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Fiore Kissed Ex-Husband Days Before Murder

9/4/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just four days before she was brutally murdered, Jasmine Fiore shared a romantic moment on a Southern California beach with a man who wasn't her husband, Ryan Jenkins.

Jasmine Fiore
The man in the photos is Michael Cardosi --Jasmine's ex-husband -- a man who had been locked up in prison for the last three years.

The photos were taken on the day he was released from the slammer -- Tuesday, August 11.

In the pics, the two can be seen hugging, smiling, touching and even sharing a kiss. In the photo below, you can see she's not wearing her wedding ring.

Jasmine Fiore

Cardosi's mother, Winnie Humphreys, tells us the two were ecstatic to see each other during the two-day reunion -- adding Jasmine had kept in touch with Michael throughout his stint in prison.

Cops believe Jasmine was murdered by her husband, Ryan Jenkins, in the early hours on Friday, August 14. Cardosi was sent back to the slammer on Sunday, August 16 for violating the terms of his probation.

Buena Park police told us they don't know if Jenkins ever found out about Jasmine's time on the beach with her ex -- but cops tell us "jealousy was the most obvious motive for this murder."


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No. 6 (hegotwhatshedeserved) and 7 (david) those are really harsh words. I don't think she deserved to die like that. I am sure the both of you have Skeletons hiding in the closet.

1786 days ago


I agree with inspector gadget! Unfourtanetly seems like the Police will be content with there conclusion's! Why would he send the wedding rings to be cleaned?

1786 days ago

Sad sad    

He's kind of cute. Too bad she didn't stay with him. She'd still be alive.

1786 days ago


I am tired of hearing about this woman. Everything I've read about her and seen of her screams "skank". The flotation devices on her chest, her alien-like head/face, and just the persona she puts off is completely nauseating. So she has a prison hubby, Jenkins, and that other guy she was texting the night she was probably killed. Ugh. I wouldnt wish her death on anyone, but leave it alone. This story is just disgusting and is about people that I wouldnt even piss on if they were on fire.

1786 days ago

making a change    

Played HARD, died HARD!!!! She was no angel. Pissed off the wrong person. Bitch got we she deserved. Other people have died and yet this bitch gets all the media attention. Done deal already....

1786 days ago


She kind of looked like a bug.....she shouldn't have married that man if she knew she was going to be promiscuous, but she still didn't deserve what happened to her! One of my favorite sayings is "Why do whores marry?" I usually say this about men, but if the shoe fits........

1786 days ago


These people and their comments are sick pups! She made some bad choices, but no deserves to be killed the way she was. Karma will bite your ass!!

1786 days ago

making a change    

Hey stormcrow, .21

I'm still laughing my ass off, well said!!!!!

1786 days ago



Please give my sincere condolences to your parents for spawning such a disgusting, vile 'it' are not even worthy of being referred to as a human being..its a shame that an 'it' like you exists wasting valuable oxygen while others far more worthy have their life cut short. Your hateful words will come back to haunt you one day and I hope you get the help you so desperately are projecting the hate you feel for YOURSELF onto a complete stranger..but I would not expect an 'it' so intellect deprived to understand something that deep. Shame on you and the day you leave this earth will be a day of celebration

1786 days ago


So... she was in Mexico in July with Robert Hasman and then in August she was with her former husband Michael Cardosi. She was texting Robert telling him she loved him and was going to be with him. All the while she was married to Ryan Jenkins! I bet he found out and went ballistic!! That would send anyone over the edge!! She didn't deserve to die but she didn't have any morals either!

1786 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks this broad looks like the original bugs bunny,-you know, the one with the huge forehead and the buck teeth? Erherherherherher!

1786 days ago

to little    

I think Harvey gets a hard on when he uses the words exclusive. Whats even more funny is it isn't an exclusive. It was on cnn if i remember right right after Jenkins killed himself.

Harvey dude get some credibility dude your lame. Your site is looking more and more like Perez's, trashy and lacking credibility.

1786 days ago


Temptation greets you like a naughty friend...

1786 days ago


Boy what a SLUT she turned out to be ! Poor Ryan didn't deserve this!! RIP Ryan :(

1786 days ago


I am sad at all the negative comments. Didn't your Mom's teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Regardless of what drama has played out, hopefully all the characters learned poignant lessons as a result. I can assure you loads of women will be a hell of a lot more careful with who they choose to surround themselves with. And hopefully men out there will rather walk away than to decimate another human being.

1786 days ago
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