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Jackson Homicide -- Focus Only on Dr. Murray

9/3/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

micheal jackson and dr. conrad murrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the only person the LAPD is focusing on in Michael Jackson's homicide investigation is Dr. Conrad Murray.

TMZ has been reporting for weeks that other Jackson docs have been scrutinized by law enforcement and the L.A. County Coroner's office. Sources say, however, Dr. Murray is the only person in their crosshairs in the homicide investigation.

As for the other docs who prescribed to Michael Jackson, they are by no means in the clear. There is an active investigation on several fronts for fraudulent prescription practices as well as prescribing to an addict.

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Mary Sapp    

Anyone else having trouble posting? Couldn't get anything out there this morning and am back on but still having trouble. Last week they posted the same thing 5 times. If this one doesn't get through I think I've had it.

1874 days ago


This problem with over prescribing is so huge, going after Dr. Murray is like a drop in the bucket.

What happened to Heath Ledger's Dr.s? Of course a lot of them haven't died from it....yet. Rush Limbaugh?

1874 days ago


Can someone PLEASE tell me if there is any type of connection between Prince Aldweed and the Sultan of Burnei?????? I know that they have the same religious beliefs, but is there anything else. Business ties etc....

If you can help, thanks in advanced

P.S sorry if you see this posted more than once, am posting it on all of Michael's threads hoping to get an answer.

1874 days ago


Now that our wonderful Michael has finally been laid to rest, please start proceedings against Murray. Arrest him NOW!!! Sooooo many people are to blame for Michael's great unhappiness e.g. jordy boy, martin "basher" bashir and the ungrateful greedy arvizos etc etc etc. Shame on you ALL. One day you will all get your comeuppance. I wish you had the courage to now admit that you lied about Michael but you probably won't. You're all cowards and greedy cowards at that. Again, shame on you all. RIP Michael. Gone too soon.

1874 days ago


Come on LAPD, why the delay? Arrest the killer quack now...

1874 days ago


I can tell Dr. Murry tried eventhough he performed out of his medical practice. It seems he was definitly not trained in emergency situations. He panic!!!! his mind was too much focus on the money and not on the patient. Because he performed the proceduce several times, he thought nothing would go wrong. In that one moment before Jackson's death, Murray panic and forgot the correct CPR technique (Call 911, place patient on firm surface, keep blood circulating, and clear the airway until help arrive) but, Murray has expertise with the heart, so he should have been fully perpared with his tools. (License revoked)The real culpit I think is Dr. Klein. For years he been using Michael as his human ginny pig.

1873 days ago


Now that Michael has, finally, been laid to rest...arrest the quack now!!! He's a liar and a killer and MUST pay. RIP Michael. gone too soon. xx

1873 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Looking logically’ at the information the media has given. “MR. Michael Jackson” was supposedly addicted to all’ these’ prescription drugs (pain killers were stated at one point) yet none’ of the drugs he was supposedly’ addicted to' were reported found in his blood. The only drugs reported found in his bloodstream, were those administered by dr. Murray’ by his own admission. If MR Michael Jackson was addicted’ to any of the drugs’ he received the day of his death, then’ why did dr. Murray administer them’ willingly? Since’ dr. Murray, believed’ that MR. Michael Jackson was becoming addicted’ to Propofol. How did this addiction occur? Perhaps the fact’ that dr. Murray himself had been giving “MR Michael Jackson” Propofol every night for six week’s may have had something to do with it? Also’ were dr. Murray’s credentials and license current, proper and up-to date for practicing medicine in the state of California, No. The fact’ remains, that dr. Murray is not a trained anesthesiologist’ and was not performing surgery’ dr Murray is culpable, for knowingly’ administering’ Propofol’ causing’ a Man’s death’ and he deserves punishment, plus’ he had no business giving Propofol to begin with! He was treating MR Michael Jackson for insomnia, not performing surgery. Doctors are supposed to treat a symptom’ of an illness’ with appropriate medications, Propofol’ is not an appropriate medication’ for insomnia. If you go into surgery' does your anesthesiologist leave you completely unattended’ in induced coma’ to go to the restroom’ or to make personal phone calls’ while your unconscious’ under anesthesia?

This dr. Murray is guilty of more that just gross negligence. What about the fact that he transported (or had transported) these medications across state lines? What about the fact’ that he had his assistants’ in Houston destroy possible evidence, hindering an investigation? No doctor hires a lawyer immediately after a patient’s death, unless’ they know for a fact’ that they did something wrong! MR. Michael Jackson did not kill himself’ instead he trusted a doctor to take care of him’ who failed to do the job’ he was paid’ and entrusted to do! Since dr. Murray reports to suddenly notice’ MR. Michael Jackson not breathing, then’ logically dr Murray did not witness’ the onset of distress, and if’ dr. Murray detected a slight or weak pulse, the Patient was breathing {Resuscitating} on his own, so why then’ why would CPR even be administered? Why was the upstairs heat maximized? Why was he attempting CPR on the bed, instead’ of the hard surface of the floor’ in the stifling heat, no less? Why would dr. Murray stop “CPR” to run to the kitchen, to tell the chef’ to send up a child’ for witnessing CPR administration’ to body, that’ was later pronounced by paramedics to evidence {blood gravitation} Lividity?

Why’ does dr. Murray not call 911 immediately, because he claims’ he doesn’t know the address’ to the house’ he has been driving to’ every evening’ for two Months? This’ dr. Murray does not have any phone, or access to any household phone, available to call 911’ immediately ‘at first sign of distress, yet’ has a phone available to make other’ phone calls? Then’ dr. Murray insisted’ paramedics continue CPR even after Lividity was noticed (Lividity is blood gravitation’ said to only’ “set in” several hours after death) dr. Murray insisted’ MR. Michael Jackson not be declared dead at his home (home death=immediate autopsy) dr. Murray insisted’ oxygen to be administered in Ambulance {home death= immediate autopsy} dr. Murray refused’ to sign the death certificate (avoiding liability) dr. Murray avoids’ police questions for several day’s’ following MR. Michael Jackson's death, thus’ allowing day’s of Crime Scene contamination with all homes content’s removal, plus’ real possibility of evidence destruction, allowing time to contact office assistant Stacey Howe’ to possibly interfere with evidence at his Los Vegas properties!

It’s reported that it takes at least 40 mg of Propofol to even put someone to sleep, yet dr. Murray states’ he only gave MR Michael Jackson 25 mg. If you are attempting to help him sleep, why even administer a dose so small that he will not’ go to sleep? Why the Iv therapy pole and Propofol bag’ if only’ the 25 mg. bottle was administered directly by port? If he only administered 25 mg, why did the autopsy, find’ a lethal dose? Propofol is said to leave the blood stream very rapidly, so’ for a lethal do

1873 days ago


I think we will find out that the PROPOFOL was more of a "Continuous Drip" through a pump of some kind...there is no other way to keep him under with that drug. A drip is a drastic intervention in a home care setting.... OMG! No wonder they are calling it a homicide~ injection by another (Conrad). Dr. have broken the hearts of Michael Jackson fans around the globe!

1872 days ago


For heaven's sake...ARREST HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1865 days ago
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