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Jackson Estate to Pay for Burial Costs

9/2/2009 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just granted Katherine Jackson's request to have Michael's estate pay for the cost of the singer's burial.

Jeryll Cohen -- a lawyer for the special administrators of Jackson's estate -- said in court today that the expenses for Michael's burial on Thursday are "extraordinary."

But Cohen also said this isn't your run-of-the-mill burial ... and that the administrators "understand and appreciate" the scale of the event.

Jackson will be buried tomorrow in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.


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"I have heard rumors this burial will be televised in Germany..on a station owned by the station who put out the fake tape.."

Wouldn't surprise me. I imagine that whatever is broadcast will be picked up by many stations here in Germany. Still big news and there are lots of fans here (and around the EU).


1847 days ago


so michael is paying for his own funeral, why did the jacksons move the burial to a thursday when it would of been cheaper to do it on the sunday, so yet again they get money out of the estate, are the family honestly telling us that with the amount of relatives they couldnt all pitch in an afford to do it it would of been cheaper for them to do it on the sunday, i mean i know the entire family is broke apart from janet why couldnt she pick up some of the bill and the rest of the family pay towards it either i suppose seeing as mj supported all of his lazy ass family ( except janet) that it would be his money paying for it either way.
so is the expense coming out the kids % of the estate because im sure with the % katherine is getting it would of covered a large amount of it.
i hope katherine doesnt get co a seat regarding mjs estate as it seems the family want as much money from it as possible, allgood entertainment and sueing all that needs to be said.

1847 days ago


Please just bury the poor man. Even my parents had it spelled out in their wills that the estate was to pay for all burial/funeral costs and where they wanted to be buried at. Can't believe with all the high power attorneys that he had that it was not spelled out more clearly.

1847 days ago


Well DUH!!! If anyone else died, it would be the family or the estate of the deceased to pay for the funeral, I'm not picking up the tab!

I wonder how 'extraordinary' the burial is going to be and what it costs...TMZ...FIND OUT HOW MUCH!!!!

1847 days ago


Michael Jackson will be buried close to to one of his idols - Walt Disney.

Family sources said the King of Pop will be laid to rest near the pair at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, according to a new report.

Jackson is set to be entombed in the Freedom Mausoleum at the cemetery tomorrow night.

Disney is buried in a garden just outside the two-storey structure, while Fine - best known as wise-cracking Larry of comedy act The Three Stooges - lies inside the mausoleum's first floor.

Jackson was going to be entombed at the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn, but loved ones switched gears to get him near Disney and a Stooge.

"The family believed this is what Michael would have wanted," a close family friend revealed.

The ceremony will start with eulogies at the Great Mausoleum in front of the building's stained-glass version of the Last Supper, followed by a half-mile procession to the Freedom Mausoleum.

1847 days ago


Yeah, It WILL be sad tomorrow for sure. Cause it's final once he's buried. Then all there'll be left is justice for MJ. I know it's been "creepy" knowing he's been sitting in a freezer somewhere for the last 2+ months but burial means, "That's it." I'm glad they are finally doing the deed but, I don't know, it's just SAD,SAD. Looking at that death certificate yesterday sucked too.

1847 days ago


There is nothing uncommon about Mrs. Jackson's request. Even I have a clause in my Will directing my executor to pay all my final expenses, including medical bills and burial from my estate. I chose to add this clause to keep it simple for my heirs. I don't want them to be forced into court to request and "advance" on their inheritance.

1847 days ago


Is it true about the Germany tv station televising the "private" funeral? Was the family behind the (Mj alive coroner) video also to spark more interest in Micheal to get more money. They suck. Where is all the concrete going to go? Are they encasing him in concrete so no one will be able to look in the casket to find the family stripped him down to his underwear and are going to sell his burial clothes..............

1847 days ago

doc murry    

he has been dead for months so now all that is left is his fake nose and a cheap wig,,his mother kathrine the great if she was such a good mother why did she stand by while joe abused him and molested him...where was this grreat mother,,she is money hungry just like the other wolves around him.they all can go to hell.michael is really to blame in all this ,,he was a doper and a bonehead...he was mentally unblanced and a kid toucher,,jesus christ ..why does god see fit to torture us with this on a daily basis,,wacko jacko is dead and let him be gone,,now if the rest of the family would do us a favor and die too.well except for janet she has a nice hot body and i would love to rock her world..

1847 days ago


Time to move on... the media with their 'funeral hysteria' will be all over this tomorrow... the media loves making these events go on and on. Frankly I didn't think Ted Kennedy deserved all the coverage he got here on the west coast. As for Katherine Jackson, she has to make sure she gets her money to spread around to Joe and the other brothers and sisters. I hope the lawyers for the kids are on their toes or this money will be gone by the time they are 18.

1847 days ago


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1847 days ago


this is a bitch even after his death his family still figuring how to get money from this poor man at least they wont be badgering him for money anymore rest in piece MJ finely you deserve it

1847 days ago

Silent Few    

Shut the hell up people and stop insulting the Old Lady, Kathrine Jackson. She is older than most of you fools great grand mothers. If you all don't respect the hell of your old folks than leave her alone. I don't see anything wrong with the Old lady asking the Estate cover the cost for her son burial. After all, the millions that Michael left behind is not for the caretakers. So, what all the fuss is about BONEHEADS!!!

1847 days ago


Thank God he will be put to rest, Michael RIP my love you are in God's hand now.

1847 days ago


I drive by Forrest Lawn everyday on my way to work and will blow a kiss to dearest Michael every morning.

1847 days ago
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