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Fiore Kissed Ex-Husband Days Before Murder

9/4/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just four days before she was brutally murdered, Jasmine Fiore shared a romantic moment on a Southern California beach with a man who wasn't her husband, Ryan Jenkins.

Jasmine Fiore
The man in the photos is Michael Cardosi --Jasmine's ex-husband -- a man who had been locked up in prison for the last three years.

The photos were taken on the day he was released from the slammer -- Tuesday, August 11.

In the pics, the two can be seen hugging, smiling, touching and even sharing a kiss. In the photo below, you can see she's not wearing her wedding ring.

Jasmine Fiore

Cardosi's mother, Winnie Humphreys, tells us the two were ecstatic to see each other during the two-day reunion -- adding Jasmine had kept in touch with Michael throughout his stint in prison.

Cops believe Jasmine was murdered by her husband, Ryan Jenkins, in the early hours on Friday, August 14. Cardosi was sent back to the slammer on Sunday, August 16 for violating the terms of his probation.

Buena Park police told us they don't know if Jenkins ever found out about Jasmine's time on the beach with her ex -- but cops tell us "jealousy was the most obvious motive for this murder."


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TMZ, I want more Michael Jackson news!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care about this people like Jasmine Fiore or DJ AM. [2]

1853 days ago


Nobody says for me shut up, even less a loser like you!!!!!!!!!

TMZ, I want more Michael Jackson news!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care about this people like Jasmine Fiore or DJ AM. [3]

1853 days ago

Sad sad    

Sorry to break it to you marc Ryan didn't have $. Even his own friends spoke out about his cards being denied at dinner and the majority of their fights stemmed from his financial whoes.

According to here:

had his BMW returned to the dealer (after death) because when he died he owed almost $13000 on it. He may have had 2.5 mill in asset's if that.

"The real kicker, is the Jail guy and Ja$mine were pulling a con on Ryan for his money. The police have letters written by Ja$mine as evidence and have the Jail guy in custody (again). Looks like Ja$mines mom was part of the con too."

So please if you have police statements of that please post them. I'ld like to see? He's in custody for something not of this case.

1853 days ago


Wow I think is funny her mom is watching her cheat on your husband.
Ladies Do Not Screw around with lot of guys your going to end up dead.

1853 days ago


simone learn english please, its these not this. feck face. plus i have sweaty sack for you to clean.

1853 days ago


Thanks for the free language lesson!!!!!!!!! You are a very kind person!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha.

1853 days ago


Holly G, I already thought about this possibility. It is plausible. I am not sure that Jenkins killed Jasmine until the investigation be finished.

1853 days ago


Why is her Mom in the photos? So she knew her daughter was married yet she was seeing this ex-husband/ex-con and she was okay with this? Seems odd. Jenkins must have suspected her of cheating and maybe was following her and saw her w/him and snapped. He wouldn't have killed himself if he weren't guilty. He had to have seen what the media was saying about him and he knew he couldn't escape what he'd done, it would only be a matter of time before they caught up with him. Why was she trying to be with these different guys if she was still with him? This whole thing is strange.

1853 days ago


Alot of men are whores....
should they be killed?

If you had scratched her racks surface...
she'd have leaked like a water bed.
How attractive.

1853 days ago


I won't be sure that Jenkins killed Jasmine until the investigation be finished.

1853 days ago

Holly G    

simone I agree i can't wait to see what they find. I think it's odd that one day there like Jenkins acted alone and then shortly before or after they found him dead they said there were looking into possibly someone helping him? seems odd?

1853 days ago


Reminder to girls: This could be you if you act like a slut!

1853 days ago


Look's like that is Fiore's mom next to her on the beach. I would say it probably was building up into a jealousy thing with Jenkins but no one deserves to be murdered for that. I would say it was probably a crime of passion definitely. Seems she was cozy with ex's in her life.

1853 days ago


I feel guilty, I never should of banged this slut,oops.

1853 days ago


make the world a better place, recycle the implants.

1853 days ago
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