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Fiore Kissed Ex-Husband Days Before Murder

9/4/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just four days before she was brutally murdered, Jasmine Fiore shared a romantic moment on a Southern California beach with a man who wasn't her husband, Ryan Jenkins.

Jasmine Fiore
The man in the photos is Michael Cardosi --Jasmine's ex-husband -- a man who had been locked up in prison for the last three years.

The photos were taken on the day he was released from the slammer -- Tuesday, August 11.

In the pics, the two can be seen hugging, smiling, touching and even sharing a kiss. In the photo below, you can see she's not wearing her wedding ring.

Jasmine Fiore

Cardosi's mother, Winnie Humphreys, tells us the two were ecstatic to see each other during the two-day reunion -- adding Jasmine had kept in touch with Michael throughout his stint in prison.

Cops believe Jasmine was murdered by her husband, Ryan Jenkins, in the early hours on Friday, August 14. Cardosi was sent back to the slammer on Sunday, August 16 for violating the terms of his probation.

Buena Park police told us they don't know if Jenkins ever found out about Jasmine's time on the beach with her ex -- but cops tell us "jealousy was the most obvious motive for this murder."


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I can't believe all the nasty comments about this girl, she was murdered in such a horrific way, no one deserves that no matter what you may think of them,she was someones sister,daughter and friend, you should be ashamed of your cold hearts.

1811 days ago


Ugh she was seriously ugly. Not a reason for her to die though.

1811 days ago


Wow, he managed to stay out jail for 5 whole days before violating parole. Guess the parole board was wrong about this one. Should've stayed behind bars.

1811 days ago


Has ANYONE noticed that her OWN MOTHER is seen with BOTH her "Ex Husband" , (in which there is an alleged marriage certificate has not been located as of yet), AND "Ex Boyfriend", ( He was at the press conference SPEAKING on behalf of the family and claims she was texting him before she was murdered to meet in Vegas. He claims he did not know about Jenkins being with her at the time. This same man was seen with her earlier in Mexico with a third person.). And yet her mother said her marriage to Jenkins was annulled and yet no records of the annulment has been produced? There is a lot of missing paperwork, a lot of exes that she has been seen with recently with her mother in tow. STRANGE.

1811 days ago


That's Jasmine's Mom there too at that reunion for the ex getting out of prison. The Mom is stitting next to Jasmine in the launch photo where he, the ex con has his head on Jasmine's shoulder, as they all sit on the beach. Then there is the Hans guy who appeared on tv interview with the Mom and said Jasmine called or texted him just before the murder. This girl was all over the place with the men. Very trashy but did not deserve to die. But who marries after two days??!! Poor Jasmine had low self esteem and probably poor upbringing.

1811 days ago


First of all this girl did not derserve to die like that. No one does. I am so sick of the general media portraying Ryan to be a monster. This girl ruined his life. She was in Cabo with her ex Robert in july. Then in August she went to pick a different ex up from prison. Then a few days later while out with her husband, she was texting her ex bf that she wanted to be with him and was coming to see him. All while she was married to Ryan? He must have snapped. She was playing him and messing with his head. If she didnt want to be with him she could have left town got a restraining order then filed for divorce. Jasmine did not care who she hurt. She played a part in her own destruction.

1811 days ago


TMZ: That photo of Jasmine in the floral print top is OLD, that's why she's not wearing a wedding band. NO GIANT BOOBS, see? That's because it was taken pre-boob job #1.

TMZ: WHY are you not mentioning that Jasmine & Cardosi also rented a hotel room for the night?

Cardosi KNEW all about Ryan because Jasmine wrote him in prison and told him about him.

Jasmine married Cardosi BEFORE HIS DRUG BUST, people. Not after.

Cardosi has been 100% cleared of any involvement with Jasmine's murder. He went straight to the police and told them everything. Everything he told them checked out, that is why he is not and never was a suspect.

Sad sad: Correction to your post: That BMW was returned back in March of '09, the same month that RJ met Jasmine.

1811 days ago


These stories are confusing me... are they BOTH her EX husbands? Or have they just been calling Jenkins an "ex" bc she is dead?

1811 days ago


In watching all the video's of her on TV, I always had thought she was a slut who tormented men with her body and affection. I have always believed that she pushed a already troubled man over the edge. I think Ryan being so unsecured loved her so much that her going with man after man pushed him over the edge. He's parents were dead on when they said this girl destroyed him.
This girl was a whore, her ticket to fame was her being a whore. You can't play with peoples minds.
her mom should be embarressed by the video's shown of her, but again I think her mom was living off her daughter being a whore

1811 days ago


Mama didn't raise such a sweet and innocent girl after all...she, obviously, was playing many men at the same time and tugged at the heartstring in the jeans of the wrong man. Were these two a team of bandits using wealthier men for their financial resources? We need to know more about the "innocent" woman and her disgraceful Double D's.

1811 days ago


This woman was a HO!!

1811 days ago


From all reports Jasmine was a player and hooked up with him (Ryan) because she thought he had money. When she found out he didn't then she dumped him. Then Ryan went on I love money and won the 250 grand. Then Jasmine saw that money and re hooked up with him because she saw that his piggy bank was full again. Did she derserve to die? No. but did she do anything to avoid getting killed, no. She played with 2 dangerous men. She loved jerking men around and most likely thought her looks (in her mind) would get her thu. Her mom shares the blame because she didn't raise her right to see the danger in jerking men around and not being true. Because both the parties are dead we may never know the truth about what really was going on here, no lesson will be learned just everybody feeling sorry for either one. Maybe when they make the movie of the week there will be money in it to investigate really what she was doing and why. the lesson we need to take away from all this is. Don't Jerk People around or you could wind up DEAD.

1811 days ago

El Pela Vacas    

Ryan Jenkins is my Hero... He is Innocent Until Proven Guilty... So since he is Dead, He is Innocent, He wasn't found Guilty of the crime in a court of law...

I want to be Ryan Jenkins when I grow up.

1811 days ago

Sand D    

Just another Vegas whore....they are a dime a dozen. They put themselves out there and then some people wonder why they end up in the dump! Along with the other plastic bags.

1811 days ago


Ryan was not Jasmines ex the marriage was never anulled. Also check out his sisters interview it was on abc's Good morning America.

1811 days ago
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