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Ryan Jenkins Did Not Leave a Suicide Note

9/1/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsA lot of questions surrounding Jasmine Fiore's murder may have died with Ryan Jenkins -- cops say he didn't leave a suicide note in the motel room where he was found hanged.

Jenkins was found hanging from the coat rack in his room at the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23, over a week after cops believe he murdered Jasmine in San Diego and then fled the United States.

Although cops didn't find a suicide note, they did find Jenkins' laptop in the room -- but it's yet to be determined if there is anything of significance on the comp.


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#13, when the suspect is found dead, the procedure is to "drop all charges". It's not just case closed, the charges against him were dropped.

1845 days ago


To answer your question #15, most people who hang themselves are not dangling off the floor. When I was a med student I was surprised to learn that people don't hang themselves like they do in the movies or as you would imagine. Often they are on their knees and learn forward. After about 15 seconds oxygen is cut off to the carotids and they pass out before they suffocate.

1845 days ago

doc murry    

i done killed her because she has a football sized head and she has nice fingers so i cut them off and her teeth were better than mine so i pulled them out,,too bad i didnt think of her nice boobies or i would have cut them off..shame on me

1845 days ago

julie dreyfuss    

hmmm ppl at motel say he didnt look like him at all???? no note just identified by finger prints??? no dental? hmmm how much money does it cost to escape to an island i wonder

1845 days ago


Hmmm, thanks #16, I never knew that. I guess it makes sense since they cant prosecute him that they'd need to drop charges in order to close out everything. I dont really like that terminology though, "charges dropped", I think that to many people (like myself) it sounds like he is being cleared of all wrong-doing...which is certainly not the case.

1845 days ago


maybe he wasn't trying to kill himself. maybe he was one of those auto-asphyxiation guys?

1845 days ago


Next year they'll discover that some pissed ex boyfriend/husband offed Jasmine and Ryan to make it look like a murder-suicide. He probably ran because he knew he was next. It'll be a made-for-tv movie of the week and TMZ will be reporting on it all over again.

1845 days ago


#14 hahahahaha

1845 days ago


Who the hell are these people? TMZ is always putting nobody's here.

1845 days ago


I can't believe some of these people's comments. They are sick and some just plain cruel. The investigation needs to stay open and no charges need to be dropped just because Ryan is dead. There are too many surveillance cameras in the area that show him leaving at specific time with her and supposedly in her car and returning at a specific time without her. More surveillance cameras need to be studied where her car was found and that may answer alot of what happened and if he acted alone. Also Why were they calling her an ex-wife of his? I thought they just got married, so how did they get divorced that quick? Also I believe motive was she probably was going to get back with her first ex-husband since pictures surfaced of her with her first ex-husband all over him and kissing on him. Her and her first ex-husband also seemed very happy in those picutes that were shown and remember he just got out of jail. Old feelings of being with him for the first time in long time may have resurfaced very easily. It's hard to compete when you have history with somebody and plus she may have just divorced her first husband just because of his prison sentence. I believe Ryan could have heard about the pictures or Jazmine told Ryan the truth and Ryan just snapped in a jealous rage from thinking he was losing her and he just could'nt take being rejected, especailly with it being her first ex-husband. I'm wandering just where is her first husband in all this? What does he say about all this and were there plans of reuniting with him? That may answer questions of a motive. I would like to here from him..

1845 days ago


Maybe he was setup, did anyone think about that maybe he was hiding because he was hiding from the people who killed his wife and they find him and killed him now..........that could be why there is no note.

1845 days ago

Carmen Camacho    

Come on seriously, do you think anyone cares if this idiot left a suicide note. I THINK NOT!!!!!

1845 days ago


Ryan committed suicide because the horror of what he had done finally sunk in and he knew he wouldn't make it in jail - his computer would have been where he said he was sorry to his family if any note was to be left. I hope the police check his laptop for erased messages. Ryan was NOT blameless in this - he assaulted women before and Jasmine already had a charge against him for assaulting her too - He had sex with another woman in their condo shortly after they were married and that's why she wanted to annul the marriage -They were both at fault for their choices in lifestyle - but Jasmine was the one who was assaulted and brutally murdered by Ryan - He thought he would get away with it - and all the Denial his family spouts will not change the facts!

1845 days ago


I love the Remembering Jasmine Fiore side feature. How am I supposed to remember someone I'd never heard of until they died?

1845 days ago


Just wandering, Did they take "Megan Wants A Millionaire" off the air due to all the attention of Ryan being on that reality show? I was watching it and they uaually have several rerun episodes of the same episodes over and over. I have not seen it on since this story broke. Does anyone know?

1845 days ago
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