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Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back

9/3/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he relives his assault on Rihanna every day -- and wishes he could have handled it "totally different."

Brown's full interview with Larry King aired last night, where he said he was still in love with the woman he beat up, played dumb to the past abuse mentioned in his probation report and called the night of the assault, "one of the worst moments of my life."

Brown said he was sorry -- but are you buyin' it?


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I liked the mom, at least she could speak English and appeared remorseful, unlike Chris. Geragos is a huge sleazeball.

1846 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Whats all this crap about?? It was just a love tap & black eye & split lip and messed up face.. She was ask'en for it.. You only hate me because I'm black ... If it was Justin Temberlake this would all be forgotten because he's white.
But.. I love her
Chris Brown
P.S. I don't remember any of it & relive it all every day..
P.P.S. Buy my new C.D.

1846 days ago


I forgive you Chris, and so doed God. You are receiving help and the first step toward recovery is aknowledgement, which you have done. Don't worry too much about nay sayers sometimes people take their problems out on others. Yes domestic voilence is really BAD, I know you are sorry . Now you can focuse on music, Let your real fans enjoy it and let the one who were never a fan anyways continue to cover up their own faults, hopefully they will look at the person in the mirror and get help the way you are. May the Lord Rebuke this problem in Chris Browns life so it will NEVER return again. I speak Faith, Peace ,Love, Overcoming your faults because you are special, talanted, and may God continue to bless you in your lfe. Take Care of yourself. Your sister in Christ and a FAN

1846 days ago


Mr. Chris Brown is nothing but a bastard , no man should put their hands on a woman no matter what the situation. Well, maybe if they were defending their life?- He's not sorry and mostly likely will do it again.

1846 days ago


Slapping around a women is in no way a "mistake" . I've seen comments saying that he is human and that he made a "mistake" and should be given a second chance. What???? A mistake ???

1846 days ago


Chris Brown would have earned a little of my respect back if he had talked honestly and openly about HIS actions during this incident. He could have done that WITHOUT discussing anything Rihanna may have done or said. He wants to have it both ways. He wants his career back, but at the same time, he dosent want to divulge exactly what he did to Rihanna. Im not asking for a play by play, but he could have at least acknowledged that what Rihanna said in the police report was true. THAT would at least show that he is taking FULL responsiblity not only legally, but morally for what he did.

1846 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

It's all about ME !! Ma me me me me, I I I I.. Me.. I.. ME.. It's all about ME!!! .. buy my new c.d.
Love, Chris Rockem Sockem Brown
P.S. She was ask'en for it
P.P.S. you only hate be because I'm black..
P.P.S.S. Can't we just forget it and go back to me making money from YOU?!? ..

1846 days ago

Joe Mama    

Chris Brown is the biggest turd fart ever!! I never did like his punk ass anywayz.

It's good to see Rihanna back in the lime light.

1846 days ago



1846 days ago


//////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ////////////////////////////////////////

//////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ////////////////////////////////////////

1846 days ago

love her!    

Chris are a jerk...a violent offender...the response of seeing the pics on TMZ of the creation that he did to Rihanna is another "forgetful moment" to say "I was like what?" there is something VERY dangerous about Chris Brown...So far he has played the "reborn Christian" when that didn't work he played the "Forgetful" guy and now he is pleading "I am in live with her"...He will do it again maybe not to Rihanna but someone else who is NOT in the public eye...This guy is a BAD person...some people have bad moments but there are people who are rotten from the start like a rotten fruit or veggie..Toss it aside cause it isn't ever gonna get better.

1846 days ago


What a disgrace on so many levels. Don't care if "he's only 20."
His mom shows the enabler he comes from. ALL about Chris...and
saying he still loves Rhianna is NOT the way to honor the victim. He speaks (and so inarticulately at that) like a TRUE ABUSER. Besides "fire truck washing" he needs intense counciling/therapy for many years, not an appearance on Larry King in his "innocent" bow tie, powder blue sweater and double earrings. Chris is a bully and a ball-less coward. Learn to be a real man Chris...despite your childhood traumas, you need to surpass them, not continue repeating the your bull talk on Larry.

1846 days ago


wanna people are so f-ing retarded. Wanna really think Chris forget, how can he forget and it all over the world all the time he right to tell wanna retarded people so, give wumnna something more to talk about and y'all really think he would speak about the exact thing that happen, wunna to malicious.
Chris you did the right thing.

1846 days ago


Once a beater always a beater!!!

1846 days ago


I was married to an abusive man for 4 yrs. The best warning he got after yrs of hitting me, was 25 stiches across his chest and stomache. Afterward, I threw him a towel, unplugged the phone and put the car keys in my pocket (as he had done so many times before). I told him to crawl for help and the next time he raises his hand to me, he would not breathe again. He remarried and to this day hits his wife.

1846 days ago
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