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Going Topless Is

Always in Vogue

9/2/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has nothing to be ashamed about -- unlike Chris Brown -- when it comes to these smokin' hot photos she snapped for Italian Vogue.

Wearing mayjah couture for most of the photo shoot -- and not much else for the rest -- the pop diva nearly bared it all in the mag's latest issue.

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fame ho    

What EVER products this whore sells....I'm not EVER buying any of them....when is her 15 minutes going away. Just going to keep selling herslf as victim...naked....oh so wise. she might as well do porno....most of her pics are of her nude.

1879 days ago


Chris didn't do his job, he should have kept beating her ugly mug into something presentable, this chick is FUGLY, and those tits are FAKE


1879 days ago


Is this scrubber trying to tie up Cher's traditional audience? It sure looks that way. FABULOUS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1879 days ago


Oh please!I know some of the positive comments are just coming from people who are trying to be nice[her STANS]. Honestly.I do not believe that women who criticize what Rihanna does such as NUDE or SEMI-NUDE shots are jealous or fat and ugly at all. How would you know that? Even I am proud to say I have a more flattering body than she does. I actually believe she looks pretty creepy and I would NEVER dream of doing anything like this in my life. She can do whatever she wants with her life but I don't have to respect or like her for it. Frankly, I see nothing original about posing topless [it has been done to death] no matter what the style or fashion the shoot is done in. Hopefully, she can be happy with what she is doing[degrading or not].If she wants to walk around naked or even have an orgy in a rated R music video that would be her choice also.I personally do not have to like it and that doesn't mean that I envy her. That is only something an immature and insecure person would say when they truly believe they are at fault with what they are doing[if Rihanna were to think we were]. Everyone has there own opinions so respect that.

I remember just weeks ago when Heidi posed naked for playboy and everyone condemned what she did. The only reason why people do not say much about this is because people are used to seeing Rihanna like this. I don't think people ever truly thought Rihanna was ever a goody- toe- shoes conservative girl.If she was we would have had this post flooded with disgust or outrage. Anyway, while you are enjoying seeing her body all day and applauding what she is doing, I do not want girls to think this is a great way of getting attention from anyone. True beauty can be discovered within and I think Rihanna hasn't found that yet.

1878 days ago



Nothing spectacular here. I've seen it all before. I've seen the her nude pics.I know what her body looks like already.


1878 days ago


Heidi did not pose naked it was half naked--my mistake.

1878 days ago


she looks good she showed more than that dum blond from the hills in playboy.

1878 days ago


while all of u haters sitting on yal broke ass talking trash about RIRI, she's busy making money, going places, and doing things that u guys cannot do or should i say u guys wish yal were in her shoes.

1877 days ago

leonida mcintyre    

strike while the iron is HOT thats a lot of dough eh,who knows she might get 15%of the sales

1876 days ago


Well I do have 2 agree that this pic is a lil weird and I wished she would've shown less skin, but I give her props on her acheivements bcuz those of u that r hatin could probably never sell as much as she has, nor made this photo look as good, if u dnt like it dnt look at it...

1875 days ago




Who still over-uses that word? The chick is not even talented [or smart]. Some of you don't understand that luck brought her to where she is today. Everything she does can be done by anyone with a skinny body like her. Did this smart a** really contribute anything real or respectable to our society that can benefit us all for the greater good? Has she done anything that has got me saying what a wonderful person she is?ABSOLUTELY NOT.I believe we have better sense than to "give props",like or idolize someone just because they are playboy material and they can show off their body.

I would rather be Alicia Keys.

1870 days ago


Rihanna is a beautiful women i dont no why you will say that about her but she us talented and smart, and on a tour Diamond hundred of fan. you must be hating her because many women pose picture and i never here you post evil words about them. To me this is a racist TMZ,

453 days ago
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