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Jon Gosselin Couldn't Stand Kate's 'Abuse'

9/2/2009 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin took a break from his busy partying/girl hunting schedule to blast his ex, Kate, today on "GMA" -- saying she was never home and he "took a lot of abuse" when they were married.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Of course, Jon's committed his fair share of abuse as well -- by making us look at Ed Hardy shirts on a daily basis.


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Jan, You have got to be joking. If a kid that age calls her mother it is because she has been coached to do something like that. That means that the woman is putting the concerned mother face on in front of the camera and poisoning the children against their father. It's called parental alienation. She may think she is winning but it will all come back to bite her years from now. She is forgetting that she is on camera acting like a disrespectful shrew. The only thing you can say is that she is twice as smart as Jon, obviously. If he had any brains he wouldn't have married her in the first place.
As for the better parent, give the kids to relatives without a tv show because they are both unfit. Except that one twin, she obviously has her mother's personality and they both deserve to live with her as a teenager.

1815 days ago


He is acting like a child. But I am sure Kate was a mega B to live with. I stopped watching the show along time ago because I could not stand how she treated Jon!

1845 days ago


Jon is a whiny LOSER. Jon was bar hopping with 20 year old's when Kate was touring HER books and working her butt off to support their family. Photos on the web prove it. Babysitters, cooks, and house keepers were caring for all 8 children. Jon only did when TLC was filming him. Jon mumbled insults to Kate on camera also. A real man would have stood up to her but he is a HORNY CHILD in a man's overweight body. His twins are more mature than he is. The twins called Kate as they knew their siblings were not safe with the bar gal Jon hired to keep them and who also brought her own baby with her. Stupid Jon felt is was all fine. He locked their own mother out of the property after the twins called her. That little act took the last ounce of respect or sympathy I had for LOSER JON. I believe he should have only supervised visits with his children. He cannot be trusted.

1845 days ago


This guy and his Ed Hardy shirts is like Shauna Sand and her lucite stripper heels. Both are desperate cries for attention. Only one of them tries to pretend they're not asian by wearing sunglasses as much as possible.

1845 days ago


Uh, didn't Jon know that Kate was fussy BEFORE he married her? And even after he married her, they had the twins ... didn't he figure it out then, BEFORE they decided to do more IVF and end up with 6 more kids???

Sorry, no sympathy here for this wuss boy. He dated Kate, he married her, and on two separate occasions he CHOSE to have kids with her. He made his bed and now he's crying about it and blaming it on her? What a loser!

1845 days ago

I can't believe it    

Just let him keep making a jerk out of himself. He will soon be forgotten and have nobody left but the family he turned his back on. What goes around will come around...btw your face is too weird Jon. I can't believe anyone would want you.

1845 days ago


Now we know why Kate treated him like a child..... because he IS one!

1845 days ago


Jon she only spent ONE MONTH this spring on the BOOK TOUR!!! She didn't even do any promotion for the first book. I NEVER saw Jon compliment Kate. He should be proud of her and instead he trashes her. She is beautiful, smart, took really good care of the kids and home. If maybe he had complimented her and appreciated her she would have relaxed a bit. It seemed she just kept trying too hard. I also saw Kate acknowledge she could be shrill and really try to be better. I saw her compliment Jon and thank him. Did we EVER see this from Jon? I also saw him ABUSE her. He once told her to take the stick out of her Butt. He was snide to her moments before she was about to give birth to six kids. Instead of calming and comforting her he would trash her when she was scared. If he wants respect he should have been giving respect. Kate is by far the superior person.

1845 days ago


Come on give me a break. Do you people have any idea what kate went thru? I know jon put her thru hell. Maybe both made mistakes. How about the kids? Does anybody think about the sake of the children. You suppossed to be commited to your children. Not looking for women. Firstable he is chubby, he's bold. The only good thing is he has is MONEY. Okey girls you like money so go find jon. He is so stupid he just believe whatever says to him. He thinks is all that but he's not. He is NOT A CELEBRITY neither. Be honest to yourself would you look at him the same way if he didn't have NOT Money. Just think about it... DON'T THINK SO....WHY? because he has 8 children...

1845 days ago

doc murry    

its all kates fault,,she was a controlling shrew and she was messing around on him way before he went after some young stuff,,who can blame need variety and after a woman has had kids its just not the same..we need young stuff to keep us mentally alert and making money for the family.she should be happy that he tried to make it work..she isnt all that and he is still young so i say go for it budd..the wife is only if you stike out every where else..most men would agree

1845 days ago


The guy is a jerk!!
Yes Kate nags on the guy but he's has been an absolute jerk since they seperated.
He's setting a great example for his children

1845 days ago


haha, All these women on are posting are probably naggy *itches just like Kate. You better treat your man right or he'll dump your *sses too. I've seen the show, and she's NAGGY. I don't know where women think they can treat a man like that. I say good for Jon, he got away. Let this be a lesson ladies, treat your man like Kate treated Jon, and he'll bail on your *ss. You'll die a lonely old hag.

1845 days ago


The biggest parties Jon hosts and is guest of honour for are his own daily PITY PARTIES.....

1845 days ago

doc murry    

women just do not undersatand how it is to be a man,,its gets boring after the same ol same ol when you are with the same woman year after can bet most men when they are making love with their wives are actually thinking they are with that hot chick from work or the new babysitter..its just not the same after the wife has kids,,sorry but it get bored easily and its fun to have sex with someone different than the old wife,,you just dont let her find out.we like girls who are young and slim and trim and take care of themselves..sadly after the wife gets her hooks into a guy she gets fat,smelly and gross.

1845 days ago

I can't believe it    

#12...are you Jon???

1845 days ago
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