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Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey -- No Brilliance in Hate!

9/2/2009 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the completely obvious file -- the comments Aubrey O'Day made about Hitler and Fidel Castro on "The Sean Hannity Show" Monday night immediately struck a chord with members of the Jewish community.

 Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey

TMZ spoke with Rabbi Chaim Cunin of Chabad House who gave us the following statement:

"When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn't rear it's ugly head.

'I'd like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments."


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Congrats, TMZ. Not only did you commit character assassination against this poor girl through your yellow journalism hatchet job and trivialize real anti-Semitism, but you also managed to post stories that brought all the nasty Jew-haters out of the woodwork to post their filth here.

1876 days ago


Ok, I give up. WHO is Aubrey O'Day and WHY is her opinion relevant? No, seriously; who is she??

1876 days ago


The same freedoms that allow viewers to watch what they chose to watch also allow her to speak her mind. She simply claimed that they had highter IQ's, not that she thought they used their intelligence wisely. I would LOVE to test the IQ's of these people leaving comments.

1876 days ago


Why do they ask the opinion of someone like this? We're all entitled to our opinion but is anyone surprised?

1876 days ago


30. I love Rabbi Cunin. He's like the Jewish Santa Claus. Or Hanukkah Harry. The Chabad telethon is coming up. It's that time of year!

Posted at 4:29AM on Sep 2nd 2009 by Penis Hilton


Hey,Penie,can't wait for the telethon myself; however, you have
the wrong rabbi. You're thinking of Rabbi Shlomo Cunin. I think he is this guy's father.

Now, don't forget to make your donation!

1876 days ago


They were highly intelligent people.. which is the only thig they said... Even more intelligent than the last US president

1876 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Is Oliver Stone re-creating (in reality) a seen in his movie Natural Born Killers with Hugo Chavez ?
Oliver Stone has completed a promotion film for Hugo Chavez.

Character 'the Killer': Hugo Chavez

Bio: Hugo chavez has removed (at Gun Point) most of his democratically elected poltical opponents (like Rosales) , has laws against political dissent speech , chavez has a national police force (Chavistas) that spread violence & hate to anyone thought to be Chavez political opponent , over 3,000 missing political activists or oppoents in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is Anti-Semitic & Anti -Catholic (calls Catholics "Liars & Perverts"), Unspeakable acts of real torture towards political dissents, according to reports, latin american 1st fascist leader (according to many), ETC.

Character 'the Reporter': Oliver Stone

At the End of the Movie "Natural Born Killers" , the reporter helps the 'Killer' break out of prison , much like the director of the movie 'Oliver Stone' is helping Hugo Chavez (Natural Born Killer or Fascist) re-shape his Image. As the Fiction of the movie becomes 'some what' of a reality .

1876 days ago


All of you who seem to be in agreement that Castro is on the same level as Hitler need to give your heads a shake. While travelling in Cuba I found that most Cubans genuinely like Castro and are very proud of their society. They have all the necessities of life provided free of charge by the state and far better healthcare for the poor than the US. As for Castro's tyranny, many American Presidents have killed more people for political reasons than he has.

1876 days ago


It is incredible how dense so many people are; Aubrey is correct. Intelligence and morality are not the same thing. Its simple kids - one can be brilliant & evil & one can be stupid & kind. Grow up, read a book, go to college, learn a little critical thinking. Good God, I never thought I'd be thinking "poor Aubrey, she's being unfairly maligned by ignorant people" but she surely is & it is ridiculous. Man there are a lot of stupid people out there.

1876 days ago


I believe the comment was made because she reads (IF she reads) books about dictators and murders and is correct in the statement that these people AREN'T usually morons or of substandard intelligence... in fact most of these dictators and murders were top of their classes. Why not just ask her to elaborate instead of putting words in her mouth about anti-semitism....

1876 days ago


If you don't like our 'freedom of speech' policy here in America then find another country to squat in, Rabbi.

What Aubrey was saying actually holds alot of truth. Sociopaths and people of that nature are often extremely brilliant. It doesn't mean they channel their intelligence into constructive areas...

1876 days ago


All she said is that Hitler was smart. And realistically, he probably was smart. Being smart and being evil are not mutually exclusive. The guy managed to take over Germany, build up its war machine, take over countries, ally with other power made countries and almost wind up taking over the world. He was evil, he was unstable, he was crazy, but he was still smart. Aubrey was just stating fact; she said Castro was smart, and when asked, she said Hitler was smart. Honestly, I admire her for not back peddling the way a politician would.

1875 days ago



1874 days ago


I'll give her credit for one thing, she's a fine representative of the whacked out, anti-American, ignorant, moronic left in this country. She's exactly what Democrats target for voters. No wonder Obama and his cult of a party are losing approval numbers by the day. REAL Americans are waking up and realizing the massive mistake they made 9 months ago.

1866 days ago
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