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Going Topless Is

Always in Vogue

9/2/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has nothing to be ashamed about -- unlike Chris Brown -- when it comes to these smokin' hot photos she snapped for Italian Vogue.

Wearing mayjah couture for most of the photo shoot -- and not much else for the rest -- the pop diva nearly bared it all in the mag's latest issue.

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Nothing that she or any of the jz group does has any creativity to it. Everything they do is copy the work of someone else and this girl can't even sing. Another low for Vogue, more dumbing down in America.

1877 days ago


Please! Rihanna looks great! all the ppl who are saying she doesn't is old, fat, and ugly women!

1877 days ago

Nunya can really see us??!!!!

Get Lost, Britt89!!!

1877 days ago

iknowpopculture want to talk about people with no morals?! Here's a list for ya!

Britney Spears; Paris Hilton; Lindsey Lohan; Kim Kardashian.

These woman have either flashed their private areas more then once, had sex tapes made public; have been in multiple sexual relationships with men and women and all before the age of 30! Why, because they are no talent trash!

Rihanna is a beautiful, talented woman who has only been with one man since she came on the scene! Get your facts straight!

1877 days ago


These are beautiful pictures but I wish that they thought of something original rather than ripping off Grace Gones. I mean, come on, Grace always looks feral in her photoes, and no matter how much Rihanna tries, she can't pull off that look. She just looks too sweet for it.

1877 days ago


I have to agree with the others ... definitely Grace Jones. It's already been done ...

1877 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Smokin' hot? YGTBK. She lookes like the Bride of Frankenstein. Butt ugly like Grace Jones.

1877 days ago


She looks like Grace Jones...... More scarey then sexy!! Halloween is still two months away.

1877 days ago



1877 days ago


i think she is very beautiful,people need to stop saying all this bad stuff about her she do not care she is living her life to the fullest so please stop hating she doesn't deserve it she is not doing nothing wrong obviously she keeps getting record deals and foto shoots she is stop hating

1877 days ago

Sheila S.    

Who really cares about Rihanna really I mean she's a get around girl (everybody from Andre 3000 to Shia Labuff) and she provoked the FIGHT (not assult) with Chris when you go looking for trouble you find exactly what your looking for. She as been tring to push his buttons ever since she deemed he was flirting with Ciara and he cancelled the performance for her (big mistake when you let a drama queen get her way she expects it all the time) I am just so tired of this fake as _itch! She's as phony as a $3 bill. And+Chris+I+hope+you+learned+your+lesson+and+also+learned+how+not+to+allow+yourself+to+be+provoked.

1877 days ago


Janet, you said yuck? huh? This girl is young,firm, and beautiful unlike yourself! You're probably some jealous,pasty pig with a wandering eye! You old cows should stop hating beacause no man wants you with your cellulite,stretchmarks and cankles,

1877 days ago


spelled "Italian" wrong....

1877 days ago


umm we know what she looks like without her top it's all over the web. Why cover her nips?

1877 days ago


Quite the contrary. She should also be ashamed. She was partially to blame for the attack on her. Chris overreacted but she instigated the beef. I bet anything it'll happen to her again with some other dude.

1877 days ago
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