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Guinness to Muslims: Stay Away, but Come Party

9/1/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Muslims have been banned from attending a huge Guinness beer celebration headlined by the Black Eyed Peas later this month in Kuala Lumpur -- and now the beer company is fighting back ... kinda ... sorta ... not really.

The ban stems from an Islamic law prohibiting Muslims from the consumption of alcohol -- and the Malaysian website for the event strictly states "Party is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above." How they will actually enforce it? No clue.

In a statement playing to all sides, Guinness tells TMZ: "The Ministry in Malaysia determines the parameters in which the concert can be handled. We will adhere to whatever the regulations are in the country. If that is their point of view, that's their point of view," but adds "Everybody has a right to go or not go to the concert."

So, hear that Muslims -- You're banned ... but go anyway.


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actually in malaysia, the identity card does show if you're a muslim. it says "religion: islam".
but i dont know if the non muslim ids actually show buddhist, hindu, christian or otherwise.

the government can track your religion based on your id. if youre a muslim, you permanently stay a muslim and you cant change your religious preference on your ID. its kinda sickening, really.

1847 days ago


QUOTING #55 aka Amy: "Chrisa, where did you read those quotes?" "did you thoroughly studied the Quran?"

they ARE directly from the koran chapter and verse..look it up darlin'.

...and there are many more verses that condone and promote the slaughter of infidels/non-believers. those that claim it is a peaceful religion are usually the muslims.
oh and btw to dislike a religion is not racist; as someone mentioned earlier, religion is not a race, so get over yourselves. try picking up a book or two on various faiths before you comment.

actually most books i.e. the bible, condone violence against those that don't believe in their particular God. the difference is, muslims for the most part are the ones that continue to call jihad and death against non-believers, even now in the 21st century, whereas the inquisitions of christianity, ended long ago when we became "civilized"
i stand by my opinions and all the name calling and threats will do nothing to disway my thinking so, "have at 'er people".

have a great day all! :-)

1846 days ago

girly girl    

all i gotta say is that all u ppl who are kafirs (non-muslims) will burn in hell when u all die. go drink and get urselves drunk and start banging ppl. u guys are sooo freakin dirty.. ur minds, ur actions, everything u guys do. go take a shower once in a while. or half of u guys do drugs .. u druggies. islam will rule this world and all the haters/non-believers will go to hell. u guys put ur parents in nursing homes when ur parents took care of u by themselves. or almost all ur marriages end up in divorces. u guys are soo dirty.

1846 days ago


This goes to all Islmaaphoebs and especially you Chrisa, Get a F*cking clue already. Stop judging a religion you know nothing about. Dont add half a** quotes without reading the full text before and after. You make me sick. You and your plain ignorance are proof that you have limited knowledge and poor education. FYI, Islam is the fastest growing religion which does not discriminate like some other common religions out there.

1846 days ago


"Muslim people don't know how to let loose and have fun. It's very sad."

Charles: It's not the muslim. Its just the organiser that is ignorant.

1845 days ago
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