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Fiore Kissed Ex-Husband Days Before Murder

9/4/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just four days before she was brutally murdered, Jasmine Fiore shared a romantic moment on a Southern California beach with a man who wasn't her husband, Ryan Jenkins.

Jasmine Fiore
The man in the photos is Michael Cardosi --Jasmine's ex-husband -- a man who had been locked up in prison for the last three years.

The photos were taken on the day he was released from the slammer -- Tuesday, August 11.

In the pics, the two can be seen hugging, smiling, touching and even sharing a kiss. In the photo below, you can see she's not wearing her wedding ring.

Jasmine Fiore

Cardosi's mother, Winnie Humphreys, tells us the two were ecstatic to see each other during the two-day reunion -- adding Jasmine had kept in touch with Michael throughout his stint in prison.

Cops believe Jasmine was murdered by her husband, Ryan Jenkins, in the early hours on Friday, August 14. Cardosi was sent back to the slammer on Sunday, August 16 for violating the terms of his probation.

Buena Park police told us they don't know if Jenkins ever found out about Jasmine's time on the beach with her ex -- but cops tell us "jealousy was the most obvious motive for this murder."


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I've been reading reports of them going to the Ivy Hotel in downtown San Diego, which was reported when the story first broke out.

Recently, the reports have changed to them being at the HILTON bar, the hotel where the poker game took place. I'm looking for those news items now.

Jenkins says Fiore was fingerprinted before - which explains all those name changes (Lepore, Cardosi, Fiore, Jenkins, Kinkaid) - who else would have known she had been fingerprinted before? And how long ago was it?

1865 days ago


They went to a charity poker tournament, arriving on the 13th and checking out on the 14th. Lisa Lepore says something about her daughter packing 'to the gills' or something like that and there's another report about being helped with several suitcases when they arrived at the Del Mar.

If they were going for ONE day, which was basically overnight, why so much luggage? Did Fiore know something Jenkins didn't? Maybe she did drive off with all HER luggage in the car, like he told the friend on Saturday night.

1865 days ago

Sad sad    

The mom states on your link at 0:46 she did not hear from her friday. That was her words talking on video.

I think they got the 8:30 wrong which reports say 7:30 and that's what Ryan reported. The term Roommates was probably meant was Ryan.

1865 days ago


If they were going for ONE day, which was basically overnight, why so much luggage? Did Fiore know something Jenkins didn't? Maybe she did drive off with all HER luggage in the car, like he told the friend on Saturday night.

I totally said the same thing on another post. I found that odd also. 1 day requires MAYBE 5 outfits at the most. And this was her suitcase not a shared suitecase. If this was the same suitecase that she was found in, it had to have been large, stuffed to the gills is packing for 1 week up to 1 week and half.

1864 days ago

Sad sad    

"no OBVIOUS signs of trauma" She didn't die from a broken nose.

1864 days ago


Wonder if they'll ever post Fiore's supposed real estate license. With all the men she was juggling, when did she find the time to take even 1 course?

1864 days ago


Thursday 08-27-2009 10:08pm PT

"Investigators from the Buena Park Police Dept. were amazingly candid at a news conference late Thursday on the Jasmine Fiore case, providing lots of new detail about the murder investigation, including police theories on where and when the swimsuit model was murdered."

Six Audio Files - Scroll Down For The Links To Audio.

1864 days ago


Questioner her body and clothes wouldn't have fit into a suitcase that was supposedly "packed to the gills".

1864 days ago


"He left misleading notes in her apartment, saying she was cheating on him, he couldn't take it anymore," Lepore said.

This from the woman who accompanied her daughter to meet her ex(?)husband when he was released from prison!

1863 days ago


Questioner I was referring to your #367 when you wonder why killer didn't stuff bloody clothes in with suticase. The car was such a mess, there had to be lots of clothes with blood on them, how do you dispose of what was probably 3 loads of clothing which Jenkins was seen carrying to car?

Can't police tell if any of those 3 loads of clothing MATCH the clothes found bloody in the car? What's the deal? They need to speak up about what he showed up wearing at L'Auberge at4:30am. Were they the same clothes he was in leaving the Hilton 2 hours earlier? Were they bloody? What's going on?

Also, who knows who was lying. They both lie. She was seeing many men, clearly not honest with her whereabouts, so making up "going to get my nails done" is not far-fetched and doesn't have to be true. Hard to know if she did say this, or if Jenkins made it up.

One thing interesting, Jenkins was posting on his Facebook page the same night Jasmine was off frolicking with newly released Cardosi. So part of Dan Jenkins's story about how she would disappear for days and lie, and Ryan would be at home rings true. Crazy marriage. Crazy life.

1863 days ago


Iwannaknow "This from the woman who accompanied her daughter to meet her ex(?)husband when he was released from prison!"

and don't forget from the same woman who initially told reporters her daughter was involved with a prominent Las Vegas businessman for the past 2 years.

The last seeing her on Friday thing is odd because that coupled with the leaving with her bags to go to a poker tournament, i thought that tournament was the one on Thursday.

The messed up inconsistent days of the week from these family members and police and coroner are making this hard to follow.

1863 days ago


Dawn, there was also something about someone else (have no idea who, but from San Diego) reporting her missing because she didn't show up for a poker tournament on SATURDAY. Again, I don't know if it was supposed to be the same hours as Thursday's poker tourney or not, which would put it at sometime between 6:30 and 9 pm when Jenkins reported her missing also.

1863 days ago


367. Thanks Bree for that link. I listened to all the audio and posted my thoughts in the BMW article. What is very striking is that the police admitted to not testing the blood in the car. They just ASSUME it was all Jasmines.

Posted at 2:23PM on Sep 13th 2009 by Questioner

You're welcome Q.

I just listened to the audio again and regarding the blood in the car, at the time the news conference was held, the car and blood was "still being processed". They were still still processing the vehicle for DNA.

(Sgt. Bob Kohanek and Sgt. Frank Powell audio)

1863 days ago


RE: these pictures from Tuesday August 11, 2009....
on the Beach... etc... and in the Restaurant ...
they are the SAME time... if you L@@K close you see the
pics... show JF with pink sleeves... and you only notice the
up close ~ Front forward picks to show the design = due to
JF Long Dark hair falling forward to cover the design...

& RE: Boobs vs No boobs... in the pics of her that
day... with white shirt... yes they show a bunch !
and at the TABLE with the pink sleeves and printed front... she appears flatter.. but folks... they
do indeed sell items of women's apparel that can smash your boobs and make you look flat and also if the
shirt is really tight underneath you can look flat.

any way... the whole point is this.

I Believe it is all the SAME DAY !!!!
MC has his MOM and MC 11 year old son is present
in the pic's with face blurred because he is under age!

******** It is the same day !!
just a couple of days before JF 's death.

Just the facts !
SEEKING THE *REAL TRUTH * Re: Murder of JF and
Death of R.J.

1863 days ago

Anonymous Bitch    

People are reading way too much into this on here. The husband killed himself. Period. Simple, end of story. He was guilty, otherwise, why would he take his own life?

Yeah, it's that simple.

1854 days ago
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