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Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back

9/3/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he relives his assault on Rihanna every day -- and wishes he could have handled it "totally different."

Brown's full interview with Larry King aired last night, where he said he was still in love with the woman he beat up, played dumb to the past abuse mentioned in his probation report and called the night of the assault, "one of the worst moments of my life."

Brown said he was sorry -- but are you buyin' it?


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William McNeil    

Man, he's putting a full court media press campaign right now. You'd think he had an album dropping in the next couple of months. Oh wait, what's that? He's got a new album coming out soon... oh, right. Yeah, I'm sure he means every word he says.

1873 days ago


How does the 74% people who say he will do it again know ? The 74% must have done it again. I agree with #95 THIS IS NOT AN RACE ISSUE. When are people going to stop seaprating people by the color of skin? WE ARE NOT FACES WE ARE SPIRITS. YOU HAVE JUST BEEN PUNKED.STOP LOOKING AT EVERYTHING FROM A PHYSICIAL POINT OF VIEW. BEHIND EVERYTHING PHYSICIAL THERE IS SOMETHING SPIRITUAL

1873 days ago


Why take it back? The bitch got the beat down that was due comming

1873 days ago


He is such a loser. All dressed up like a school boy. "Oh, I don't remember hitting her". Really? Well, who cares whether you remember or not. You still did it.
He came across as totally insincere.
And to all you CB ,lovers...let's hope he doesn't make a fool out of you by beating the crap out of another girl.
All he cares about is his career, which is going down the drain.

1873 days ago


He seemed stupid. Not just young, but stupid. No light in his eyes. What does Rihanna see in him?

1873 days ago


I think what Chris Brown did was wrong but they way people are treating him is even worse like his a animal or something.He apologize and he own up to what he did so all the haters and lying need to leave him alone and let him live his life. Everyone that"s talking about it isn't making it no better for him he knows that things are going to be hard for him now that this happen but people need to stop going so hard on him and making it worse on his half because no ones perfect and everyone make's mistake's and no one has the right to judge anyone.If Chris Brown wasn't famous people wouldn't be on him so hard so why are they acting like it's the end of the world as long as he apologize to the main people he hurt and they forgave him that's all that matters the most.That's in the passed now so people leave it there please.I'm always going to be a Chris Brown fan no matter what because mistakes are happening everyday lets not use it against him let's be by his side when he needs it the most.......
signed Kourtney CB number 1 Fan

1873 days ago


Where's the "HEEELLLLLLL YES" button?

1872 days ago


I didn't know Steve Urkel had a fashion line out.

1872 days ago


Chris Brown vs. Oprah

Chris Brown Has Taken On The O!

1872 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Here's my gut feeling, folks:

1. Chris can't talk about what he's truly feeling because anything he says will be taken out of content. What he really might want to say is..

2. No man reacts favorably to being struck by a woman first EVEN if he received a text from another girl in the middle of his date with his girlfriend.

3. He is a very young man trying to make his way in the world of big time talent and without the tight supervision of parents to guide him all the time. I think he is..

4. Overwhelmed by his blast to fame and hasn't been given a chance to make mistakes without being under the scrutiny of the public as a whole. People makes mistakes and then grow from them.

I think you feel remorse however you need to live your life the best you possibly can and leave all the naysayers be. Stop listening to negative remarks, stop talking to the media and START OVER.

1872 days ago


I THINK CHRIS BROWN IS LYING JUST TO SAVE HIS CAREER! I cant believe how screwed up our justice system is. vick got prison time for miss treating dogs! DOGS PEOPLE! Chris Brown beats his girlfriend and gets a slap on the wrist! Does that mean our court system values a DOGS wellbeing more than that of a human? Thats pretty messed up. Dont get me wrong im not sticking up for vick I think he should have been thrown in a pit with the dogs he miss treated. I also dont take kindly to anyone who treats women like this. chris should have done some prison time and forced to be the BITCH he is!!!

1871 days ago


omg chris butt need to give it up his career is OVER!!!!he is a women beater and he needs to go to jail so he can be a man's women and get beat. what kind of man sits there and beats his
girl i'll tell u what kind a punk lil kid who is afraid. so chris i hope u never get a women again and i hope you lose your career and i hope u see bars for a long time. and your the one that sat up on tv and said u hate violence. but now you u up her beating and bitin people your a beast. and not in a good way lol but i really do hope rhinna takes you for ALL you got !!!chris i never liked you anyway and no girl is gonna run it for u now haha look im using your own songs against u hahahahahahhahah dont feel good do it. just to let you know you will NEVER have a women again so get used to being lonely your gonna lose every thing and here is what i would do 4 u i'll give u a box so u can write your name on it cause that's were your gonna live anyway. so i hope you know what a screw up u r 2 ur fam and yourself and ALL your x fans. your fam is probably is ashamed of you anyway!! to chris fam i am sorry u r related 2 a no good loser who takes his fustrations out on women. oh don't get him an animal espeacial female he might beat it to death. oooooo chris your nothing now and i hope gettin mad and beating the girl that loved you was worth it so sit on that while your on probation. but i went bad enough so imma post this. p.s. i hope you never get a good chance at fame again you lil punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1869 days ago


OMG....This is so ridiculous...So what if he hit that bitch. She probably deserved it anyway...If she is willing to hit on him, she should be willing to take a hit..DAMN leave C. Brown alone, and let him get on with his life.

1863 days ago


always a hitter.

1861 days ago
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