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Aubrey O'Day -- All the Reich Moves

9/1/2009 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the worst thing to come out of Aubrey O'Day's mouth since her last Danity Kane song -- 'cause last night on "The Sean Hannity Show," the "singer" praised both Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler as "brilliant" men.

Aubrey O'Day: Click to watch
Yeah, she's an idiot, but more importantly -- what the hell was Aubrey O'Day doing on Hannity in the first place?!


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"6. OMG! These fox folks are nuts! They spread so much hate and now Hitler is brilliant.
Obama is black.....Get over it."

It's funny liberals are the ones that see Obama as a man of color. I just see him as a man that is president of the United States of America. Idiot race baiters = Democratic Party.

1881 days ago


Sounds to me as if she was trying to have an intellectual discussion about 'brilliance' with people who perhaps do not have the intellect to understand what she is saying, or simply misunderstood her, let alone to take part in the debate.

Is Castro a brilliant man? Yes, but no more or less show than all people who are able to use their charisma, magnetism, genius, brilliance, whatever, in order to rise to the top. In that sense, yes, Hitler was a brilliant man but brilliance is not owned by Saints - you can be brilliant and evil. Hitler was one of the most truly evil people to walk on Earth but without his brilliance he would not have been able to rise to leadership of Germany and to have got the German people to follow him on his evil crusade. Some of the most evil people in history have been 'brilliant' in their leadership, in their cunning, in their evil.

As for Castro - most of the World trades freely with Cuba and the democracies of the United Kingdom, the whole of Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan... well, just about every other country on Earth apart from the United States... trades with Cuba and considers Castro a freedom fighter who liberated his people from the evil American backed dictator. Millions of Europeans holiday in Cuba each year and it is about time that the US admitted it's 'red under the beds' mentality of the 1950s to 1990s was wrong both morally and politically.

One of the tragedies of the 20th Century was how the US confused Socialistic Justice with Communism and preferred to back evil dictators in places like Cuba and Vietnam rather than supporting the people. Oddly enough, before the US tried to alienate the World from them, both Ho Chi Minh and Castro were very pro-American. Get it into your heads - Socialism is not Communism and when you do you may well end up with a healthcare system where all people get equal treatment and not just the rich!

1881 days ago


I love FOX!!! I only Patronize local news for weather and sports!

However, would have to agree with her, they were "brilliant"; in an evil way. But she's acting like she looks up to them... Total A**O.

1881 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Dear Bob: Why the hell don't you just move to Cuba and do us Americans a favor. Go live the great life under Fidel Castro. I've been a victim of socialism and it SUCKS, you moron. STFU and just sir, are what's BAD in this country.

1881 days ago


How does Aubrey O'Day have the brain function to be able to get dressed in the morning..? Talk about think as two short planks lol She just ended her career, ( if you can call it that) stupid little tart

1881 days ago

I smell an idiot    

Call the Guiness record book, I have officially found the dumbest person in the world, give her a plaque. The only people dumber are the ones that would hand over your hard earned money to buy a record or go see a person who is that out of touch with reality and history. And to think this is what my grandparents fought for in WWII, she makes me sick.

1881 days ago


i don't see what the problem is? she stated she didn't condone their behavior, but that doesn't mean she can't say they're brilliant.. how were they not to get the population of a country to fall under their power? were they stupid incompetent people then? it's called freedom of speech, just because she didn't say something you agree with doesn't mean you should look at her like she's an idiot

1881 days ago


Actually a lot of theoretical medicine is based off of Hitlers research.
The next time you look at medical graph of averages r/t height weight b/p hot/cold tolerances etc. you probably could probably thank Hitler's researchers. We use Hitler's research everyday. Was he a terrible Czarish absolute dictator in search/obsessed with the Lost City of Atlantis yes, but he was genius. He had wallpaper and lamp shades made out of human skin he was horrific, but genius no less.

Why was America asked to leave Cuba in the first place? Wasn't this country being overtaken as sex,alcohol and drug sanctuary for the rich in the 50's?

I love the U.S.A. but she can be wrong @ times too. When will people ever acknowledge the U.S.A. can still be the greatest nation on earth (owned by China) and still acknowledge our proper role in how history has unfolded ?

1881 days ago


Brilliant meaning smart and does anyone really think a person that wanted to get rid of other races is smart. The man started a world war and had to kill himself that is brilliant. Fox news is getting crazier by the day. This is what happens when you give a brilliant girl air time. I hope this spreads like wildfire and derails her career.

1881 days ago

robin shack    


1881 days ago


Aubrey looks SO much worse now that she has gotten all that plastic surgery done to her face. She used to be so pretty. What happened to her? FUG!

1881 days ago


um president bush is a murderer and people called him a great leader so whats the the difference ?????? aubrey was only saying that you have to be smart to get places thats it and come on its fox news they support idiot republicans the downfall of america

1881 days ago


I watched about 5 minutes of her being on Hannity last night. She is the typical dumb blond with big boobs. She is just irrelevant and needs to be taken out back and shot. Did she give Hannity a bj to get on his show? What a stupid ho bag.

1881 days ago


Brilliant does not equate good. Both men are evil incarnate, but that has nothing to do with their intelligence.

1881 days ago


K, wouldn't his disgusting, horrible acts CANCEL OUT any kind of real intelligence? Olberman, Maddow and Chris Matthews do the same thing on their respective shows...right? Twist things around or spin in the direction they want things to go. Difference is is that NO ONE is watching them anymore.

Look at both sides of all issues and don't be a kool-aid drinker for either.

1881 days ago
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