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Jackson Homicide -- Focus Only on Dr. Murray

9/3/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

micheal jackson and dr. conrad murrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the only person the LAPD is focusing on in Michael Jackson's homicide investigation is Dr. Conrad Murray.

TMZ has been reporting for weeks that other Jackson docs have been scrutinized by law enforcement and the L.A. County Coroner's office. Sources say, however, Dr. Murray is the only person in their crosshairs in the homicide investigation.

As for the other docs who prescribed to Michael Jackson, they are by no means in the clear. There is an active investigation on several fronts for fraudulent prescription practices as well as prescribing to an addict.

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RIP Michael Jackson I love you more!

Time for Murray to be pay for his crime. Him first, because he killed My Michael.

1845 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Dr. Murray will probably be held responsible by the Medical Board for providing the propofol outside the hospital but if he only was giving him 25 mg on drip and Michael came too after 5 minutes, then Michael could have turned up the drip himself. After all, he had been taking 400... ??
Getting to the security tapes.. these hold the answers to what happen with Michael and who was involved. What's interesting about all of this... The personal tapes of Michael's were being released following his death. The one tape of the Pepsi Commercial was never to be released because Michael didn't want it aired. Their was one copy that Sony gave Michael. The personal home videos of his children were probably also with the tapes that were found and released.
Conclusion: The person with the tapes probably also has the security tapes missing from his home. LAPD.. follow the money... Who's making it... ????? My Opinion Only...

1845 days ago


is the police even looking for the missing tapes? it took to long for them to even talk to people who were in the house the day michael died.Total sham!!!

1845 days ago


Since Dr. Murray failed to turn himself in to service Jail Time as ordered by the Courts for neglected child support payments - I hope the courts see Dr. Murray as a risk and deny bail when he is finally arrested for the Murder of Michael Jackson.

The first thing Dr. Murray did was get himself an Attorney and you know the first thing Dr. Murray planned with his Attorney is bail when arrested. In fact, the missing money from Michael Jackson home might be the bail money Dr. Murray has stashed away for bail.

1845 days ago

Illuminati killed MJ    

Other people are also involved in MJ's death : MOTTOLA/SONY !!!!!!

1845 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

The staff was immediately relieved of their services.. They only had brief interviews that day. The staff is wanting to talk but no one is taking the time to fly to UK to question them.

1845 days ago


MJ is finally being laid to rest today and still this poor excuse for a doctor has not been charged. He admitted giving him propofol, the toxicology confirms MJ died as a result of this and yet this man is still out there, I dont understand this. As for Klein, well, he needs to be brought to account to, but I have a feeling he will get away with it.

R.I.P. Michael we love & miss you xxx

1845 days ago


when is this jackass gonna be arrested...I am getting so disgusted with this...he is an unethical monster...why is he allowed to be free to roam around where he could possibly leave the country let alone take another life!!!!

1845 days ago


To the haters and kids on this board who think they are making hilarious comments: You're not funny. MJ did more to entertain and be artistic (and more money) in a month of his life than you will probably do in all of yours, and most people here know it.

When an ordinary nobody comes here and calls MJ a loser, it's just pathetic. You don't even upset us, we just glance over your posts like we would garbage bins in the street, so save your energy and go out and do something useful for someone. Why not just e-mail each other your comments?

1845 days ago



1845 days ago


Well, duh.

1845 days ago


Michael Jackson is the purest diamond that can exist. His music, his soul were and will remain unique.

1845 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

The only person that knew that Michael had a Million dollars on hand was La Toya.. she said it herself. OOPS

The missing jewelry and Money..

Robbery/Homicide would have taken a report.

No crime was reported by the family... only La Toya.

How many times are you going to cry.. Wolf!!

She also said, " A White Doctor killed my brother".

I've been looking at Dr. Murray's picture and he's not changing color yet... What gives La Toya...

The Family landed on his Home that afternoon going through his personal property.. Tapes are missing along with everything else. By the way, boycott 20/20 and the View... Her presents at the Aids charity giving out food.. sad How much charity work did she do in the past????

Trying to promote her album with the release of "Home" this is all old music she tried to release before and now she thinks because of Michael's death.. it will sell.

I see the item's of Michael's are losing sales on ebay. They family has hindered the created promotional opportunities because of the family greed. Keep it up and they will be losing everything. My Opinion Only...

1845 days ago


Just a few reasons why Michael Jackson sucks:

He bought the Beatle's work out from under a Beatle
He married a mentally-unstable gal (Presley) to convince the world that he's straight, then dumped her, thus making her even more unstable
He put his children in danger of falling off buildings
he puts his "children" in danger of being trampled by the media while he looks at "the monkey cage!"
he thinks the world is stupid enough to believe that he's never had a nose or lip job, that he just woke up with milk-colored skin, and that his chin is the result of "puberty"

1845 days ago


What’s white, stiff and cold?
Michael Jackson’s corpse.

How many Michael Jackson’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Zero. Michael Jackson is dead.

How Does Michael Jackson Pick His Nose?
From a catalogue.

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a plastic bag?
Plastic Bags don’t die.

So.. Michael Jackson walks into a bar. Oh, wait…

What time does Michael Jackson go to bed?
When the big hand touches the little hand.

Why did Michael Jackson stop breathing?
His nose fell off.

Why does Michael Jackson like 28 year olds?
Because he’s dead.

What do Michael Jackson and the so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq share in common?
They both don’t exist.

Michael Jackson is so dead that he hasn’t been this stiff since McCauley Caulkin slept over at Never land Ranch.

Why did Michael Jackson convert to Islam on his deathbed?
He heard he would be greeted in heaven by seventy two year old virgins.

What were Michael Jackson’s last words before he died?
I’m coming baby Jesus!

So… It looks like Michael Jackson was finally arrested
Cardiac arrested!

Why did Michael Jackson cross the road?
To get to the other little boy.

What’s the difference between Steve Irwin and Michael Jackson?
Nothing. They’re both dead.

After hearing Michael Jackson had died, Madeleine McCann has finally come out of hiding.

Disney expressed their sadness over Michael Jackson’s death, and also celebrated that now only Disney movie’s will be the only things to touch children.

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson’s corpse and a trampoline?
When you jump on a trampoline, you take your boots off.

What was Michael Jackson’s last hit?
The floor.

1845 days ago
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