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Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back

9/3/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he relives his assault on Rihanna every day -- and wishes he could have handled it "totally different."

Brown's full interview with Larry King aired last night, where he said he was still in love with the woman he beat up, played dumb to the past abuse mentioned in his probation report and called the night of the assault, "one of the worst moments of my life."

Brown said he was sorry -- but are you buyin' it?


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robert ball    

I wonder when we're going to start giving these arrogant chumps the kind of punishment they really deserve? As far as I'm concerned, he got off way too easy. I see on TV he's still out walking around and he shouldn't be.

1847 days ago


Rihanna or Rhianna or whatever and this fat baby-faced idiot wearing the ugliest baby blue clothes and being very ugly himself both need to drop out of sight and take his mother with them. She birthed a monster and Rihanna's mother birthed a chippie.

1847 days ago


Of course he will do it again. He's too ignorant to even know what the word "remorse" means. Does he think the bow tie makes him look innocent?? What a joke. He's only concerned about himself and his career and remorseful that he finally got caught. The same goes for his mama.

1847 days ago


Always has that dumb and confused look.

1847 days ago


She was ask'en for it !!! And you only hate be because I'm black

1847 days ago


All of you playing the race card are HILARIOUS! Facts are real problem for you people, aren't they?

1847 days ago


For the 30% that still love Chris Brown

Are you waiting to buy his next CD?

Do you plan to buy a lot of Chris Brown love songs in the future?

Do his songs make you feel all emotional and happy when you hear them?

1847 days ago


what a JERK!!!! he can't recall beating her? don't even post anything about him anymore--he needs to be out of the hollywood spotlight forever!

1847 days ago


He looks like a clown in that bow tie. As for remorse?, only for his ruined career.

His mother is in denial, saying "growing up with abuse, does not make you a abusier." Stupid, lady.

I believe he waited 8 hours to turn himself in, to sober up. He must have been drunk and
went through a jealous rage. Thats why he does not remember much, or why he did it.

Lets not forget, he left her at the scene beaten up, and ran to momma. HE IS A COWARD

1847 days ago


You hypocrites need to give this kid a chance to get his life back on track. Have you ever made a terrible mistake when you were 19?? If your sorry ass was famous, would you like it if the whole world made you remember that mistake for the rest of your life?? Didn't think so.

Give him the same respect you would want your child/teenager to have if it was him/her. He's paying his price for what he did, and unless Rihanna goes on an "anti-Chris Brown rampage", I don't think its any of your business. I bet you don't write bad things about every OTHER guy who has beat on his girlfriend!!! How bout you visit on of the domestic abuse forums and rant and rave about how bad THOSE guys are?

Stop taking everything he does and turning it against him. "Immature media" = TMZ

Get a clue losers!!!

1847 days ago


COME ON PEOPLE GIVE CHRIS BROWN A BREAK!!! Rihanna has moved on so let him. You guys are acting like he killed someone. I bet if the media wasn't in their business she would have taken him back and they would have worked it out. I've seen a closed friend of mines hit by her boyfiend and ever since that day he hasn't put a finger on her. So to all these haters that are saying once he hits you he'll always hit you,that's a lie. you can't judge people, let God do that. Chris is a great performer and I would love to see him back in action. He said he was sorry, let it be. People wasn't saying nothing when Ike beat Tina.(and that was worse than Chris and Ri Ri) He's paying for what he did. It's not our job to keep this going, we have to forgive one another and stop being so angry towards each other. We all have to stand before God on Judgment Day! REMEMBER THAT! I'm sure some of you have skeletons in your closet.

1847 days ago


95. You hypocrites need to give this kid a chance to get his life back on track. ...... He's paying his price for what he did,

Dear 95

I reason for all the anger and disgust is that he didn't pay a price. You or I would have gone to jail!

Chris used his money to buy his way out of any real punishment.

This is the reason that 70% of his fans think this guy did the crime but didn't put in any time.

I don't hate him because he's rich. I hate him because he slipped past our justice system like a spoiled rich baby and didn't learn anything.

In a way you have to feel sorry for him. Buy not going to jail and learning a lesson now, he is doomed to do it again, and next time he might kill someone.

The System let him down because he is rich. He should be in Jail learning something about life.

1847 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Does this light blue sweater and bow tie make mai butt look FAT?

1847 days ago


Hey Jerelyn/ Monica. We know your the same person since your post are basicly identical. You know what happens when you assume right? You look like an ass. You keep leaning on that "waaaahhhh! 'cuz I'm black" crutch and see how far you get in the real world. Of course you'll just blame your own failures and bad decisions on "whitey". Keep deflecting blame and not taking any resposibilty for your own actions.

1847 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Listen up all you people and media trying to make Chris Brown the poster child/man for domestic abuse...BE DONE WITH IT! Where were you all when grey-balls tough-back men were beating up women for years such as Pam Anderson's rocker husband, Bobby Brown, all those rappers etc? Now you are all trying to ruin a 19 year old's life for 1 incident. Yes he was wrong; but does he deserve this tireless assault from the media? Why didn't they attack BeBe Winans the other day? or that evangelist woman's husband who bawled on TV about her husband's abuse? What do you all want, CB's blood ? Is it because Rihanna is half white? I bet if she were a MacDonald's attendant with very dark skin and negroid features,no one would be still attacking Chris Brown. Leave the young man alone. I am tired of the Chris Brown shi*t, tired of the Gosslins'sh*t, and all the other sh*t that we are being fed. And do you all know that it was Rihanna who kept running after this guy; CB wanter to play the field, Rihanna had had her flings with Kanye, Jayzee etc.
BTW I feel CB should not have done the interview, he's not bright enough to manage any interview unless it's about a cd; he's just like the Jackson clan...very little education, therefore should stay away from talking into mics!

Joe Jackson is illiterate; college ed for Michael's kids please!

1847 days ago
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