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Guinness to Muslims: Stay Away, but Come Party

9/1/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Muslims have been banned from attending a huge Guinness beer celebration headlined by the Black Eyed Peas later this month in Kuala Lumpur -- and now the beer company is fighting back ... kinda ... sorta ... not really.

The ban stems from an Islamic law prohibiting Muslims from the consumption of alcohol -- and the Malaysian website for the event strictly states "Party is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above." How they will actually enforce it? No clue.

In a statement playing to all sides, Guinness tells TMZ: "The Ministry in Malaysia determines the parameters in which the concert can be handled. We will adhere to whatever the regulations are in the country. If that is their point of view, that's their point of view," but adds "Everybody has a right to go or not go to the concert."

So, hear that Muslims -- You're banned ... but go anyway.


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obama, is christian his father was muslim, but is now an athiest.

1842 days ago


"37. obama, is christian his father was muslim, but is now an athiest."

That's right he went to that church that preached unity and peace for all.

1842 days ago


Oh well!! Sucks to be Muslim huh?? I don't recall any tirades (or comments at all come to think of it) after 911 from any upstanding muslims, (wow is there even?) So what if they're called out from a company...Perhaps someone in marketing or the higher up in Guinness has some balls unlike our sympathizing so called prez.

1842 days ago

girly girl    

I am a proud muslim. These comments made by TMZ are ridiculous and extremely prejudice. What is so fun about a bunch of ppl drinking so much that they dont know where the hell they are after an hour or so.. then they end up throwing up?? and waking up the next morning with a headache.. how much fun could that be? Alcohol is against ISLAM because then we won't act stupid or do things we'll regret in the morning.. like raping someone, or getting someone pregnant. So how fun is that for you guys now? I used to come to this website every hour practically checking up on new celebrity news now i am NEVER coming to this website again. You guys are prejudice, ignorant people who don't know anything about other cultures.

1842 days ago


This goes to all the half brained dimwits who left hateful, false and ignorent comments, such as, Chrisa, TheInfidel Dare Speak, djdeej94, Bewarethejihadists and others, Islam doesnt preach hatered, nor does it preak killings and violence, nor does it disrespect women and forbid them of rights. Do you research on Islam using viable sources that are authentic and genuine before spreading your filth and hate on a group of people and religion. All of your comments are totally false and based on your own hate, ignorance and lack of knowledge of other cultures and religions. That is what happens when you drop out of school at the age of 10 and spend the rest of your life unproductive to society.

1842 days ago

girly girl    

Infadel Dare Speak:

Well, FYI one day Islam Inshallah will take over the world.. its already what.. the second biggest religion in the world.. Islam preaches peace.. why is it then that everyday there are white ppl killing other white ppl?? Why is it that Ryan killed his GF/Wife??
Youre acting like all white ppl never kill others.

1842 days ago


"they have offered nothing of any value to the rest of the world as far as scientific discoveries,"

Proof that America needs better education.

"It is realy rude for people to make racist comments against muslims."

A religion is not a race. The word you where looking for was: discrimination.

And FYI all religions suck.

1842 days ago


@ 42.

Well said me

1842 days ago

G.D & D    

QUOTING #39 aka Sophie:
"Alcohol is against ISLAM because then we won't act stupid or do things we'll regret in the morning."

So whats your religion's excuse for 9/11 ? That was something rather regrettable and stupid, don't you think? And that was without alcohol!!!

Geez, I'd hate to see what you guy's are capable of if you were drunk.

1842 days ago

girly girl    

#47.. lol yeah right...

So whats ur white ppl's excuse the oklahoma city bombing, which killed many babies in a daycare and many other innocent ppl? do u see the rest of us blaming whites??

The "muslims" who did do 9/11.. i wouldnt even consider them to be muslims.. since they harm others.

Also, whats the excuse for when u turn on the freakin news every night and hear of some white person beating/killing their wife/gf for not F%%king them hard enough???

1842 days ago


"7. As a Muslim who parties, I find some of the comments made quite offensive, but mostly ignorant.

Posted at 1:56AM on Sep 1st 2009 by Lola"

Aren't Muslims always offended? And they always say you're ignorant if you critisize them. The funniest are those who say: "Don't dare to say I'm violent, or I'll punch you in the face!"

Sorry, but in some Muslim countries stoning is a common punishment, I can't say anything else but that it's violent and primitive. Are those countries not really Muslim, too? What is an extremist Christian, following Jesus word for word? I have read the New Testament, I can tell you: He loves everybody, has no posessions whatsoever, lives like a monk and helps everybody with everything he can. What's an extremist Muslim? Well...

I have read the Koran and many Muslim sites. And if I would take this book literally, I would do exactly the things the extremists do. And the security in a country where every part of your life is opperessed by rigid laws is not at all desirable. You can keep this kind of peace for yourselves. We call it dictatorship. But happy slaves are the worst enemies of freedom.

And don't tell me, it takes a lot of studies to understand such a complicated book as the Koran. It's just too complicated. Because there is an extreme beauty in simplicity, like in simple mathematical equations. And the core of the New Testament is very simple, yet very meaningful. The main principles are as simple as equations - and like equations they open up a huge world behind the words or symbols like the "Mandelbrot set". (If you don't mind that he is Jewish.) But unlike the "Mandelbrot set", even the most simple human mind can understand the New Testament. If you have a clue of what pure love is. And love is better than peace - because in love, peace is already included.

And one more thing: humility is far more superior and wiser than stupid pride. But if you're really ignorant, you won't understand this principle. But it creates peace. Like love.

There you have it!

1842 days ago


As a Muslim .. I will say to u all ..
leave us alone & free to live the lives and practice the believes we want ..
we would NEVER ask u to change your believes or disrespect them .. so WHY r you doing so ????????
In the Quran , Allah told us to explain our believes BUT NEVER disrespect other people's ,
PLZ guys , read about ISLAM if you would like to judge , don’t rely on what you got from the MEDIA , which NEVER BEEN JUSTICE WITH MUSLIMS

1842 days ago


well I'd like to tell people saying that Islam promotes violence: DO NOT JUDGE bec if we judge U on what of some of U(non-muslims) have done it will B a disaster.Burning Jewish ppl in holocosts,bombing japanease cities with atomic bombs leaving ppl there with birth defects untill now,invading countries & killing innocent ppl 4 false reasons(Iraqi war),supporting countries in useing iternationally banned weapons & suffocating ppl with blockades that leave them without thier basic HUMAN needs,bombing your own buildings (oklahoma)and descriminating against jews then blacks and now muslims etc...If the world decided that all of U R like the ppl who did those things it won't be fair & it will B IGNORANT to.

1841 days ago


To djdee94, The Infidel Dare Speak, Chrisa & those religion discriminators:

would you defend your belief when people attacking them? so stop attacking other religion because you are NOT the follower, hence you WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND the contents the religion (let alone Islam). Chrisa, where did you read those quotes? did you thoroughly studied the Quran? so, stop quoting others' quotations who quoted half way through. we never critic Bible's contents nor discuss it publicly, because that is not our way. Chrisa, those children murdered were the event happened before Islam came, Allah told the ancient Arab people (stone & sun were their Gods) killed daughters as they brought shame. That is why Islam came to correct what were wrong. so, seriously, don't quote if you have never read Quran.

i'm a proud female Muslim in Malaysia, doing my PhD with a black strong Christian supervisor, yet we did not scratch each other faces whenever we meet for discussion. we here Malaysians, did not kill other people (non-Muslim) because they are not Muslim, we did not freely kill other races because they are Chinese, Indian, or Iban. all races in malaysia had equal voting even before American Black people were allowed to vote. so, don't accuse Malaysia as Muslim country that discriminate women, children etc etc, when you are NOT Malaysian nor Muslim, so just keep your mouth to yourself.

To Adam, TQ for defending us. Sophie, Zrock & susu, yup, we Muslim, know to party & have fun with LIMITATIONS, after all that is why we were born (Quran says: never leave OPPORTUNITY to find wealth in life because poverty lead to envy & suffering, but at the same time, conduct the solat and wajib stuff (amalan) for safekeeping after death). In fact, my family went to children concert on 30th Aug (the famous Hi5 kid show from Australia, with ticket of RM200 each (3 of us went) also bought VIP priced seat for Mariah Carey concert in 2005, so we do party with our way!

you and your love alcohol drinks, come to M'sia & drink as many as possible & enjoy you concert, we wont bit ya!Promise!

1841 days ago


That should be an American Add!

1841 days ago
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