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O'Day Continues to Hail Hitler ... as Brilliant

9/1/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to clear up the "Hitler and Castro are Brilliant" controversy -- Aubrey O'Day just issued the following statement to TMZ:

Aubrey O'Day

"Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there - they just use their brain power for evil purposes.

I don't condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower... and in my opinion you can't have a low IQ and wreck [sic] that much havoc on the world.

What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable... And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again."

As for O'Day's claim that she met Castro in the past, Aubrey told us:

"I was a college student on a program called Semester at Sea, through that program chosen political science students attended a half day seminar of Fidel Castro and his thoughts on basically everything except Cuba's relationship with the US, lol. It was very interesting."


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I don't see why everyone is bashing her. Truthfully, I don't even know who she is so I don't know if she has made any stupid remarks in the past. But what she stated here was true, Hitler and Castro were/are brilliant. Does that mean their actions are right? No, but they couldn't have been stupid to gain the power they did.

1842 days ago


It dose not take brains to distroy a country, it's takes conniving your most trusted and manipulate them to carry on your evel deed. Don't mistake that for inteligence.O'Day was on Hannity last night, you can tell she has a weak mind by the way she carried on, it's people like her that are easy to brain wash.

1842 days ago

mickey lou    

Maybe this bimbo should go live in Cuba & see how really brillant Castro is.

1842 days ago

who gives a shit    

I heard her comments and I think that she should go move to Cuba. Look what he has done to his people! Another dumb blonde! People should stick to what they do best. If she is a singer then stick to that. She has no business commenting on Politics!!!!!!Why do these so called celebs think that we want to hear what they have to say? Don't we have minds of our own?

1842 days ago


What a stupid idiot! How many murderers and dictators does she know? I don't know any dictators but I worked in a high-security men's penitentiary for several years and met quite a few murderers. Guess What?? They were just as dumb as the other criminals.

1841 days ago


Ignorance is a bliss, and USA is filled with it. EVERYTHING this girl is saying is true. Hitler was a genius, Castro IS a genius, and to that first comment (SAVVYDUDE?), yes, Manson is probably a genius as well. Being a genius does not equal to being a saint, or good, etc. These people all had/have the power to control millions of minds and change the world b/c of it. It might not change "your' world" according to what you think, but yes, history, no matter how far away it happens (geographically, time, etc), affects each and everyone of us. So: "I don't condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower... and in my opinion you can't have a low IQ and wreck [sic] that much havoc on the world." is about as right as can be.

1841 days ago


O'Day is a clown who just wants attention. She needs to move on.

1841 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Watch's very telling and truthful.

1841 days ago


She's absolutely correct. It's no secret that Hitler was a genius and that's part of the reason why he was SO crazy.
Same goes for Fidel Castro.
Geniuses think differently than the average person, and allot of the times they lack the common sense that we, the average person has, to be productive members of society.
I totally understand her comment, but it doesn't mean this girl, who ever she is, that she approves of what they've done.

1841 days ago


The chick made a valid point. Hannity and his flunkies were trying to derail her point but she made it clear. She has a point brilliance is not a characteristic exclusive to "the good guys". Someone ask why her opinion matters....Why does punk-ass Hannity opinion matter?


1841 days ago

Kendall Weddington    

Although I think Aubrey is limited in the talent department, she is not a dumb girl, and further more I agree with her. Just because a person does evil doesn't neccessarily make them dumb, hence the term evil genius or mad scientist. Albeit, Ben Ladden, Adolf Hitler and Stalin were viciously evil they were very intelligent as well, evil geniuses. Yet you always get conservative commentators appearing to be dumber than you anticipate because of their close mindedness.
In short, these evil men were/are very smart men and to be naive enough to say and or think that they weren't just shows us how unintelligent we are.

1841 days ago


this ho WENT to college? even if she did go, did she GRADUATE?

lmao seriously tho, her sentiments are correct and her statement impressed me for once. Not bad O' if we could just do something about her face

1841 days ago


if her opinion matters, hitler won.

1841 days ago


It's amazing how stupid people have become. This article speaks as thought this is some huge controversy when what this woman is saying is true, and has been known to be true for many, many decades.

People today are so completely stupid, and overwhelmed by a need for politcal correctness, that they are no longer capable of even discussing any controversial issue in anything more useful than monkeys chattering.

You people are simply to stupid for mere words to describe. It's getting so bad that I don't even want to live on this planet anymore, everyone has become too stupid for words.

1841 days ago



1841 days ago
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