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Aubrey O'Day -- All the Reich Moves

9/1/2009 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the worst thing to come out of Aubrey O'Day's mouth since her last Danity Kane song -- 'cause last night on "The Sean Hannity Show," the "singer" praised both Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler as "brilliant" men.

Aubrey O'Day: Click to watch
Yeah, she's an idiot, but more importantly -- what the hell was Aubrey O'Day doing on Hannity in the first place?!


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Unfortunately, the woman is correct in her answer to the host's "question" about Hitler. More unfortunate is the inability of the Fox host(s) and TMZ to understand the difference between an IQ (intelligence quotient) and good/saintly behavior vs bad/evil behavior.
Worse yet would be if the Fox host(s) and TMZ did and do understand, but used this piece to tarnish the woman by relying upon, and stoking, the idiocy of their viewers and readers.
Extremely low-class and cheap manuever.

1816 days ago


It's the same thing with Politicians.

There was a report out that said Politicians and serial killers share the same traits.

I often wonder how some of these politicians got elected because they are not that smart. Most of it has to do with charm and charisma. I just hope a Sociopath never makes it to the Presidency.

1816 days ago


"72. um president bush is a murderer and people called him a great leader so whats the the difference ?????? aubrey was only saying that you have to be smart to get places thats it and come on its fox news they support idiot republicans the downfall of america"

Ted Kennedy was a murderer and yall hail him as a hero. My gun has killed less people than Ted Kennedy's car. Lay off the MSDNC that news channel is rotting your already pea sized brain.

1816 days ago


hah...good job Kriss....obama is half white...that msg seems to get lost among the bigoted idiots...

1816 days ago

the a-hole    

Aubrey O'Day wrote that song... oh, what's it called? Oh yeah, the song is called "Hitler's a Genius."

1816 days ago


JayB- How do you know one hasn't already?; & I don't mean Obama!

1816 days ago

Dr. W    

I am a professor at the U of U and what she said was right. They both are brilliant men. I am not saying that what they did or have done is right by any means, but they were brilliant in their own right.
They both were able to lead a country and to have that country follow them and believe in them and what they were doing. NONE of you idiots could do that. The fact is you have to be very smart to be able to control people’s thoughts and beliefs.
For him to say you looked in the eyes of a murder was BS. Anyone could say the same thing about Bush. Think about it look at all the innocent people and soldiers that died because of him.

1816 days ago


I don't see what the big issue is. There are brilliant evil men just as there are brilliant good men. To equate 'brilliance' with 'good' is the mistake TMZ, Sean Hannity and many of the people here are making. Brilliant is being used in the sense of were they intellectually sophisticated in a way that is more than your average joe...then yes...just not in a good way. Hitler was able to brainwash an entire nation into believing they were 'superior' and that they should annihilate an entire ethnic group of people (the jews) and take over the world. He had the german public hypnotized by his speeches and oversaw the propaganda machine with Goebbels and Riefentstahl among others that made Nazi Germany come within a hair of accomplishing their goals. Does that make Hitler 'brilliant'...well in a sick way it does. One could say that Charles Manson was brilliant as well...till doesn't mean that Manson and Hitler were both pieces of sh*t humans who used their talents for evil.

Again, the controversy lies in people not having the same definition of 'brilliant'.

1816 days ago


The girl is correct since all leaders are murderers; most US presidents have single handedly called for the murders of people all over the world, be it through wars, covert CIA activities, MI6, Mossad, wake up folks, she is a realist.

BTW, the US was just fine with isolationism, most prominent families in the US did not care about what Hitler was doing in Europe, from Lindbergh to Rockefellers, to Prescott Bush who made his fortune off of steel illegally selling to Germany, read people read, it's so easy to be blinded by naivete.

1816 days ago


Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler, brilliant??? lol Fox News Channel should have done their homework before bringing this blonde airhead on TV. So much for the Hannity and the Great American Panel bit. =P

1816 days ago


Speaking of Politicians:If the truth be told; a "sociopath" is defined(basically) as someone who lacks a concience. Then wouldn't you have to be a bit of one to rule a country? Wouldn't you have to do things in "the best interest of the country" that might be contrary to your own concience? I'm gonna get ripped for this but I do not believe that Bush WANTED to go to war. I also believe that he didn't execute the war in Afghanistan & Iraq with the best strategy to say the least but remember folks- the twin towers were smashed into by a bunch of terrorists & the American people(that's right you & me!) were calling for BLOOD! I think Bush was who we needed for the job at that particular time. I don't think for one minute that he didn't know the loss of life this would entail but he did what he thought was right for our country & MOST OF US THOUGHT IT WAS RIGHT AT THE TIME. It's only now that we bash the sh.. out of him.

1816 days ago


I agree they were brilliant to have pulled off what they did. And Hannity's reaction is a little "over the top".
Aubrey is famous for what is below her neck, not, what is between her ears.
She did say she met Castro, and found him to be brilliant, that is her opinion, she is entitled to it.

1816 days ago


Never let a blonde speak. Never.

1816 days ago


My question is why has she worked with Castro? She must praise him if she's worked with him.

1816 days ago


LOSERS! so now we are calling evil "BRILLIANT"? Wow! So the devil is the most brilliant one of all! Shining like the sun. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The only one "brilliant" here is FOX, giving otherwise half dead old men boners under the guise of legitimate news interviews. WHY is THIS trash on a "NEWS" network in the first place? What did she do, take her clothes off... calling all whores!

Way to go, TRASH-FOX!

Why i will not watch.

1816 days ago
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