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Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back

9/3/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he relives his assault on Rihanna every day -- and wishes he could have handled it "totally different."

Brown's full interview with Larry King aired last night, where he said he was still in love with the woman he beat up, played dumb to the past abuse mentioned in his probation report and called the night of the assault, "one of the worst moments of my life."

Brown said he was sorry -- but are you buyin' it?


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La Toya Jackson    

New Chris Brown songs:
Beet'en da crap out'ta mai baby,
Love Hurts,
I can't remember yesterday,
I relive yesterday,
I was young,
I was drunk & high when I beet up mai love,
I never did nut'en like dat before,
I I I I I I I I (a song about me),
I'm better now,
I'm still in love with mai love who I beet the crap out of,
me me me me me me (a song about me),
It was all HER falt,
and finally... I can't answer that

1875 days ago


Is this really the best Rhianna can do? He speaks like he has a third grade education, beats women, and then doesn't take responsibility. And what is with dressing like a girl on national tv? I've never seen someone look so funny in my life. Two earrings, a blue sweater and blue bow tie. I started laughing the minute I saw him. He shows zero remorse!! Rhianna must not be too smart if she thinks this is the best she can do. OMG, at least get someone with a brain and who treats women with the respect they deserve. I don't think she will ever get it either, she will hook up again and in time get abused and it will go on forever until he kills her. I've been in an abusive relationship and it never EVER ends.

1875 days ago


I wish the moralistic perfect human beings would leave these kids alone and allow them to live their lives a flawed human beings and grow from their mistakes. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" I would like to meet some of these perfect people and learn how they achieve this great accomplishment of becoming flawless human beings. Life is not black and white, there are many areas that are shades of gray. Darn people, you are not in his head so how do you get to judge his words, what he did was wrong and probably out of character but they should be allowed some privacy on the issue since the LAPD seems to have no moral regulations of keeping celebrities lifestyle out of the media spotlight especially since they are already in it while doing their jobs. I feel so bad for what has been done to RiRi in terms of her pics from the crime ... let them be, I know what it is to love and make mistakes. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US!!!!!

1875 days ago


Tis guy needs to shut his pie hole and GO AWAY! He is making this all about him,he is not sorry,he is saying the things a typical abuser says. Screw it being the one of the worst moments in his life has has he thought about Rihanna and how it was the worst moment in her life!?!? The night I told my now ex-husband I was leaving him due to his constant abusive behavior(made worse by alcohol) the former NAVY SEAL decided to wake me at 2 in the morning to beat me to the point I was out with a concussion and then he went after my then six year old daughter. I can say as a parent that was the single worst moment in my life...being beaten to the degree I was and then not being able to help my daughter. I relive that night every day of my life,I had to be put on anti-anxiety meds,I now sleep with a gun under my mattress(the clip is kept in another location),and nightmares are frequent for both me and my daughter. This is the ugly reality of being on the receiving end of abuse. And I have no doubt Rihanna relives this as well. I could care less about Chris Brown and how dare he get on tv and say he is still in love with her.How dare he continue to drag Rihanna back into this time and time again. This dirt bag needs to go away. He needs to do his court mandated punishment,keep his head down low,and most importantly he needs to shut his mouth. I do not know if he realizes this but what he is doing is still in my opinion is emotional abuse and if he is really sorry for what he did to her he would END this now! I am just so disgusted. And I have no doubt he will do it again.

1875 days ago


Lying dweeb

1875 days ago


#77- that is true but beating a woman is about as bad as it gets and it's not a myth that these people never stop. it's a proven fact, read the statistics. he will abuse again, we all know it and we are concerned about all women that might cross paths with him.

1875 days ago


Who dressed him Pee Wee Herman ?

1875 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

More Chris Brown songs:
You blame be because I'm black,
If I was white you wouldn't think twice about me smack'en mai baby,
It's all about me,
Please forgive me I was young BUT I'm older now,
She was a beyach and deserved it,
I don't remember CRAP,
I'm rich and can get away with anything,
Can't you let this go? *So I can get on with mai life.

1875 days ago

Its getting old    

I agree with comment number nine. This is getting so old. Yeah I'm reading this just to see how liberal people are being. I don't think Chris is being treated the way he is just because he's black. Eminem's ordeal was never made public through the media until he made it public. Chris is young, the only reason he said he didn't remember it is because Larry kept asking him the same question that he didn't feel was right or fair to Rihanna. That's just how Chris is. Chris is only allowed to say so much everyone knows that. Why you think he's lawyer is there? They both were in the wrong if all the reports are actually true. Any no one but them two were there so there's no way to know. Chris took it to far and I'm not saying he is in the right by any means. I hate that only Rihanna's side is out and not Chris's. There's always two sides to every story. If what Chris says is true and Rihanna hit him several times Rihanna deserved to get hit back again not as far as Chris took it. She is no saint here and she should be on the hot sit as well if what she told police is true about the three months incident that happen really took place. She hit him first. That automatically puts up that guard with Chris. I know if I hit my husband I could expect to get hit. And if I'm bold enough to hit him he deserves to hit me back. I think Rihanna hit him, got beat and then played the victum card. Now other women are going to do the same thing. It's funny that in the original police report she said she faked a call to her manager, and in the report TMZ released after his sentencing it says she called her manager her managere didn't answer she and left her a voicemail. That's why I seriously feel there's a lot more that's not being said.
Let Chris have the chance to redeem himself, if it happens again then throw the book at him. This stuff happens every single day. I don't know why it has to always be thrown overboard when any celebrity does it. This liberal world always has double standards. We all make mistakes in our lives regardless of what they may be. We all do. No one here is God, stop acting like you have a right to judge someone else. THY SHALL NOT JUDGE!!!!

1875 days ago


Posted at 11:47AM on Sep 3rd 2009 by Samurai Woman

the judge on earth, judges him to be a convicted FELON

1875 days ago


I want to know what she did!!! Not that I think she deserved it, but WTF, its not like he has a history of violence. Its messed up what he did, but you dont know what she did.

1875 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Me, ma meee me me me me.... I I I I ! Meeee me me me, I I, memememememe.... It's all about me.. Everyone one look!!! It's ME !!!

Signed, Chris Brown

1875 days ago


Will he do it again?
Yes 73%
No 27%
Total Votes: 33,252
Note on Poll Results


1875 days ago


How he didn't land a jail sentence is beyond me.

1875 days ago



Posted at 11:55AM on Sep 3rd 2009 by Its getting old

the judge on earth,judges him to be a CONVICTED FELON and gave him 5 years probated

1875 days ago
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