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Former Playmate of the Year Fears for Her Life

9/1/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dalene Kurtis2002 Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis thought taking a vacation to Hawaii with her boyfriend was a great idea ... that is, until he allegedly used her as a punching bag and then threatened to kill her.

Kurtis was granted a temporary restraining order earlier this month against an ex she claims pushed her, punched her and choked her during a recent trip to Hawaii. She claims the ex said he was "gonna kill [her]," "slit [her] throat" and that she was a "f**king whore."

She then claims four days later he choked her until she couldn't breathe, stomped on her stomach, punched her, broke her finger, and spit in her face. That's when she (finally) called the cops and had him arrested.

Kurtis was granted a TRO, which includes her two-year-old son. She's scheduled to be in court later today to try to get the order made permanent.

We've also learned Kurtis recently filed for a substitute of attorney, hiring Ron Rale (Anna Nicole's former attorney in the Howard K. Stern case) from Trope and Trope ... who had "no comment" when we called about Kurtis' case.


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It would be nice if TMZ mentioned who the hell the husband is...? You people are effed up. NO ONE deserves that. God, some of you are the biggest losers, it sickens me.

1878 days ago

Frick n Frack    

I find it funny that all you uneducated idiots call her a whore and say that she deserved it. You talk about her boobs? Are you for real, have you looked in the mirror lately, what the hell do you look like. Don't let jealousy of how beautiful this woman is inside and out get the best of you. You're probably the biggest nerd sittin behind the computer jackin off to her pictures, knowing you would never have a chance with her, ever. Rumor has it, the douche bag that did this is the guy that bought the house next to the Playboy mansion, yes, Kimberly Conrad's house. I can't wait to watch this worm squirm if that's the case....loser! Keep up your trash talking about how old she looks etc., you make yourself look stupid. Too bad he couldn't get his hands around all your idiots necks, it would be a favor to the world. Find something to do with your worthless selves.

1878 days ago


It's not her husband, it' was her boyfriend. I know her and she's is not a whore. Yeah I wish TMZ would put his name out there. All I can say is he's a littly p**sy for beating up on a woman, but he thinks daddy's money will save him hopefully not. The ba**ard needs to go to jail so he can have someone beat up on him and get him the a**.
Nobody deserves to be hit like this and she definitely doesn't deserve the ignorant comments from the many a holes on here. The guys that are talking all the sh** are just mad cuz they could never get a girl like her so they have to talk sh**! As far as the rude comments from the women their just jealous, there all probably fat and ugly! Remember this could be you or a female in your family idiots!

1878 days ago

Candy Winks    

FYI......... The Man who beat and chocked her to the point of death feels he has the upper hand because he is a wealthy Billionaire. And with that he feels that the rules dont apply to him. Because Daddy with bail him out.
Little do you know that this ex-boyfriend of hers is the same guy who purchased the sister house to the Playboy mansion last month. Seems like this guy has a infatuation with Playboy and Playmates.
Beware to playmates and all other women. His name is "Daren Metropoulos."

I feel very sad for what she had to go through. This is SICK and nobody should ever have to experience something so horrible.
Playmate of the year "2002" Dalene Kurtis is scared for her life........
I think that says it ALL.


His name is James Daren Metropoulos. what a wannabe loser with some major abuse issues.

1878 days ago


How is it that a women deserves to be beat? I am so shocked that people make the comments that have been made here, so damn twisted!
Why do people pass judgement on people they do not know,and don't know the situation, and besides that, again, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BEATEN.
It is those of you that have hate in you, that will be judged in the end.
I hope she recovers from this, both physically and emotionally.
ALso hope that the ABUSER is punished appropiately, and by the way, who is he. Why has his name not been published?

1878 days ago


you people need to shut your mouths and stick your comments up your ass......

1878 days ago


How many judgmental people on here actually know Dalene OR her family? Just because a beautiful woman poses for playboy does NOT make her a whore or deserving of ANYONE's disrespect. No one on here has any right to judge someone they've never met. I am good friends with Dalene and her family and she is a wonderful friend and person. She is not a whore and did not deserve to be treated like a punching bag. Take a moment and realize words hurt people. Your words. How come no one is talking about what her ex boyfriend did? Because he's a heir to a fortune? Darren Metropolis deserves to pay for what he's done. I don't get you people. From your comments it sounds like you believe she deserves this because she's pretty and a playboy model? Therefore she's a whore? Seriously get over yourself and realize Dalene Kurtis did not ask for this and does not deserve it. Dalene, I love you girl and I'm here for you! Don't let a bunch of people who don't know you hurt you. You've got your true friends and amazing family supporting you through this time.

1878 days ago


Who are these idiots who are trying to make Dalene out to be some Saint and then coming down on her boyfriend to be some raving lunatic? I know both Dalene and her former boyfriend and the "friends" of Dalene who are out here defending her are so full of sh*t. I bet the girl who's hair and scalp she ripped off in Miami this past New Years doesn't think of her so highly. Or the numerous men who paid a pretty penny to sleep with Dalene or have been sucked out of lots of $$ on her behalf. She is a friendly girl but cmon!! Any half way honest assesment of Dalene by anyone with half a brain would show that she is indeed...a slut. Takes off her clothes for money,check, sleeps with men for money, check, and only dates rich guys who will support her??....isn't that pretty much the definition of a money grubbing whore? You guys should watch what you say. There are plenty of us out there that know a lot of things about dalene that she wouldn't want spread all over the internet. If what she says he did is true then he should be punished for it, but lets not pretend she is someone she is not. did this story get on TMZ??? hmmmmmmm nice move Dalene WTF

1878 days ago


Sally, Chris and Jesus: I'd love to hear more.

1878 days ago


Pretty older woman dating rich guy for his money in LA and then calling the cops on him for "beating" her to get some cash....shocker

1878 days ago


Liz did you see pictures of Daren? The cops always arrest the man when they are called to a domestic dispute and both parties have injuries. There are always two sides to every story. In this situation Dalene is the party with the bad reputation so I don't know why you would assume what she is saying is true without having been there. And again, if it is true that things went down the way that she is saying they did (to TMZ for attention)then he should be resposible for what he gets..if he gets anything. But he certainly isn't going to jail...chris brown didn't even get jail time and he beat the crap our of riri.

1878 days ago


It is so so sad that some of you on here are saying such nasty things about a woman who was beaten! it doesn't matter who it is, what they do for a living NO ONE deserves any kind of abuse!! And mentioning her sons name IF that really is it, so low class! what a bunch of ignorant fools and sad excuses for a human being some of you people make!! Get a life and Ms. Kurtis if you are actually reading what these people are saying on here DO NOT listen to them.

1877 days ago

Candy Winks    

Who went to JAIL? Who has a mug shot? Who Threatened to kill who?

The idiots have spoken! No ONE is perfect! Right Chris or Sally or who ever is posting this LAME shi*t. I know both parties very well. And there's a lot in his closet also........ Right?????????
What kind of person brings her son's name into this? REALLY, this is about "Domestic Violence."

1877 days ago


Who started the fight?? Who attacked who?

1877 days ago

Frick n Frack    

Bad reputation? Who has a bad reputation? Dalene certainly doesn't. Does it matter who started an argument, does it matter what it was over? The fact of the matter is Darren has anger issues and this was not the first time this happened. It was just the first time it was so serious she feared for her life. To say that it's okay to beat someone because they are a playboy model, or someone who had a son with another man is obsurd. Since when is it ever okay to put your hands on a woman? I wonder how loaded he was when it all went down? Loaded on what? You name it, he does it!

1877 days ago
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