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Ryan Jenkins Did Not Leave a Suicide Note

9/1/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsA lot of questions surrounding Jasmine Fiore's murder may have died with Ryan Jenkins -- cops say he didn't leave a suicide note in the motel room where he was found hanged.

Jenkins was found hanging from the coat rack in his room at the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23, over a week after cops believe he murdered Jasmine in San Diego and then fled the United States.

Although cops didn't find a suicide note, they did find Jenkins' laptop in the room -- but it's yet to be determined if there is anything of significance on the comp.


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"Jasmine had a habit of disappearing on Ryan. As far as he knew, this was one of her disappearing acts. But this time he had enough, packed up his things from their condo and decided to take all his possessions up to Canada."

Posted at 7:45PM on Sep 1st 2009 by Questioner

If that were true, then why bother to report her 'missing'? After all, this was just one of her many many disappearing acts, right? He obviously didn't run out and report her missing each and every time that she was gone, right? So what made this disappearing act any different than the others? Could it be that this time she was DEAD and he knew it?

1822 days ago

Sad sad    

jasvett exactly.

1822 days ago


Sylvia: Of course they did tox! That is STANARD on ANY autopsy.

Question for you "geniuses:" If he was moving up there, WHY THE THREE-DAY STOPOVER IN HOPE?!! His half-sister paid the fleabag motel for three days in advance. WHY?!! I've never heard of anyone in the midst of a cross-country move stopping for THREE DAYS! Also why'd he drop his stuff off in Washington, if he was relocating WOULDN'T HE BE NEEDING THAT STUFF?! Also why'd he decide to take a "boat ride" into Canada (and then entering on foot) instead of driving over the border? ANSWER: He had to avoid the border checkpoint. BECAUSE HE WAS ON THE RUN!

Not too hard to figure out if you have at least two working brain cells and can THINK, which apparently you are incapable of.

1822 days ago


He's guilty!! Charges are dropped because he is dead. This guy Ryan was a SOCIOPATH! Wake up People.

1822 days ago


OK, Smartypants: the timeline. That's why. She had him arrested for pushing her in the pool, for which he spent 2 days in jail. She 'annulled' the marriage, causing immigration problems. Maybe he thought that when they found her, she'd have a bit of a problem because he'd reported her missing.

By the time he reached Seattle, they'd identified her, wanted him as a 'person of interest' and he knew if he tried to cross the border, they'd stop him. So he puts his stuff in storage, takes the boat across from Blaine and they're tailing him on the water. So he knows that they are definitely looking for him and he walks across the border and hooks up with his sister so that maybe he can have some time to think about what's happening.

Remember his father wrote that HE was the one who had informed Ryan Jasmine was dead. Ryan didn't know this until they talked on the phone.

Let your single cell think on that for a while.

1822 days ago


Where are the tox results for Jasmine thenm STY? Have you heard anything about that? Oh, yeah, it takes like 6 weeks. IF they did them. They're not 'standard' if the cause of death is obvious and they determined it to be strangulation.

Nobody on here is claiming to be a genius. There are people, however, who don't believe EVERYTHING they read because some authority figure, who can't even decide on the actual time of death, tells them so. And they have a right to question things without name calling or disdain from the rest of the sheep.

1822 days ago


Sylvia, You have no clue what you're talking about.

I have worked in the med field for over 20 years, including Path departments WHERE THEY DO AUTOPSIES. I have worked for State Medical Examiners.

Tox is STANDARD in cases like this. Plus it was publicly stated that they were done and results are PENDING.

There's nothing wrong with asking questions IF logic is employed. There is ZERO logic in 99% of the "theories" (fiction) posted on this board, including yours.

1822 days ago


Sylvia: You wrote:

"She had him arrested for pushing her in the pool, for which he spent 2 days in jail."

WRONG. His court date for that was set for December 2009. The two days he in jail was for the 2007 charge.

"She 'annulled' the marriage, causing immigration problems."

There is no record that she annulled it. IF she had annulled it, he would have KNOWN when she filed the papers, and that was back in MAY 2009. (3 months before) Three months after the fact, all of a sudden he's paranoid about his immigration status?

"Maybe he thought that when they found her, she'd have a bit of a problem because he'd reported her missing."

What kind of "problem?" Please write clearly if you can.

".... and hooks up with his sister so that maybe he can have some time to think about what's happening."

THREE DAYS?! With an international manhunt on and the "love of his life" MISSING? That is a helluva long time to "think" while stuck in a fleabag motel in Hope while he has no idea where his wife is and isn't even trying to look for her.

"Remember his father wrote that HE was the one who had informed Ryan Jasmine was dead. Ryan didn't know this until they talked on the phone."

I'm not stupid enough to believe spin from the Jenkins camp.

1822 days ago

Sad sad    

There is no way in hell his family did NOT know Ryan was running. It was all over the news. Someone would have informed family. It was all over the news on the 18th tue. Any conversation with family after they knew. They told him to run to Canada (now whether they believe he did it or not doesn't matter). According to Dad that was prior to it hitting the news (Saturday? which doesn't jive if he reported her missing Sat eve. to call mom and say she left him then report her missing eyeyaya. I don't even want to go back to the post. I'm thoroughly disgusted) Ryan still talked with family. Then sister came dropped him off. They all freaking knew. Good game guys. claps. Dads playing the I know nothing card. My red flag flew up at reading his last comments cause they just don't jive. At face value his responses seemed sincere. What else are they lying about?

1822 days ago


All right. Let's play it your way.

Ryan strangles his wife and puts her in a suitcase and somehow gets her into his car. Then he drives to Corona, where he pulls her teeth out and cuts off her fingers, all the while the corpse is having a "violent and bloody struggle" with him in the car. Then he drives to Buena Park and dumps her body and car and walks home. He's the only man in LA covered in blood and no one asks him what's going on. But, let's assume he clean up.

A body is found at 7:00 am on August 15 at the location. It is reported at 5:18 pm on Fox, but Jenkins is not worried because they have no teeth or fingerprints, no crime scene and no car. He eats, sleeps, whatever and then 4 hours after it's on the news, he waltzes into the police department to file a missing report. Boy is he smart! Smart enough to get rid of any identifiers but not smart enough to take the ONLY chance he has of getting out of the country BEFORE they identify her. But, OK, the narcissistic bastard believes he's the only person who's going to get away with murder.

He goes home and leisurely packs. On Sunday, (she's still not identified) he drives to Vegas, picks up his boat and apparently sends their rings out for cleaning. Since he's going to get away with this, might as well make some money and sell them later.

Still our bright boy doesn't make a b-line for the border as fast as he can. Nope, he's so smug he takes 4 DAYS and criss-crosses the country - from San Diego to Vegas to Utah to Washington. Guess he didn't have a map where he could plainly see that if he drove straight up the coast he'd be in Washington in under 20 hours. Nope, he's still smug.

Then he takes the time to rent a storage unit, which he presumably paid for, and out of the blue, NOW he decides he's got to RUN. He hops on his boat and walks across the border on the 19th.

What part of idiotic don't you understand STY???

1822 days ago


Here is the first post from Fox LA:

Body Found Inside
Suitcase in Dumpster
Police: Body was that of a woman in
her 20s.

Updated: Friday, 21 Aug 2009, 5:27 PM PDT
Published : Saturday, 15 Aug 2009, 5:18 PM PDT

* Text Story by: CNS
* Video from: FOX 11 News
* Reporter: Cristy Fajardo
* Reporter: Al Naipo
* Reporter: Gigi Graciette
* Posted by: Scott Coppersmith, Tony Spearman

Buena Park ( - This story about Jasmine Fiore's murder has been updated with a new version. Click here for the latest news on this story.


A woman's body was found stuffed in suitcase in a trash bin at a Buena Park apartment complex on Saturday.

A man looking for bottles and cans in the bin in the 7400 block of Franklin Street about 7 a.m. opened the suitcase and discovered the body, said Buena Park police Lt. Kevin Shea.

Shea said the woman's body showed no obvious signs of trauma, but police investigators and coroner's officials were still working at the scene as of the afternoon.

The woman appeared to be in her 20s, according to Buena Park police.

Police could not yet say how long ago the woman may have been dead.

1822 days ago

Sad sad    

Here we'll play it the other way. Jasmine went to run errands (HAHA! the typical story) She drove her way back to San diego bleeding (oh we don't need to know why she was bleeding doesn't matter) then decided to go to corona. Then decided she was going to kill herself. Had a punching match with herself decided to throw herself in the dumpster in Buena park.The cops found the car then drove it a mile from Ryan's house to frame him. All the while Jenkins was so worried about his missing wife and co operated with police the whole time! The search for him for questioning and all other info info about the case is moot. Media got bored and made it up. He then decided to call the roommate so distraught about his missing wife and say he was done with her. He then was so traumatized hearing about her death as he was already planning on going to Canada cause mom "suggested" and decided to be a star and ride his boat over the border. But he wasn't running. He was just having some boy fun. He always makes a star entrance to Canada. The family knew nothing of it.Tried to call dad but dad hung up on him but then..... Miraculously runs into a family member who just drops him off at a motel where he hid in the car. He was just tired. He wasn't hiding. He didn't want to bother his family with his innocence to actually stay with them.(in the car they had conversations on how great Ryan looked and went shopping for thrift clothes for fun catching up on the old times) He then turned on TMZ and saw our comments and was so upset he thought he would cheer up by having some bdsm fun and hung himself accidentally with a belt. Oh we can't forget the rings. He had them clean so when they got back together they would be nice and sparkly. There is a huge conspiracy. I could conjure up stories like this all day too.

Sylvia this is your logic and I agree with SmarterThanYou.

Nobody here even said that scenario except you in your post #85.

Basically according to you the detectives,police and media are idiots. If you are so smart why don't you go join forces and help them? Because obviously you think you know something else that nobody else knows.

1821 days ago


He FLED to Washington by way of Utah because it is the least expected route to take. Authorities knew he was probably on his way to Canada and they would've identified their counter parts along the way via the California / Washington route.Duh.

1821 days ago

Sad sad    

Explain to me how I would know the backseat would be relevant before that info came out?

It's called "logical reasoning". Here you can read about the different types:

In logic, three kinds of logical reasoning can be distinguished: deduction, induction and abduction. Given a precondition, a conclusion, and a rule that the precondition implies the conclusion, they can be explained in the following way:

* Deduction means determining the conclusion. It is using the rule and its precondition to make a conclusion. Example: "When it rains, the grass gets wet. It rains. Thus, the grass is wet." Mathematicians are commonly associated with this style of reasoning.
* Induction means determining the rule. It is learning the rule after numerous examples of the conclusion following the precondition. Example: "The grass has been wet every time it has rained. Thus, when it rains, the grass gets wet." Scientists are commonly associated with this style of reasoning.
* Abduction means determining the precondition. It is using the conclusion and the rule to support that the precondition could explain the conclusion. Example: "When it rains, the grass gets wet. The grass is wet, it must have rained." Diagnosticians and detectives are commonly associated with this style of reasoning.

1821 days ago
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