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Jackson Homicide -- Focus Only on Dr. Murray

9/3/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

micheal jackson and dr. conrad murrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the only person the LAPD is focusing on in Michael Jackson's homicide investigation is Dr. Conrad Murray.

TMZ has been reporting for weeks that other Jackson docs have been scrutinized by law enforcement and the L.A. County Coroner's office. Sources say, however, Dr. Murray is the only person in their crosshairs in the homicide investigation.

As for the other docs who prescribed to Michael Jackson, they are by no means in the clear. There is an active investigation on several fronts for fraudulent prescription practices as well as prescribing to an addict.

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Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Lizzie... The home was contaminated after his death. Their are many unanswered questions about what took place in Michael's home.

Dr. Murray will probably be charged with medical neglect for giving propofol but for his Michael's death.. Questionable

1843 days ago


Whether you liked MJ or not, this is about a 'doctor' who was supposed to be caring for a patient but instead used a many drugs-one that should never be used by him or outside a hospital- to tranquilize a patient. This doctor was trusted to ensure the safety of his patient. He should have put MJ in rehab, not become another paid enabler. The greed factor knows no boundaries---our lawyers, judges, doctors will do nything for the money, much like the crak dealer on the corner. Frieghtenine.

1843 days ago


I am sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson this and Michael Jackson that. Michael Jackson has been a “has been” for a LONG time! For the last 10 years his only use to society was as comic relief as he steadily changed from black to pasty white, and wore progressively more idiotic outfits and masks.

Personally, I think the media is hyping this up so much because they are pissed off that they aren’t going to be able to use him anymore for their celebrity rag magazines and tabloid headlines, so they are milking it for all it’s worth one last time!

Now, I’m not bashing his music, though I am personally not a fan, but he hasn’t done anything new/good in a LONG time! He didn’t take his music with him to the grave, so no loss there. If anything the record companies are going to get a nice boost in sales. There really appears to be no reason to mourn his death, except perhaps for the people stupid enough to purchase tickets for his “comeback” tour.

Another thing I don’t get. What is with the hype from the black community about some great loss? Michael Jackson hasn’t been black since I was a little kid! Although I have to admit, it would be pretty funny if the mortician made him look black again…Heck, I might even watch the funeral to see that

Seriously though, I am sick and tired of hearing, reading and seeing nothing but MJ MJ MJ everywhere. He’s dead. The world is probably better off, but at the very least no worse off for it.

In memory of the Michael Jackson I knew and most certainly didn’t love, I’ll close with a few words:

“The tone deaf mourn, while little boys everywhere rejoice!”

“Due to the fact that Michael Jackson is 99% plastic, he will be melted down into LEGO blocks so little kids can play with him for a change.”

1843 days ago


Hey Dolman
Its sad that everybody dies. But in the end, I agree with you has has not been a valuable person to the economy or even to people who loved him for his music.

It would have been different had he not been so weird, much of his habits remind me of some one with an addiction.

Too bad he had so much to give he just wasted it all for the last 10 years. Makes me look at my self a little and think what have I done in the last ten years? Am I who I want to be today?

Do i have weird habits ? lol

1843 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

right now 2 months ago when michael jackson died i was reading indiana jones and crystal skull
at my mother's job sunday august 23rd i am looking at van halen right now

1843 days ago


Krishna if you truly believe that you are one dumb bitch.

1843 days ago



1843 days ago


Its just a case of Michael went looking for another "DR Feelgood" and he finally ran into a "DR kvorkian".

1843 days ago


He was always making music the reason the public hadn't had the chance to enjoy it was down to the haters and the media types like dd,ts,mb,vg,etc, who hounded him since 1993. The guy was innocent! two juries refused to indict 1993 case and he was acquited in 2005. Let's hope the people still trashing him don't get accused of such crimes. La toya knew what was in the safe because Prince told her.

1843 days ago


Michael Jackson is the purest diamond that can exist. His music, his soul were and will remain unique

1843 days ago



Dr. Murray killed MJ with his "negligence and greed" and spent hours covering up his mistakes. Hello ... a crime has been committed.
The global world is watching to see if the LAPD will be able to solve this crime and ACQUIRE the missing video tape from the room.

1843 days ago


AIG booked 40 more concerts than Jackson signed-up to do.

AIG insured Jackson in case of an overdose.

The insurance company insured a drug addict.

If you want to get away with killing someone...

o.d. a drug addict.

This DR. is taking the fall.

If he doesn't...

they'll kill his family.

The music industry is run by the mob.

I feel sorry for the schmuck.

1843 days ago

doc murry    

use condoms,I wish I had

1843 days ago


@48. I totally agree with you. Don't think anyone will ever be convicted. Most certainly important evidence has long been destroyed or locked away. Dr. Murray and his lawyers have had lots of time to build up a strong defense case.

Moreover, charging doctors is difficult anyway and rarely succesful.

And you can't dismiss the fact, that you can't blame others only. As an addict MJ bears part of the guilt too. Murray for sure will blow the whistle on that.

And to all the people blaming the docs (and please I am not a hater, quite to the contrary): I don't think that doctors were cajoling Michael into using Propofol as a sleep aide. Michael for sure wasn't stupid and got himself informed about all kinds of things. So I think it was probably the other way round: Michael knew anaesthetics from his surgeries and probably thought that this was a good way out when in distress and tried to convince the doctors to give it to him. Remember how the nutrition practitioner told that he begged her to find someone and that he was willing to pay any amount. And eventually for the right amount he found someone. Sad but true. Was that right? No, not all - neither from the one nor from the other.

48. They will never convict Dr. Murray on murder charges. It only take one person to oppose and it's going to be a problem for the prosecution. Too many hands in the pot involving this case. All the enable's, doctor's and anyone who could profit from his death. Michael's home was contaminated by anyone coming into his home at the time of death and during the time the investigation was on going at his home. Time of death to the following Monday.

The Jackson Family ( Joe, Katherine, all the Brother's and Sister's) were in his home searching for personal property and anything could have been done.

Two moving van's .... eight movers. The personal staff of Michael. Dr. Murray is not the only one responsible for the untimely death of Michael. Who's to say, being that Michael couldn't get to sleep with what Dr. Murray first gave him and he left the room, Michael could have taken something himself. He had medications on hand he could have taken orally.

Any illegal drugs or other medications could have been brought into his home by any person entering his home on the day of death and the following couple of days before LAPD closed off the house.

The security tapes were removed... Why?? Did it show what was in fact going on in his home after he was sent to the hospital and pronounced dead? These tapes hold the answers to everything.

Why didn't a hospital administrator release the information about Michael instead of Jermanine?

Just more questions... unanswered. When LAPD starts asking the right people the right questions.. The will all fall into place like a puzzle.

Now... When do you think tickets will be offered by the family for private viewing's of Michael and at what cost? Auctions maybe on ebay... personal web sites?

Read more:

1843 days ago


Wonderful comments RS and MJ You are not alone

1843 days ago
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