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Jon Gosselin's Game Has Legs

9/1/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin can spot a lady with class from a mile away -- just check out the demure chick in something resembling a skirt he was hitting on at JET nightclub in Las Vegas last night.

Jon Gosselin
Let's see Kate pull that ensemble off.


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God enough is enough the Jon and kate show is finished. These two whackos need to go back to being parents and grow the hell up. He is a fat slob who acts like a 10 year-old. and as for Miss Priss Kate she needs to get a real job!!!

1875 days ago


Funny how Kate can sleep around and women say "ohhh poor Kate" when KATE is the one that Started this whole mess. I hope John finds what he is looking for and people need to stop throwing stones when those people have problems of their own. Poor Kate my ass!!! Those kids are the Victims..Not Kate! They both are the problem and will continue to make millions off this fiasco.

1875 days ago


Let's see, the guy has not had a crack incident, has not beaten the hell out of his soon to be ex...ala Chris Brown, he has obviously been living a lie the past few years, not so much for the children but for the Cameras and the money and celebrity that came along with it. Kate has for the most part emasculated the man and rendered his status as man and person worthless and he felt powerless and without choice. Now he is going overboard reclaiming his manhood and his status and punishing Kate. It is ugly, it is certainly uncouth and undignified,yet it something that this guy obviously has to go through to reclaim his identity. I do not think the children will suffer long term as much as if he let another decade of his life go by while harboring the feelings of victimhood he obviously is ridding himself of. He go through this, settle down, show remorse and move on with a sense that he used his 15 minutes wisely.

1875 days ago


When did men with 8 kids and no job become so attractive. I was in Jon's corner in the beginning, but know instead of acting like a responsible father, he is acting like a teen on viagra...Jon, grow up!

1875 days ago


What a douche!

1874 days ago


I don't know how Jon can get any woman to give him the time of day with the baggage he's got!

1874 days ago

llona mowat    


1873 days ago


I hope when it is time for TLC to consider contract renewal for the show that it will be renewed as "Kate Plus Eight"...totally exclude Jon, with no taping during the week Jon has the kids. Let Jon get a job, which he has said he wants to do, and spend his time/life with his new found love who he says he love more than Kate. ....And he needs to make sure he pays child support for his 8 children.

1872 days ago


The thing I like best about reading these blogs about Jon & Hate plus/minus 8 is trying to guess which blogs were most likely penned by the caustic wicked witch herself, AKA Kate. I, and many others are sure that she uses fake name and posts what she wants people to read. I used to watch all of their shows. I felt that Jon was simply staying around for the sake of his kids, and I really think that he took a lot of abuse because he knew that if he did not just let it go on a lot of things, she would be even meaner. Yes I think it is silly for him to hit the trashy joints, but I imagine he is getting a kick out of picturing how mad it will make Hateful Kate. I am sure she is boiling when she sees such pictures and furious that she cannot vent her fury on him anymore, at least not in the sense that he has to listen to her fury firsthand. Can you imagine being trapped in a house with someone that shrewish or Heaven forbid riding in a car with her when she is angry? I am happy for him that he has escaped that Hell that she was putting him through.

1867 days ago


Sorry Jon, you go and TV telling 'your side of the story' claiming Kate was verbally abusive and then you go and party off to Vegas. Honestly that god you two are divorced because if I were Kate I'd be embarrassed to be married to you. And your children? Poor kids are going to grow up knowing their dad was a womanizer and a pig.

1867 days ago


JON YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER!!! KATE is WAY better off without you! Talk about classless...

1866 days ago


Gee, I think the two comments right after mine really sound like they were written by someone we all know of and a lot of us really dislike, answering back to my Sallysally giving themself the alias of melmel. Ha ha, funny. Quick to answer

1864 days ago


Go Jon.

1860 days ago


I hate you jon for everything you have done,you are disgusting!!!

1856 days ago


Dirtbag CHINK ! Why do you pollute the internet with anything about this worthless piece of **** ?

1234 days ago
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