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Jenkins' Sister: 'Jasmine Was a Show Off'

9/4/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' sister, Alena, was just on "GMA" -- where they asked her, flat-out, about the photos we posted this morning of Jasmine Fiore kissing her ex-husband just days before her murder.

Alena Jenkins: Click to watch
Though she says she didn't know about Jasmine's ex, Alena said Ryan probably wouldn't have been surprised about the pics -- because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" who "would quite often expose her breasts in public."

Also interesting: Alena refused to answer when asked if she drove Ryan to the hotel where he later killed himself.


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I agree with Vegas ... the girl is 19 years old. She should have been advised not to do that interview, though I think she did a pretty good job. It's all about perception ... obviously from the comments here, she exuded an arrogant tone and very little sensitivity to the brutally murdered Jasmine. I don't think this was Alena's intention (I hope not), but as someone else wrote here, if you don't have public relations knowledge, choice of words can come back to haunt you. Clearly people here are not impressed with the girl.

1817 days ago


This no moral slut deserve to go to hell, no excuse about it! That is a good example for all the female dogs who disrespect their men. Go to hell slut!

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

Vegas bite me. Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.

Unless she's mentally retarded and needing nurse maiding... She's an adult. She can manage.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

TMZ!!!! You left out the majority of this interview:

"The sister of hanged fugitive Ryan Jenkins spoke publicly for the first time yesterday, saying she had been in communication with her brother days before his suicide."

"He seemed somewhat normal but he was very, very distraught over his wife," she said.

"He just continued to say how much he loved her and he couldn't believe this had happened to both of their lives."

"Until proven without a doubt, I have to say that I believe my brother is innocent," she said.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

Wait nevermind maybe she is retarded:

Alena Jenkins says she can't explain why her brother went on the run and then took his own life after Fiore's killing.

"I'm sure that he was distraught. I'm sure that this media coverage and everything had something to do with it also. I hold onto the thought that he couldn't possibly do this and you know, until proven without a doubt, I have to say that I believe that my brother is innocent"

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

The whole interview

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

Questioner No I wouldn't expect you to get the point.
Technically she is an ADULT. I don't care about your lame excuses for her. Then she shouldn't have subjected herself to an interview. Period. Stupid move and too soon for her to be yapping.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

Wow. There's a fully nude picture at the bottom in the scroll part.
If she's not an adult someones got some explaining to do!!!! and there's the famous bondage pics too! You go girl.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

1817 days ago


Thanks Sad Sad for posting those Alena photos, I was looking for those. Judging by the one of her in the trunk, I think RJ was practising on her haha

What is with this family and flakiness ??? The children are flakes, they're dating flakes, and all their friends are flakes. And I find it funny how the sister appears conservative in the interview (as if she's a defendant), yet her BDSM photos paint another picture. Yikes.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

lmao oh that's bad. Personally, I have no issue with the photos but someone seems to. AJ in Vancouver I think it is? They took them down and is posting lawsuit threats on sites unless you have license(funny funny).It's profit time for them.

I can't figure out why she did that interview right now. The case is still open. Now the whole family has admitted in one way or the other have been in contact with him. Don't these guys have attorneys to tell them to zip it right now? Her and the aunt on camera are like ....why? Dad and mom now have made idiotic comments. I'm thinking god just don't speak right now.

1817 days ago

Sad sad    

I never stated Ryan's dad and mom were together. Fiore's mom has more reason to talk right now her daughter was brutally murdered. Ryan killed himself I don't have much pity for that in this case. And don't go twisting my words (as you like to do).I'm not heartless cause I do feel sorry for his families loss. That's it. Other than that on how they conducted themselves is a whole different story.

1816 days ago

Sad sad    

They do NOT know for certain he did NOT do it. They are HOPING. They should have just stated we are waiting to see what the evidence reveals. We hope our son didn't have anything to do with this heinous crime. We are sorry for the loss of Fiore we are also grieving at this time yada yada then quiet. Not this nonsense above and such because when they do find out he did they will see how hurtful it is to the opposite party. The more they talk it reveals more about them and I don't think it's very smart at this early of time. Then again you think I AM Robert Hasman and you went out of your way and called the hotel trying to find out about sneeking a body from the patio lmfao. You know they do have a website with pics? Cuckoo!

1816 days ago

Sad sad    

Ronnie they should employ that here. I don't know much about Canada nor do I get the jokes. I've never been there.

1816 days ago


For Ryan to be physically violent as evidenced by his PROBATION and prior CONVICTION leaves a lot of questions as to his childhood. Did he grow up in a family where physical violence was part of his every day life?

Was his father physcially and verbally abusive to his former wives? He's been married three times, that doesn't speak highly of his ability to succeed in a relationship.

Did Ryan's father abuse him and his sister?

Remember me
Ryan must have felt the need to dominate and control, when angered he was violent, abusive and out of control. He attempted to control the women in his life yet he couldn't control himself.

Ryan's behavior was demonic, raging and brutal otherwise he wouldn't have been on probation and in the court system for physical battery.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

1816 days ago
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