indeed Mj son, this is the boy Joe confirmed and everyone thought he meant Ob

1858 days ago


谁能告诉我 MJ的歌迷交流网站?谢谢!————来自中国的歌迷

MJ fans who can tell me the exchange site? Thanks! ---- Fans from China

1858 days ago


Just one question, whos not going to now claim to be MJ's child? bloody loones i tell ya. get back to the phych ward . fuHking morons.

1858 days ago


and does anyone honestly think MJ would have confided in Joe Jackson EVER????

1858 days ago


58. What nonsense.
Not one of them is his bio-child, he was a pederast.

Posted at 4:38AM on Aug 31st 2009 by Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass, this is not right because you are pederast that others must also be

1858 days ago


oh plzzz.. stop being nosey leave him alone
root of all this evil is money how foolish of them to claim such nonsence go get dna test n hav a life...
still don't understand y did he had 2 go
i mean y do idiots remain and innocent has 2 go..
i love u more MICHAEL JACKSON forever u r always in my heart

1858 days ago


You can read the whole story here,2933,152708,00.html, but this is the most important part.


The tabloid offered the Newts' father, Ronald Newt Sr., $200,000 to say that something happened between his kids and Jackson.

Newt, a San Francisco "character" and filmmaker whose past includes pimping and jail time, considered the offer.

A contract was drawn up, signed by Enquirer editor David Perel. Enquirer reporter Jim Mitteager, who is also now deceased, met with Newt and his son at the Marriott hotel in downtown San Francisco.

It seemed that all systems were go. But the Newts declined the offer at the last minute.

Ron Newt Sr., to whom $200,000 would have seemed like the world on a silver platter, wrote "No good sucker" where his signature was supposed to go. The reason: Nothing ever happened between Jackson and the Newt boys.

Indeed, no kids, no matter how much money was dangled by the tabloids, ever showed up to trade stories of Jackson malfeasance for big lumps of cash after the first scandal broke in 1993.

"Maybe there aren't any other kids," a current Enquirer editor conceded.

1858 days ago


64. MJ was a pedophile. He paid people to donate sperm because (1) pedophiles prefer NOT to molest their own children and (2) he obviously wanted only white kids. After 2 close calls being accused of child molestation, breeding kids was the only way he could be near them without suspicion. He bred children like some people breed dogs! Posted at 4:54AM on Aug 31st 2009 by my2cents ===========================================================
It is not because that's what you've done that MJ has done the same thing

1858 days ago


MJ is alive! Here the exclusive interview from cloud 7 , made by

( Mr. Jackson: is Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson your son.
MJJack: No- there are lots of rumours, also about by death. I wont confirm that.. but I told it many times: The kid is not may son! but he claims of being the one!
MJJ: Yes. He hurts schemes and plans..

God. net: will he dance on the floor in a round?
MJJ: No! I do that, just in a different round now (showing him thee photos...)

MJJ. Yes, his eyes were like mine People told you: be careful who you love!
MJJack: Yeah, that`s true. WE danced till three. But then-it happened much too son , as she called me to her room!

God. net: She?

MJJ: She was almost like a beauty queen- from a movie scene
MJJ: Yes!And- there was that smell. Smell?
MJJ: Yes! for sweet perfume An that was the reason?
MJJ: Yes really?

MJJ:I am not dreaming! of being the one?

MJJ: I am the one!
MJJ: but the kid is not your son? But thats me?

1858 days ago
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