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Lil Mama: Sorry For Being a Lil Insensitive

9/2/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Lil Mama has just apologized for comments she made on "America's Best Dance Crew" this weekend -- after she went a lil too far while grilling a transgender dancer.

During the rant, Lil Mama -- a judge on the show -- told Leiomy Maldonado: "Leiomy, come on. Your behavior ... it's unacceptable ... You were born a man and you are becoming a woman. If you're going to become a woman, act like a lady ... It gets too crazy and it gets confusing."

After taking heat over her comments, Lil Mama sent the following apology to GLAAD:

"I would like to clarify anything that was misunderstood from Sunday's show. My remarks were never meant to be disrespectful regarding Leiomy's gender nor offensive to the LGBT community, which has been a community that has supported me in all my endeavors. However, in hindsight, I recognize that my words may have come across as hurtful. I spoke with her privately after the taping to express that it was not my intent to offend her or any member of the transgender community and that I still live for Vogue Evolution."


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It's hard enough in today's society to deal with gays and all their issues and rights being shoved down our throats! Now he have to walk on eggshells for transgenders too? Come on!! I agree with Lil Mama for calling her out on her attitude. It stinks. You wanna be a woman? Then act like one. And get used to being called a bitch, bitch!! If you tell her to go eff herself, she can literally do it. Freak!

1885 days ago


who wrote that lame statment expressing her apologies? some ghostwriting publicist? she's obviously an idiot, so, by speculative assumption, I don't think that she actually wrote it; someone with even a marginally solid command of the English language would never make such a denigrating and disparaging remark.

1885 days ago


who and who?

anyway, this political correctness $hit needs to end, who cares who you offend, I am so sick of people getting their panties in a bunch over what people say, it makes me sick.

and again, who and who on what show?

1885 days ago


Now I think I've seen it all. Who wants to see a bunch of chunky, hairy men dancing around with scarves trying to look feminine.... whilst a man who wants to be a woman throws himself all over the stage. Later he has a tantrum and someone calls him on it and that person is made to apologize? It turns your stomach. I'm glad to see people speaking up on this board and calling this what it is. Let's not stand dumb and salute while our country goes to hell.

1885 days ago


What about apologizing to the asian girl for saying something about her "glandma"? They should replace Lil Mama with someone who can actually speak properly and has some class.

1884 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with what Lil Momma said. She was right. Buck up and be a team player. Sometimes you just have to suck it in for the well being of this team you have committed to. She sounds Manic to me.
And to all the people hating on the TG people out the, everybody doesn't conform to the "norm".
Just because someone doesn't fit the norm, doesn't give you license to spread your hate and bile.
If you didn't wake up in their face, then don't worry what others do in bed and/or between their legs.
She hasn't asked you for one thing. None of them have. If you don't like her, don't vote for her. Your karma will be much better for it.

1884 days ago


Sometimes the brain and body doesn't match up, it happens. It's a real medical condition, don't be ignorant and look it up.

1883 days ago


1st of all, i cant stand lil mama, 2nd of all i dont think she should be a judge, she aint the best dancer, i dont even think shes a good dancer... And for her to say what she did, shes lucky leiomdy didnt whoop her ass....

1881 days ago


Lil Mama...Kanye...America has voted! You are now in the bottom 2 and are now in a do or die fight for your life. You both gave a horrible performance!

But Who actually has talent and the potential to have another day? Kanye!

So Lil Mama its unfortunate... but your banner must fall. You did your best but Jay-Z and Alicia voted not to save you! So like just as you voted against the crew from the city you were reppin'. Its time to go!

Karma's a B*tch!

1873 days ago


Lil Mama is to judge the dancing not the person male female or whatever that are right now. People have the right to be what and who they are. Just because we are born one way does not mean we stay that way. First of all she for one is not a lady and is a low life hoody. She should become a lady before she tells someone to act like one.

1872 days ago
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