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Guinness to Muslims: Stay Away, but Come Party

9/1/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Muslims have been banned from attending a huge Guinness beer celebration headlined by the Black Eyed Peas later this month in Kuala Lumpur -- and now the beer company is fighting back ... kinda ... sorta ... not really.

The ban stems from an Islamic law prohibiting Muslims from the consumption of alcohol -- and the Malaysian website for the event strictly states "Party is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above." How they will actually enforce it? No clue.

In a statement playing to all sides, Guinness tells TMZ: "The Ministry in Malaysia determines the parameters in which the concert can be handled. We will adhere to whatever the regulations are in the country. If that is their point of view, that's their point of view," but adds "Everybody has a right to go or not go to the concert."

So, hear that Muslims -- You're banned ... but go anyway.


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@18 - You ain't wrong.

1847 days ago


what is wrong with trying to curb drinking habit by our govt? everybody knows drinking if not good, it requires min age to purchase it (even in USA)! you can say, Guinness won't offer a drink, but human with many weaknesses may be attempt to drink, out of curiosity... i'm sure, any parents won't allow their kids to attend events sponsored by alcohol companies! you out there, visit M'sia, see how we live & then judge us!
you may think M'sia is backward, then why the heck Black Eyed Peas (a major famous band in the world; even my 3yrs old daughter know their songs) would want to come to M'sia, your so-called backward country? tothink it back, it is funny.

1 more thing, if we are so backward, why does M'sia even wants to allow/consider the needs of non-Muslims who want have fun, partying?? hmmm... i wonder.

1847 days ago


This thread looks like it's collecting some rather silly knee-jerk responses from people overly willing to jump to one side or the other; just the right kind of people who'll buy into anything with a loud-mouthed moron trying to sell it. Who's to say Mohammed or Jesus weren't drunks? Who's to say drunken teenagers in Houston who get in accidents that kill people should ever drink or drive again? Well, this is where careful thinking comes into play rather than relying on idiotic knee-jerk angry ill-informed reactions. It's a free country and the law is supposed to be rational and reasonable. The law isn't religion, it's good thinking. Now, a TOAST to the drinking laws in Houston, and let's hope the rest of the irresponsible teenagers who drink and drive kill themselves before they kill anyone else! It's Miller Time!

1847 days ago


americans are plain really think america is one whole world!you don't realised how backward you have don't even feel safe walking around in the street after in malaysia, we can have our coffee time and supper after wee hour!no country is perfect so stop judging!

as malaysia is a muslim country, guiness is just doing what is deemed appropriate..not allowing the muslim to take part...but malaysia is not a backward country at all...we know how to have fun with limitations...yes..there are muslims who drinks,party like any other 'developed' people in any other part of the world..but they know...that is between them and god and other people just leave it to be...

i'm a malaysian muslim who parties...and don't drink..why?not just because i still have faith in my religion but also...drinking won't do you any good anyway!!!and i wouldn't even bother to go this event.....
stop being judgmental..we have passed the 20th century!

1847 days ago

Lord Snooty    

1 thing stands : no muslim, no cry...

1847 days ago


Guinness says "Everybody has a right to go or not go to the concert." Apparently not in Malaysia. Get a clue. The idea of "rights" is not part of any Muslim country. In fact the only reason that non-Muslims are allowed to go to such parties is because they are considered less than 100% human, and therefore they are allowed to performed sub-human acts such as drinking, as long as they do not corrupt Muslims. This is why Guinness had to restrict entrance to non-Muslims. If they were to openly invite Muslims to the party to drink they would be arrested and punished, probably whipped in public.

1847 days ago

ru a another dumb redneck?    

#26 soo...let's treat muslims as sub-humans? they've been trying since 2001, ain't happenin my friend. there's too many of em.

turn arund, there's a muslim. go be a friend fool.

malaysia IS ALLOWING the event. u at least see that? good, now shut up.

scared islam might come up and eat you alive. aw...poor baby...BOO!

guiness doesn't govern malaysia, little boy it's the other way around...

harvey, if i wasn't taken i swear!!!!

1847 days ago


If malaysia claims to be an Islamic state then why organizing this kind of concert in the first place. this is pure religious discrimination.
whereas, TMZ can shut there mouth cuz this headline aint big enough to mock muslims.

1847 days ago


would u ask a nun to come to a guiness party? u know the f***** answer.

Well depends...what does she look like?

1847 days ago

G.D & D    

muslims should not be allowed to go to anything that the rest of the world can. in fact they should all be stuck on a romote island somewhere, so that they can't terrorize the rest of the world and try to jam their violent jihadist rhetoric down everyone's throat.

they are stuck somewhere in the past about 3000 years ago, live by brutal tribal law and treat women like dirt. they have offered nothing of any value to the rest of the world as far as scientific discoveries, humanitarian deeds or any kind of medical contribution to cure disease.
basically they are useless and a drain on the earth's dwindling resources. nothing i have stated here is an untruth, it is simply fact and it is frightening to think that they are striving to dominate the world and run the show.

they can't be trusted, never turn your back on any one of them or you will get stabbed.

1847 days ago


Muslims are a hateful people. They hate anyone who isn't Muslim and think we are all Infidels. They want to see any non-muslims converted or preferably dead. Any Muslims that claims any different or that their faith is a peaceful faith is lying. Just read the Koran, it is all about killing and punishing people that don't agree. There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim!

They want to take the world back to the dark ages and stop any advancement technologically.
After all, these people will stone a person to death, behead them, cane them or blow them to smithereens, if they don't do it their way. They will kill their own daughters/wives if they embarrass the family, usually by slicing her up, stoning her, or setting her on fire.

There are no rights for women, it is a violent culture and primitive. Just imagine them taking over the world, its what they are all out to do.

I'd rather be dead than Muslim!

1847 days ago


i am a non muslim but i rekon it is realy rude for people to make racist comments against muslims, just because a grouo of them are bad dosnt mean they are all bad , infact i have never seen a muslim post such thing against christians , so why do we do it? our presedent Obama is muslim , we are goverend my a man with a muslim faith , this crap should stop.

1847 days ago


"I take it that Mr Obama won't be attending....."

lol good one

1847 days ago


adam, you are an ignorant and know nothing. the president is NOT muslim, his father is. some of the comments here are racist, some are not, the ones above your's for the most part are not racist, they are true, they are FACT. they do stone their women, the koran does promote violent acts against infidels (non-believers) they do live in the dark ages, they have never made any worth-while contributions to science and they are intent on forcing their beliefs on us.

before you comment you should know what you are talking about or keep it to yourself.
here are some quotes from the koran that are taken literally by the majority of "believers" read them and maybe a newspaper once in awhile, then come back and comment.

"god is the enemy of non-believers" 2:90

"god's curse be upon the infidels" 2:85

"slay them wherever you may find them. drive them out of he place that they drove you" 2:176

"those that deny our revelations shall be punished for their misdeeds"6:43-45

i could go on and on, but you get the idea...i hope. it is what they truly believe, it is fact, it is not racist.

1847 days ago
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