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Celeb MJ Impersonator at Jackson After-Party

9/4/2009 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Michael Jackson's burial last night at Forest Lawn, his famous friends and family members gathered at an Italian restaurant in Pasadena for one last hurrah ... with one star busting out a fedora and an MJ dance move for a quick Jacko tribute.

La Toya, Corey & Sharpton: Click to watch
After La Toya, Tito and Reverend Al Sharpton left the joint, it was MJ's old friend Corey Feldman who made the crowd go nuts by the valet stand. Sure, it was a little fame-whorish, but it was also kinda sweet...


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@187, Were you on drugs when you picked you name? You are one major sour whore!

1854 days ago


I had read somwhere this morning that the reason they purchased so many crypts is that so no one who might breach Forest Lawns security would know which one Michael was in.

Also after looking at the video provided on YouTube I saw that Tatiana Thumbtzen was also at the funeral.

1854 days ago

Ed Butt    

Is Michael gone. Really gone, forever, all of him, every last little bit. Don't believe it. Most of Michael Jackson buried

1854 days ago



from brancarocks and athena for people to contact et about diane dimond and her possible removal. I thought you might like to see it.

Athena suggested this sample text that all are free to use. See below:

Please be advised that I will boycott your program as long as Diane Dimond is in your employ. After Michael Jackson died, I took it upon myself to read any and everything I could find, including Dimond’s book, so as to reach my own conclusions as to his guilt or innocence. In the end, I was appalled at the flimsy case mounted by the Santa Barbara D.A., and fueled by irresponsible journalists such as Dimond. Michael Jackson’s death does not speak to his weakness; it speaks to his humanity. No human could withstand such an onslaught of salacious, lurid gossip. Shame on Diane Dimond!


Posted at 2:44PM on Sep 4th 2009 by Jan








1854 days ago


you know i was thinking of that corey kid who said it was hard to be mj friend because he constantly had to defend him ..thats kinda true .i cant tell you how many times i have stuck up fr the guy over the summer with people just repeating all the molestation stuff like he was not exonerated..weird..when you correct them on the facts they really dont care,, their mind is made up..what is about mj that could bring out the very best and the very worst inpeople. hid talent was phenominal..his generosity too..always really kind andconsiderate ..why is that? i really hope the police dont drop the ball on this one..i dont think murray is the only one going down or they would have arrested him by now.i was watching the full version of the ghost music video where the old man is tom sneddon as the ghost of jealousy.he was just such an incredible full of life and energy...such a waste by all those enablers.may peace be with him and his family

1854 days ago


189. ...
That's really the important question.
It's really time for justice now.Let's pray the killers don't have enough of their people in the right places to sabotage it.MJ's soul will never RIP as long as the killers who took him away from his kids,family,friends and fans can be brought to justice.We need to focus on that.

Posted at 3:20PM on Sep 4th 2009 by Will you be there?


Agree. Law enforcement must complete their investigations and understandbly cannot divulge much to the public in the process. We have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, we need to do whatever we can to get MARTIN BASHIR and DIANE DIMOND REMOVED for what they did/are doing to Michael -- their madness must STOP!

1854 days ago


I allowed haters to chase me away once before but this time I'm leaving by choice. I want to keep Michael's legacy alive and, unfortunately, I find tht some of the comments made here are counterproductive. Michael tried to teach us to be kind, non-judgmental and compassionate. Sadly, some of us didn't learn much from his lessons.

Thanks for the memories, TMZ. I'm going to Larry King's place where all the good students live.

1854 days ago


I hope they stuffed his mouth with garlic and drove a stake through his heart so he stays where he's put.

1854 days ago


i resent bashir and dimond they suck...i just wonder where the chandlers are .i know they changed their names. i knoe in my heart it was eztortion .i wish tmz would go look for them .take them out with the rest of the trash what hey did to mj was like an assination

1854 days ago


I Still hurt that you are gone Michael.
Rest in peace and I love you.

1854 days ago



Much has been made about Katherine’s age, 79, and whether she was up to caring for Michael’s kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket. One person in direct contact with Katherine says she’s feeling the stress of having the kids on a daily basis, and she might reach out for help. She won’t turn to Diana Ross, though. “There have been conversations about Debbie Rowe spending more time with the kids,” said the source. “There’s nothing set yet, but there are conversations within the family about Debbie being more involved. It’s hard on Katherine.”


Hard on her!!! Then why did she fight for custody - the answer is MONEY. Greedy Biatch just want the money and control. Now she's looking to dump the day to day responsibility of raising them on someone else. Funny, she not complaining about the stress of raising her blood sucking worthless other children’s kids. But when it comes to Michael's kids, it too much for her. Those poor, poor kids. They will be shuffled around like unwanted garage. The filthy Jackson clan will not do right by them.

Posted at 3:17PM on Sep 4th 2009 by SweetFox

I've noticed that MSNBC has been lying their asses off as much as any tabloid. Don't believe a thing they and their "unnamed sources" say. This nonsense about Katherine wanting Debbie Rowe to take the kids more is obviously a lie. That's the last thing the Jacksons would want. The Jacksons have all kinds of help taking care of the kids, from family members, a nanny, a tutor, etc. So this is absolute crap. MJ said that the tabloids were bad, but that the ones who disguise themselves as regular news publications are even worse. MSNBC is on my ignore list.

1854 days ago


02-11-2005, 11:07 PM #1
John Osen

Corey Feldman's Michael Memories
What if they put Michael Jackson (news) on trial, and a former child star reunion broke out. The world may soon find out. Goonies alum Corey Feldman (news) has been subpoenaed to testify at Jackson's upcoming child-molestation trial, ABC News reported Thursday.

Feldman joins a growing cast of potential prosecution witnesses with ties to the young Hollywood scene of the 1980s and 1990s. Macaulay Culkin (news) (Home Alone) and Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) may be called to court as well.

Like Culkin and Lewis, Feldman hung out with Jackson when he was a young teenager, and the pop star was not.

Feldman, now 33, and possessed of recent credits such as Serial Killing 4 Dummys, is the first ex-child actor reported to have received a subpoena. ABC News says he's to appear in court on March 15.

Jackson, 46, faces 10 counts of molesting a child who is believed to be a recovered cancer patient now 15, conspiracy and plying the child with wine. He has pleaded innocent to all charges.

If prosecutors are looking for Feldman to lead them to the smoking gun, as it were, it seems doubtful he'll be the guide. But he could be used as a linking device to reputed evidence.

In an interview to air Friday on ABC's 20/20, Feldman tells famed Jackson journalist Martin Bashir that Jackson never molested him. (Bashir himself has been subpoenaed to testify at the singer's currently on-hold trial.)

While Feldman has no tales of wrongdoing to share, the Stand by Me star tells 20/20 that, in hindsight, he considers some of Jackson's actions with him "inappropriate."

Once, while stopping at Jackson's apartment on the way to Disneyland, Feldman said he found a book on the singer's coffee table.

"The book contained pictures of grown men and women naked," Feldman tells 20/20. "And the book focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia."

Feldman, who was then about 13, said Jackson sat down and leafed through the book with him.

"I was kind of grossed out by it. I didn't think of it as a big deal. And for all these years, I probably never thought twice about it," Feldman says on the ABC newsmagazine. "But in light of recent evidence...I have to say that if my son was 14 years old, 13 years old, and went to a man's apartment that was 35, and I knew that they were sitting down together talking about this, I would probably beat his ass."

Investigators seized adult magazines, books and DVDs from Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It is believed the prosecution will argue Jackson tried to tempt children into sexual acts by showing them the explicit materials.

Feldman tells 20/20, "I hope and pray" the allegations against Jackson are unfounded.

"But if they did happen, then there's a lot of sickness with one person," Feldman says. "And that person needs to be punished."

Feldman, who publicly and privately stuck up for his famous friend in 1993 when authorities probed an unproved molestation claim made by another boy, had a falling out with Jackson over an escape from New York City on 9/11. Jackson, who was in the Big Apple during the 2001 terror strikes, helped get Marlon Brando (news), Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli (news) out of town, but not Feldman.

Feldman retaliated with the song, "Megalo Man," off his 2002 album, Former Child Actor, featuring the lyrics: "I believed in your words/I believed in your lies/But in September in New York/You left me to die/I love you, Megalo Man."

A call to Jackson's publicist seeking comment on Feldman's 20/20 interview was not returned late Thursday. ABC News says Feldman himself is now restricted from talking about Jackson because of the gag order in the case.

1854 days ago


06-14-2002, 01:30 PM
Michael Jackson Under Attack
-From Access Hollywood

Former child star Corey Feldman was in the audience when Michael Jackson performed at his 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert in New York City. But according to Feldman, who's best known for his roles in Goonies and Stand by Me, Michael has not stood by him, and he's now calling "the king of pop" a former friend.

When asked what he thought Michael's reaction would be, Feldman said: "I think he's going to be pretty pissed, you know. But I guess you have to deal with your demons and you have to realize how you affect other people. It's not always the nicest thing to look at."

They were friends for 16 years but are no longer. Corey Feldman told Access that what ended his friendship with Michael Jackson was a sudden change in Michael's personality. "Michael, unfortunately, fell into a bit of a delusional paranoid state and accused me of a bunch of things which I would never do -- most of them being defamatory," said Feldman.

Their last few days as friends were happy ones for Corey. The occasion was Michael's 30th anniversary tribute concert last fall in New York City. That's where Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien met up with Corey. When asked at the time about Michael's state of mind, Corey said: "Well, I saw him yesterday and he seemed energetic and ready for the show."

The last show was on Sept. 10. The next day, the world changed. Corey, eager to leave New York, turned to Michael for help. And, according to Corey, Michael said no. "He denied me the opportunity of freedom, which was essentially, you know, revoking my privilege to live at that point. When we were supposed to go on a bus with him home, he pretty much gave the order that it was the family's bus, and the order was, if Corey's on the bus, it doesn't leave New York."

Corey has responded with music. The actor and musician is set to release an album that features the song "Megalo Man," which is all about Michael. "I wrote it in a song. It's a private message. It's between him and I. He will get it when he reads the lyrics and that's all that matters to me."

Part of the song's lyrics are: "I believed in your words, believed in your lies, but in September in New York, you left me to die. I love you, Megalo Man."

"He completely let me down as a friend and as a human being, and my message to the world is no matter how big you ever get, don't forget about your friends," Feldman told Access.

Access Hollywood contacted Michael Jackson's representatives, who did not respond with comments before our deadline. Ironically, Corey is hoping to make a name for himself in the music business. He is on a 31-city tour right now to promote his new album, appropriately titled Former Child Actor.

1854 days ago


The corporate world already thinks Michael Jackson fans are total kooks. I don't know if they will care if they receive complaints about their programming.

I think it will be interesting when the confidentiality agreements with Michael's employees expire, and they all begin to talk with no fear of reprisal.

1854 days ago
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