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Jon Gosselin's Game Has Legs

9/1/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin can spot a lady with class from a mile away -- just check out the demure chick in something resembling a skirt he was hitting on at JET nightclub in Las Vegas last night.

Jon Gosselin
Let's see Kate pull that ensemble off.


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i love jon

1885 days ago

Amanda Blanke    

I'd die to have those legs. Go Jon. that chick is sexy as hell and you people are eitheer A) jealous or B) a bitch just like Kate and that's why you're on her side.

1885 days ago


Does the one off to the side look like Daisy De La Hoya?

1885 days ago


Can you say Hooker? Wow Jon, so I guess you're not too worried about your kids 'googling' your a$$ someday and seeing their (supposed)dedicated Dad with this skank? Nice going ACE! Nothing says screwed in divorce court like this, could you possibly make things any easier for Kate to take your sorry butt to the cleaners? Have fun sitting on a street corner holding a sign "Will work for once, cause I'm a MORON!"

1885 days ago


He's so stupid, he doesn't get the thing about 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' ahhhh, that's only if you don't have a million photogs capturing it on film you stupid idiot! Guess he's over Hailey and has moved on to Stripperellas. He's seriously delusional to think that he's hit it big time when he's here getting his groove on with a stripper, like if this is some big achievement or something to aspire to? Gee Jon, I guess with that ugly mug and nasty body you do have to pay for it! Loser!

1885 days ago

Trace A.    

thats what happens when you get married young never having fun live and experience life then have babies and alot of babies! you're not ready for and marry a person you might not have really loved. wasn't he like 22 and she was 24!? when they married?

1884 days ago

pay atention    

Im just saying my prayers for Kate. Now we know why she was a little controlling of John. He was and is, obviously extremely immature. He is making a fool of himself and everyone thinks it. He should be embarrassed but, he is to self-centered and blind by his own little fame world to know it yet. Someday he will!!! I feel embarrassed for him!

1884 days ago


Wow I didnt know Jet had a strip club too!! He is such a piece of shi**

1884 days ago

joseph edo jr    

I hope the girls that hook up with John know he has bad sperm. All his kids look like they have down syndrome.

1884 days ago


Ok the girl in blue is bad enough, but the chick in black looks like a DUDE!!! are we sure he wasn't at a tranny bar?

1884 days ago


You can tell it is a strip club by the heels the girl is wearing. Jon do you not have RESPECT for your family?

1884 days ago


OK seriously...I'm all for John getting out and having a life! His wife treated him like "hired help!" Can't stand that women!! He was in prison for how many years? He is living up his freedom.. He can be a Dad, and also have a life...People do it all the time..

1884 days ago


Jon has raised "loserdome" to an art form...

1884 days ago


how can i become a tmz member please?

1884 days ago


this is so typical of what a "man" does after a relationship doesn't work out with his wife! Jon get a life!!! and remember that you have children and that one day these girls just may get stuck with someone like yourself and then what would you say when that happens???

1884 days ago
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