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Celeb MJ Impersonator at Jackson After-Party

9/4/2009 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Michael Jackson's burial last night at Forest Lawn, his famous friends and family members gathered at an Italian restaurant in Pasadena for one last hurrah ... with one star busting out a fedora and an MJ dance move for a quick Jacko tribute.

La Toya, Corey & Sharpton: Click to watch
After La Toya, Tito and Reverend Al Sharpton left the joint, it was MJ's old friend Corey Feldman who made the crowd go nuts by the valet stand. Sure, it was a little fame-whorish, but it was also kinda sweet...


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Mary Sapp    

Someone "in the know" at the after party revealed that Dr. Murray was ensconced in an upstairs office of the restaurant all evening and into the wee hours of the morning, administering doses of valium and ativan to guests who were apparently overwrought with excitement and anxiety.

Although he remained quiet and out of view of the guests, a waiter did at one point hear him shriek (and I quote), "Who brought these doughnuts up in this bitch? Man, them MFs taste like sh*t).

1841 days ago


Corey didn't seem to give MJ much love a few years ago when he was publicly trashing him. What a total ass. He shouldn't even be there.

1841 days ago

Flame from Berlin    

Dr.Susan Etok is the purest joke!

1841 days ago

Congressman ron paul    

I just sent prove that michael jackson is the father of prince .

1841 days ago


Quote from Corey Feldman:

"Jackson, however, "never did anything out of line," Feldman told police detectives. "I mean, the closest he ever came to touching me was maybe slapping me on the leg once to talk about that I had lost weight."

"Feldman told "20/20" that he's defended Jackson "up and down" with both the public and the police. "I did what I believed was right as a friend," he said. " 'No, he's not gay. No, he's not a weirdo.' You don't understand the toll that it takes, having to be friends with somebody like Michael Jackson, because you spend your whole life defending [him].""

1841 days ago


The poster "unconditional love" says it all, Even my mama who passed away in 2001 at 70 years old loved him. She used to say, "I'm still praying for that little Jackson boy. He seems so alone and is misunderstood." Mama, I hope you give him a hug for me.

1841 days ago


They were late arriving for the funeral because they were busy filming reshoots for their upcoming reality show (Jackson 9 Minus 1). They let him lay around for 70 days, plenty of time for a full season of their show (the days after the death leading up to the funeral). The whole season will be the heart breaking day to day struggle of losing their sibling with the season finale being the funeral. They are betting people will watch-I for one will not.

1841 days ago


Did anyone see Omer Bhatti at the burial? I didn't, but he may have been there anyway. He hasn't logged on to his YouTube channel in 6 days, which is unusual for him.

1841 days ago


yu know i have been thinking of michael jackson and really mourning his loss because his music has been a staple in my life for years .and yet i havent bought an album in years..why did i ever stop liking him,no...did i believe the trash that wasput out about him? realised i really took having micheal jackson around for granted .how stupid .the music i have paid for was brittany spears, the frey,hillary duff at one time,goo goo dolls.....i have children who are bleeding me dry!!love mj but he was on the back burner same as me.well these kids can buy treir own crappy music from now on ..and i gonna see the movie.i miss you more mj

1841 days ago


#114-lankandiva Hurts- Hey back my Aussie friend! It's funny after the conversation we had yesterday about the time the burial service would be shown & how we wanted to make sure we didn't miss it; my d..n electric went off 20 minutes into the coverage. I put up a post about it. I was just sick! Had to catch it in the wee hours of this A.M. in it's "pre-recorded" version. AHHHHH!! I couldn't even get over that! I've had to get caught up online this morning. I saw sue's response to you. Surprisingly, I DO feel a bit better. I think I've come to the conclusion that I'll ALWAYS miss him but I don't feel quite as "raw" as I did. More at peace with him not being in "limbo" in a freezer somewhere. I know his essence was gone on 6/25 but somehow this burial service helped me feel feel less sad. When I saw the kids(little Blanket covering his face with the program from the service cracked me up-that's a "little Michael" in the making there!)& the portraits of Michael on display I sorta lost it. Hey, I just got my MJ t-shirt in the mail as well! I bought the London o2 2nd event green t-shirt. I won't wear it until I go to the 'This Is It' movie/concert in October though!! I do keep looking at it though!! lol!(goofy). 'Jackson Family Values'-Margaret Maldonado-that's one book I haven't heard of & I thought I knew the name's of all of them floating around out there. I'll check it out. Thank You. I hope you are feeling better. I think it's going to take a very long time for all of us.

1841 days ago


@119 while my guitar gently weeps…Yes, great post. My post first appeared under another thread several days ago. We’re all privy to the same info from various media and the majority of Michael’s fans are on the same page as far as the conclusion, and many (including myself) believe that Murray will be arrested and put away for a LONG, LONG time!

1841 days ago


Corey Feldman pee'd on my shoe once in a movie theater bathroom. No joke. I'm at the urinal, some short drunk guy starts whizzing on my shoe and I look over to see Corey Feldman who abruptly nearly falls into the urinal. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag.

So when are they gonna arrest this doc?

1841 days ago


I never read tabloids, and I don't believe a single word they say, but Daily Mail has a photo of Omer Bhatti arriving at the Jackson's Encino home before the funeral and they say he was there, so since they have the photo, I guess he was there.

1841 days ago


#151-Dee63- Your post was touching & made me smile:)

1841 days ago


Incredulous you must work for the media. Spreading your lies. Get your facts straight before you slander anyone. He did not try to abandon his race, he had skin disease. Have you been asleep, because the world knows that. You obviously never listened to his music, because it is very meaningful. Chandler's father used his son to swindle MJ out of $20 mil. (and now Chandler is pressing charges on his father for trying to kill him by hitting him over the head with 12 lb. weights). Francia's mother sued MJ for tickling her son. According to Larry King, Chandler's attorney told him the Arvizo mother was a wacko who was out for Jackson's money. He was actually going to represent her in the civil case against MJ. She coached her children to lie. Had them enrolled in acting school. Gavin was caught stealing in J.C. Penney's and security approached them so she sued J.C. Penny's for $153,000 for sexual harassment, because she accused them of beating her up and twisting her nipples 25 times in the parking lot & her children were her only witnesses. She did not have a hair out of place when they took her to the police dept. They settled out of court. They didn't want the bad publicity, you know, like the most famous person in the world (MJ) didn't want it. As far as the unidentified boy, never heard of that. Culkin was never molested and he testified to that in court. The only thing MJ is guilty of is opening up his home & letting some evil people get so close to him. As far as his surgeries & his spending goes, that's nobody's business. There are lots of people in this country who are deep in debt to the IRS & spend a lot more than they earn. At lease MJ didn't owe the IRS. Even as a child he was super sensitive, and with all the horrible things being said and believed about him, if he took drugs to numb him, I feel I can't judge him for that.

1841 days ago
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