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Tyra's Assistant:

You Owe Me Bank

9/3/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyra BanksUpdate: A rep for Tyra says Richard Thomas was never employed by Bankable, its respective entities, or by Tyra's talk show, or 'Top Model'.

Tyra Banks' former assistant wants a small piece of her fortune -- actually, he wants a small claims court piece.

TMZ picked up a small claims lawsuit filed in L.A County by Richard Thomas, who claims Miss Banks owes him $5,820.

Thomas is suing for back wages plus a little extra. The complaint says Thomas wants the money for "services rendered as assistant and advisor."

We're not sure how much he wants as an advisor.

And this is funny... the legal documents require Thomas to ask Tyra for the money prior to filing suit.

His response to that: "I have not been able to catch [Tyra] while she is in."

Doesn't sound like a great assistant to us.

No comment from Tyra -- we couldn't get in touch either.


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George William Gockel    

I am a true fan of Tyra Banks. I also am a huge fan of Tyra Banks. I love Tyra Banks. I really really do care about Tyra Banks. I really really am concerned about Tyra Banks. I watch Tyra Banks TV show Tyra at least twice a day. To see Tyra Banks totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks is one of my babes. And Tyra Banks and I will meet each other on purpose.

1877 days ago

amy white    

here is some inside info on that guy who sued tyra banks. well, it seems that when he is a little tipsy he let it slip that he was in love with tyra banks, that she wont forgive him for a lawsuit/ that he filed for 5k, he wont confirm or deny his love for tyra banks, i have heaqrd that he loves her very much but i could not get him to take sides on the issue. but i think that he is, because when someone showed him a photo of her, tears immedialty came to his eyes aqnd he left the room. well, i must say that perhaps what is not said is much better that what is said. i am trying to get a good picture of this guy, even thouth i dont date guys like him, i would make an exception with this one, he is fine as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and believe me (i-am-not-joking!!!) he carries himself like billy-d but he lokks like rick fox to me but finer. a lot finer. the women down here are intimidated by his looks. they say bad things about him but he is fine for real. no joke at all. the sky is blue and he is fine, real fine, get a photo and ask that colored girl that works for you and see what she says. and you will see. thios guy could be a story all by himself really but with the tyra situation viewers can finaly get a glimpse of this guy. he even walks like hes fine. he tracels to chicago a lot on the metra train form kenosha wi to chicago, il, harvey i feel that the world need sto see this guy. hey hes even smart. now thats crazy. hes real real smart. gifted with words that i have never heard used before. i will send you a good photo of this guy as soon as i can get a copy.

1307 days ago


i secured some photos of the so called tyra banks beau, the same guy that sued tyra for 5k. it seems that she wont forgive him now. and insiders say that they have been in love with each other for years!!!!!!!!!!!!! he wont affirm or deny? whats up with that? what is the real truth? he wont say anything bad nor will he admit or deny love for her or from her in the past present. i want you to dig up the truth not a variation thereof. i cant use my real e-mail, for i am leary of this guy. he might takt it as betrayal. but i will tell you that his e-mail address is guess what????????????!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "" that is addittional reason to dig up this mystery. the guy has been shot 7 times, twice in the head, paralyzed from the neck down for about 2 yrs. and now is back on his feet as oif nothing happened. he has a look that :says something". i dont want to say much more, but this is all i am willing to give at this point . sorry i cant give more. thought he might be a good story. his real name is richard andrew thomas born in chicago il

1307 days ago
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